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David Birnbaum

Why basic cost sheets don't work for clothing companies

17 December 2019 | David Birnbaum

The basic garment cost sheet is a breakdown of costs for each material and step. But retailers and brand customers do not care about supplier costs – and the factories have nothing to learn from them, says David Birnbaum. Instead, he suggests data is the tool to make the best decision. ... read more

What does the future hold for Hong Kong?

29 November 2019 | David Birnbaum

For the past 40 years Hong Kong has been the centre of the global garment industry. Yet today, Hong Kong is in a state of chaos as protesters wage a battle for its future. Here, David Birnbaum shares his thoughts on what's happening and why.... read more

Low labour rate countries squeezed hardest on price?

25 September 2019 | David Birnbaum

There is a common belief that low-labour-rate countries are forever being victimised by their customers, who force the factories to accept unacceptably low FOB (free on board) prices. This has never made sense, less so now than ever before, writes David Birnbaum.... read more

The Trump trade war moves from reality to fantasy

2 September 2019 | David Birnbaum

President Trump's goal to force brands and retailers to move their orders out of China, at no cost to the US consumer, is the final triumph of fantasy over reality, writes David Birnbaum. Where are we going to move production? Will there be an added cost? And if so, who will pay?... read more

Trump's Christmas gift to China hosiery makers

22 August 2019 | David Birnbaum

Some say President Trump's decision to delay the introduction of certain new tariffs until December is a gift to American consumers. David Birnbaum believes it is President Trump's Christmas gift to China's hosiery makers.... read more

Why it's time to build a new US textile industry

9 May 2019 | David Birnbaum

In an increasingly competitive world, it is time for the US textile industry to consider a new strategy, according to David Birnbaum. Instead of relying on free-trade partners for exports, he suggests a move away from garment related fabrics, a focus on high-tech materials, and replacing the yarn forward rule with fibre-only could be the key to reinvention.... read more