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Toray Industries Inc

Last year

Toray takes new PET-recycled fibre to next level

13 December 2019 | Hannah Abdulla

Japanese fibre firm Toray Industries says it has developed a new commercial fibre brand called "&+" derived from recycled PET bottles, but with properties comparable to those made from virgin materials and incorporating traceability technology.... read more

Uniqlo and Toray team up on recycled down and fabric

18 September 2019 | Hannah Abdulla

Uniqlo-owner Fast Retailing and materials maker Toray Industries are teaming up to produce clothing made from recycled down and fabric that contains polyester fibres from recycled plastic bottles.... read more

Toray targets athleisure with new Primeflex microfibre

15 April 2019 | Beth Wright

Toray International America, the US arm of Japanese fibre and textile specialist Toray Industries, has added a new microfibre polyester to its Primeflex portfolio of stretch materials.... read more