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Michelle Russell

Malwee invests in PLM to boost consumer-centric focus

16 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Brazilian sustainable fashion retailer Malwee Group has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help boost product design and manufacturing across its six brands.... read more

France NGOs file complaint against apparel firms for Uyghur links

15 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

An alliance of NGOs have joined forces to call for an investigation in France of four multinational clothing companies, accusing them of profiting from forced labour imposed on China’s Uyghur population.... read more

Jeanologia, Cone Denim partner on Mission Zero collection

15 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Denim finishing technology specialist Jeanologia has partnered with Cone Denim to launch a new 'Mission Zero' goal, which will see their first Road to Mission Zero sustainable collection launched, from fabric to finish.... read more

Muji responds to concerns over Xinjiang cotton sourcing

15 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Japanese fashion retailer Muji has moved to downplay concerns over its decision to continue to use cotton sourced from Xinjiang, claiming on-site audits are carried out at the cotton farms it uses.... read more

Dollar Tree appoints James head of global sourcing

15 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

US discount retailer Dollar Tree has appointed Alasdair James as executive vice president of merchandising and supply chain.... read more

China's garment output up nearly 40% in Jan-Feb

14 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

China saw a jump in its garment industry output in the first two months of the year, new figures show, with revenues for enterprises also increasing.... read more

Latin America apparel production could benefit post-pandemic

14 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Apparel production in Latin America could benefit from targeting Canada and the US as viable sources for business if regional manufacturers and governments recognise and seize the opportunities presented by the post-pandemic environment.... read more

Indonesia in push to make textile sector Industry 4.0 ready

14 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Indonesia is making a push to ensure seven key industries – including textiles and clothing – are more Industry 4.0 relevant in order to boost efficiency and competitiveness.... read more

Call for EU to introduce living wage legislation for garment workers

13 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Global NGO The Circle is calling on the European Union (EU) to introduce legislation to ensure garment workers in global supply chains are paid a living wage.... read more

Fair Wear updates Freedom of Association policy for brands

13 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

NGO Fair Wear has updated its Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Policy, and an accompanying Guide for Brands that outlines what compliance on the standard looks like at supplier level and key steps for brands to promote these rights.... read more

BGMEA appoints Faruque Hassan president-elect

12 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has appointed Faruque Hassan as its president-elect following the results of a bi-yearly election.... read more

PrimaLoft launches fully recycled down alternative

9 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Performance fabric specialist PrimaLoft has launched a new version of its best-selling ThermoPlume down alternative insulation that is now both 100% synthetic and made entirely out of post-consumer recycled materials.... read more

Optitex adds Alvanon 3D avatar library to O/Cloud

9 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Fashion design software developer Optitex has extended its collaboration with Alvanon to make the apparel size and fit specialist’s 3D Avatar Library available to its O/Cloud users.... read more

Fast-tracking apparel technology uptake post-pandemic

8 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

In the year since the Covid-19 pandemic began its spread across the world, the textile and apparel industry has undergone some monumental transformations that would previously have taken decades. One of which is the innovation and adoption of technology.... read more

Asos fashion crown remains firmly in place - What the analysts say

8 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

UK online fast fashion retailer Asos has continued to reap the benefits of the pandemic lockdown, as consumers choose to shop online. The company saw its customer base soar by 1.5m in the first six months of the year, with sales growth recorded at home and across all its international channels. Analysts offer their thoughts on the retailer's first-half performance.... read more

New European benchmark for garment worker living wages

8 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Labour rights group Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) has developed a living wage benchmark for Central, East and Southeast Europe in a bid to achieve higher wages for workers in the region.... read more

Asos H1 profits soar as more shoppers shift online

8 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Online fast fashion retailer Asos has seen its first-half profit soar thanks to an increase in its customer base, but the company remains cautious about the remainder of the year.... read more

Bestseller takes measures to drive organic cotton uptake

7 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

In an attempt to encourage more farmers to convert to organic cotton farming, Danish fashion retailer Bestseller has pledged to introduce cotton in the process of becoming organic – called in-conversion cotton – into its portfolio of more sustainable cotton.... read more

Bangladesh aims to consolidate industry approach to sustainability

6 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to launch a garment sector sustainability report that aims to consolidate the industry’s approach to sustainability reporting.... read more

South Africa's Mr Price approved for Power Fashion buy

6 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

South African fashion retailer Mr Price Group has acquired Power Fashion following approval from the country’s competition authorities.... read more

China's Purcotton selects PLM to speed market response

6 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Chinese cotton goods company Purcotton has implemented a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help speed up its market response and product launch cycle.... read more

Devan finishes work with Jeanologia e-Flow technology

1 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Belgian chemicals firm Devan has been working with denim finishing technology specialist Jeanologia to reduce further water consumption during the application of its Bi-ome antimicrobial and R-Vital skincare finishes.... read more

Myanmar workers up pressure on brands to offer more support

1 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Myanmar’s garment workers are calling on global fashion brands to condemn the country’s military coup, provide meaningful support for their protests and to not order from factories that support the regime.... read more

Next optimistic on year ahead despite FY profits halving

1 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

UK clothing and homeware retailer Next Plc saw its profits halve last year but has upped its earnings forecast thanks to strong online sales.... read more

US sourcing events gear up for 2021 schedule

1 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

A slate of apparel and sourcing fashion trade events, both physical and virtual, have been planned for the second half of the year, giving buyers access to new brands and markets.... read more

Avery Dennison sets out framework for action on waste

31 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

Avery Dennison Corporation has teamed up with consultancy the Future Laboratory to compile a 'Zero Waste Futures' report that provides brands and retailers with a strategic framework for action on waste and the transition to a circular economy.... read more

Lululemon investment boosts Q4 growth

31 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

Canadian athletic apparel retailer Lululemon has booked strong growth in the fourth quarter thanks to investment in its direct-to-consumer channel and good management of expenses.... read more

UK fashion sector "disappointed" over US ‘tech tax’ threat

30 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

The UK's fashion and textile sector has expressed its disappointment over the potential implementation of tariffs of up to 25% by the US on a raft of items, including clothing, in retaliation over a UK tax on technology firms.... read more

New benchmarks help companies pay a living wage

30 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT) is publishing a list that reveals the difference between minimum wage and living wage in the garment and textile industry in nearly 50 countries.... read more

Lycra Co develops performance fibres from 100% textile waste

30 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

Performance fibre specialist The Lycra Company has developed its first performance offerings made from 100% textile waste.... read more

The Movement develops Polyana eco fibre for faux fur

30 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

Dutch clean-tech startup The Movement has developed an eco-efficient fibre that imitates real fur in all its characteristics and can be used for the production of faux fur.... read more

Denim major Saitex on a quest to be a force for good

29 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

The global pandemic has done little to dampen the drive of Vietnam based ethical denim manufacturer Saitex, which has forged ahead with plans to set up a production line for people with different abilities, and set up a new model factory in Los Angeles. And its ambitions don't end here, as founder and CEO, Sanjeev Bahl, explains.... read more

China's textile exports soar 30% despite pandemic

29 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

China saw its textile exports grow nearly 30% in 2020, despite the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.... read more

Textile Recycling Association supports UK government waste strategy

29 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Textile Recycling Association (TRA) has thrown its support behind the UK government’s strategy to reduce textile waste and hold manufacturers more accountable.... read more

New project aims to monitor circularity of Italian fashion

25 March 2021 | Michelle Russell

Italy’s SDA Bocconi School of Management has partnered with technology solutions firm Enel X to launch a project that will provide a picture of the maturity status of the circular economy in the Italian Fashion Industry.... read more