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Michelle Russell

Bangladesh Accord unions to withdraw from RMG Council

13 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

UNI Global Union and IndustriAll Global Union, the labour signatories of the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, have given notice to withdraw from the RMG Sustainability Council (RSC) on 1 June.... read more

People and planet key to resilient post-Covid fashion industry

12 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Fashion executives are being urged to place people and the planet at the core of their business models to help rebuild resilient and sustainable businesses post-Covid-19.... read more

Los Angeles apparel contractor found in violation of Labor Act

12 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

A Los Angeles garment contractor has been found to be paying its workers below what they have earned and to have violated record-keeping requirements.... read more

UK retailers smash 2020 emissions reduction target

12 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Leading UK retailers have smashed 2020 carbon reduction targets, with emissions almost halving since 2005, new data shows.... read more

Bhartiya International becomes Chem-Map approved partner

12 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Indian leather goods maker Bhartiya International Ltd has become a Eurofins Chem-MAP approved partner following a chemical management audit.... read more

Policy change could help fashion clean up its sustainability act

11 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Investment and policy change will help the global fashion industry improve its sustainability performance, but brands should also not wait for the perfect solution and act now, according to speakers at a recent webinar hosted by Global Fashion Agenda (GFA).... read more

Chemicals firm Devan adds to bio-based textile finishes

11 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Textile innovator Devan Chemicals has added two more products to its range of bio-based textile finishes.... read more

Eurofins partners with BeVeg on vegan verification

7 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Vegan verification services provider Eurofins Chem-Map has been approved with US-based company BeVeg as a robust way of verifying products, materials and chemicals as vegan.... read more

Lenzing invests EUR200m to reduce emissions in China, Indonesia

6 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing is investing more than EUR200m (US$240m) to produce more environmentally-friendly speciality fibres at its production sites in China and Indonesia.... read more

Apparel Impact Institute targets Italy for supply chain programme

6 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Apparel Impact Institute (Aii), an environmental accelerator for the apparel and footwear industries, has partnered with Italian non-profit Legambiente to implement its programme to accelerate and realise positive environmental impacts in Italy’s supply chain.... read more

Brands urged to sign binding Bangladesh safety agreement

5 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

The witness signatories to the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety say remaining safety hazards in Bangladeshi factories show that apparel brands must not abandon a binding safety programme.... read more

Bangladesh says it is capable of continuing safety work

4 May 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) says the RMG Sustainability Council (RSC), which was set up to continue the achievements of the Accord on workplace safety, and the Bangladesh Government, is more than capable of ensuring the highest standards of monitoring and inspections.... read more

Asda's George brand to sell second-hand clothing

29 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

George, the clothing division of UK supermarket group Asda, is to begin selling pre-worn garments across its stores in the UK as part of a new partnership.... read more

Benetton sets out new sustainability strategy 'Green B'

29 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Fashion chain Benetton Group is launching ‘Green B’, a project bringing together all the sustainability initiatives of the company’s brands as part of its efforts to ramp up and report on its sustainability work.... read more

What next for the Bangladesh Accord and garment worker safety?

27 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

In the aftermath of the Bangladesh Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013, two initiatives were set up to oversee the country's clothing factories for fire, electrical and structural issues – the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. The Accord's tenure comes to an end next month, and there are serious concerns for garment workers if another agreement is not signed soon.... read more

Pandemic and shifts in sourcing threaten Bangladesh's position

27 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Rapid growth, modernisation and improved working conditions have all helped to make Bangladesh one of the world’s largest garment exporters. Yet the industry will need to innovate, upgrade and diversify if it is to overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic and shifts in global markets, a new report has found.... read more

Future crises need better systems to protect workers

27 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Countries – including key garment producer Bangladesh – need to put sound and resilient occupational safety and health (OSH) systems in place to minimise risks for workers in the event of future health emergencies, a new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) says.... read more

Silicone producer moves into plastic-free vegan leather

27 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Taiwanese silicone product manufacturer General Silicones (GS) is joining the ranks of suppliers of eco-friendly, plastic-free vegan leather products.... read more

No room for complacency on Bangladesh worker safety

26 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

The Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013 was a wake-up call to Bangladesh and the entire garment industry that building and worker safety should be a priority. Eight years on and the country has one of the safest and most transparent apparel industries thanks to the remediation work that ensued. But while much has been achieved, there remains no room for complacency.... read more

SGS sets its sights on growing its softlines business

23 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Verification, testing and certification company SGS has promoted Yvonne Tse to the role of vice president of Global Softlines, helping to align its products and services with the increasingly complex textile and apparel industry.... read more

USTR Tai places environmental goals as key to trade policy

22 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai says the Biden administration will use trade policy as part of a "whole-of-government" approach to address the challenge of protecting the environment and tackling climate change.... read more

Amazon ramps up global renewable energy investment

22 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

US online retail giant Amazon has invested in nine renewable energy projects around the world – a move that puts it on track to beat its target of powering 100% of its activities with renewable energy by 2025 ahead of time.... read more

Teijin joins call for more ambitious GHG targets in Japan

22 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Polyester fibres and products producer Teijin Limited has thrown its support behind a statement from the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI) calling for the country's official greenhouse gas emissions-reduction target to be more ambitious.... read more

Primaloft partners on carbon negative insulation

22 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Origin Materials and PrimaLoft are teaming up to develop carbon-negative, insulating, high-performance fibres for end products including outdoor, fashion and lifestyle brands.... read more

Lululemon enters re-commerce market with Like New

21 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Canadian athletic apparel retailer Lululemon Athletica is launching the brand's first-ever re-commerce programme, in addition to a limited-edition collection made with earth-friendly dyes.... read more

Urban Outfitters teams with Fabscrap to tackle textile waste

21 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

US fashion retailer Urban Outfitters has extended its partnership with Fabscrap to support the non-profit in reducing the fashion industry’s impact on the planet.... read more

Browzwear, Cotton Inc partner on eco digital fabric collection

21 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear and non-profit Cotton Incorporated have joined forces to create an eco-conscious digital fabric collection. ... read more

Teijin, JGC and Itochu tackle polyester chemical recycling

21 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Polyester fibres and products producer Teijin Limited has signed a joint agreement with JGC Holdings Corporation and Itochu Corporation on the license business of polyester chemical recycling technology from discarded polyester textile products.... read more

The North Face sees regenerative cotton as biggest opportunity

20 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

The North Face is waking up to the practice of regenerative farming in its cotton supply chain. As Carol Shu, senior manager of global sustainability, explains, it not only has a positive impact on nature and resources, but is another critical step in addressing climate change impacts.... read more

Call for UK government to adopt fashion green tax

20 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Ethical fashion brand So Just Shop is calling on the government and regulators to adopt a 33% unethical practices Fast Tax on the products of brands that cannot prove responsible practices within their supply chain.... read more

J.Crew outlines sustainability initiative with focus on supply chain

20 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

US apparel retailer J.Crew has launched an initiative to realise specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability goals focused on products, supply chain, the planet and third-party partnerships.... read more

Call for safe garment factories ahead of Rana Plaza anniversary

19 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

With the eighth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh approaching, the IndustriAll Global Union is urging consumers to join social media action to campaign for safe factories for garment workers.... read more

Lycra Co FreeF!t technology offers optimum stretch and recovery

19 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Performance fibre specialist The Lycra Company is preparing to present its latest denim innovations at this week's Kingpins Show, in addition to its latest FreeF!t technology that offers optimum stretch and recovery.... read more

The Microfibre Consortium approves Eurofins as third-party member

15 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

Eurofins Softlines & Leather has been approved by The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) as one of its first third-party laboratory members.... read more

France NGOs file complaint against apparel firms for Uyghur links

15 April 2021 | Michelle Russell

An alliance of NGOs have joined forces to call for an investigation in France of four multinational clothing companies, accusing them of profiting from forced labour imposed on China’s Uyghur population.... read more