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Michelle Russell

Uzbek commitment violated as six die in cotton harvest

21 October 2015 | Michelle Russell

A human rights group has called on the Uzbekistan government to address reports of violations of its commitments over forced labour after it was revealed six people died during the cotton harvest earlier this month.... read more

ZDHC to focus on four areas implementation

17 September 2015 | Michelle Russell

The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group has updated its Joint Roadmap to focus on four key areas as it moves from the development of foundational tools into the implementation phase.... read more

Primark signs up as ZDHC member

21 August 2015 | Michelle Russell

UK fashion giant Primark has become a member of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group.... read more

JD.com works to make business more sustainable

28 March 2018 | Michelle Russell

Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has launched the fourth round of its clothing recycling programme, which will donate some collections to charity organisations, and is investigating the use of biodegradable packaging solutions.... read more

US concern at ongoing Colombia labour issues

17 January 2018 | Michelle Russell

The US Department of Labor has highlighted areas of concern that Colombia needs to address as part of its obligation under the US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, including that of worker’s rights.... read more

AsiaInspection changing name to QIMA

28 November 2018 | Michelle Russell

Quality control, supplier auditor, and product testing and inspection provider AsiaInspection is changing its name to QIMA to better convey the range of services it offers.... read more

OECD publishes sector-wide human rights guidelines

13 June 2018 | Michelle Russell

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has outlined a comprehensive set of sector-wide recommendations it wants global companies to adopt in order to prevent and tackle human rights abuses and other harmful impacts in their supply chains.... read more

Australia passes Modern Slavery Act

30 November 2018 | Michelle Russell

Large companies in Australia will be under obligation to report their efforts to identify and mitigate human rights risks such as human trafficking and child labour in their global operations after the government passed the world’s second Modern Slavery Act.... read more

Australia eco-labelling boosted by TUV Rhineland

10 April 2018 | Michelle Russell

German inspection services group TUV Rhineland has expanded its global eco-labelling network to Australia.... read more

European Parliament calls for Bangladesh Accord to continue

16 November 2018 | Michelle Russell

The European Parliament yesterday (15 November) passed a resolution urging the Bangladesh Government to allow the work of the Transition Accord on Fire and Building Safety to continue beyond November this year.... read more

New skills initiative to boost Bangladesh growth

30 May 2018 | Michelle Russell

A new skills initiative is being implemented in Bangladesh to help the country achieve its goals of becoming a developed country by 2021 and a middle income country by 2041.... read more

NGOs seek legally-binding EU chemicals protocol

12 February 2018 | Michelle Russell

Five European NGOs are calling for the implementation of legally-binding protocol on the use of hazardous chemicals to be considered during discussions on a post-2020 global chemicals framework.... read more

UK companies failing to comply with anti-slavery law

23 March 2018 | Michelle Russell

Thousands of UK companies are failing to meet standards set out by the Government's UK Modern Slavery Act, new figures show, with only a few leading companies demonstrating real efforts to tackle modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.... read more

TÜV Rheinland latest to become ZDHC certifier

16 August 2018 | Michelle Russell

German inspection services group TÜV Rheinland has become the newest Accepted Certification Testing Standard for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List conformance.... read more

Business "dragging its feet" on human rights globally

22 October 2018 | Michelle Russell

Too many businesses are putting profit above human rights and ignoring their obligations, while governments fail to "regulate and lead by example", a group of United Nations (UN) rights experts has said.... read more

Outdoor brand Ternua hits target for PFC-free clothing

2 November 2018 | Michelle Russell

Outdoor clothing firm Ternua says it has become the first Spanish brand to completely eliminate perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) from the textiles used in its latest collection, achieving a target the company set itself in 2009.... read more

Buyer sought for Made-By as it enters liquidation

18 October 2018 | Michelle Russell

A buyer is being sought for the intellectual property assets of non-profit Made-By UK Ltd, which entered into liquidation last week.ek.... read more

Companies urged to embed #MeToo into supply chains

16 October 2018 | Michelle Russell

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is urging companies to embed the #MeToo movement into their supply chains, particularly in the lower tiers, to help address gender inequality and discrimination against women workers.... read more

World Bank recommends fewer labour regulations

26 April 2018 | Michelle Russell

The World Bank has proposed that employers in developing countries should be able to opt out of paying the minimum wage and have greater hiring and firing powers as part of a deregulation of labour markets aimed at making humans more cost-competitive with machine labour.... read more

Support for Aid for Trade remains strong

6 July 2018 | Michelle Russell

Support for projects intended to help poor countries expand their participation in global trade continues to be solid, with low income countries garnering the most support on a per-capita basis, new figures show.... read more

New durable water repellent technology launched

20 July 2018 | Michelle Russell

Speciality chemical producer Bolger & O'Hearn has upped the ante for durable water repellent technologies, developing a new solution to keep apparel dry and consumers comfortable.... read more

Haiti garment factories in spotlight over pay violations

11 August 2017 | Michelle Russell

Haiti is in the spotlight once again after workers at two garment factories in the country's free trade export zones this week denounced alleged violations of ILO conventions related to pay and working conditions.... read more

Honduras maquila workers benefit in housing scheme

12 October 2017 | Michelle Russell

Nearly 6,300 families of maquila (textile) workers have benefited from a housing programme implemented under the Honduras 2020 development plan.... read more

Polluting Mumbai dye plant shut down for turning dogs blue

25 August 2017 | Michelle Russell

India’s state pollution control board for Maharashtra is understood to have shut down a Mubai-based dye factory for releasing untreated industrial waste into the local river and discharging residual dye powder into the air.... read more

Informal sector leaving global workforce vulnerable

29 January 2018 | Michelle Russell

While the global unemployment rate is stabilising, vulnerable employment is on the rise, according to a new report – which also reveals the informal sector continues to undermine the prospects for reducing working poverty, particularly in Asia.... read more

South Africa garment workers take part in national strike

25 September 2017 | Michelle Russell

South African garment workers are preparing to take part in a national strike this week in protest at the loss of jobs due to "state capture," corruption and retrenchments.... read more

South African garment unions join forces on wages

13 June 2017 | Michelle Russell

A group of South African garment unions has joined forces to campaign for better wages and working conditions, build union power, and confront aggressive employers.... read more

H&M faces new allegations of incinerating new clothing

24 November 2017 | Michelle Russell

Swedish clothing giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has again been accused of incinerating unused clothes, rather than recycling them – this time in Sweden and amounting to twice as much as previously disclosed.... read more

Indian unions step up fight against precarious work

29 November 2017 | Michelle Russell

A group of unions in India, including some representing the country's apparel, textile and footwear sectors, have pledged to intensify their fight against precarious work and strengthen union power.... read more

GUATEMALA: US pushes for action on worker rights

5 August 2014 | Michelle Russell

US Trade Representative Michael Froman has met with Guatemalan leaders to press their government on the full implementation of labour provisions under the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement.... read more

Employment support needed for Bangladesh Tribal Peoples

10 August 2016 | Michelle Russell

A pressing need exists to create more productive employment opportunities among Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (ITPs) in Bangladesh, a new survey has found. ... read more

BRICS commit to stronger labour and social issues

4 October 2016 | Michelle Russell

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has welcomed a joint declaration by the BRICS economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – committing to stronger labour, employment and social issues. ... read more

ILO adopts new standard to tackle informal economy

15 June 2016 | Michelle Russell

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has adopted a new international labour standard aimed at helping hundreds of millions of workers move out of the informal economy where it says they are denied typical worker and social protection. ... read more

CAMBODIA: Labour groups urge release of arrested workers

10 February 2014 | Michelle Russell

International human rights and labour rights organisations have written an open letter to Cambodia's Prime Minister calling for the release of 23 workers arrested during wage protests last month.... read more

SWEDEN: H&M creates new paradigm for skilled labour

10 March 2014 | Michelle Russell

H&M has announced its commitment to Business Call to Action (BctA), a global initiative hosted by the UN Development Programme that aims to support business efforts to fight poverty.... read more