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USA: Browzwear Takes VStitcher To Bobbin World

27 July 2001 | just-style.com

Browzwear, a developer of real-time 3D solutions for the fashion and apparel industry, is to unveil its virtual modelling and design product – V-Stitcher, at the Digital Zone at Bobbin World 2001, which is to be held in Orlando from August 15-17.... read more

ISRAEL: Nilit Simulates Fabric With Browzwear

28 August 2002 | just-style.com

Fabric customers will be able to assess the draping and general appearance of fabrics made from Nilit's new Sensil yarns - without making up sample garments - now that a new simulation project has been completed with Browzwear International Ltd.... read more

ISRAEL: Male Avatar, Fabric Testing Kit Enhance V-Stitcher

8 February 2005 | just-style.com

Browzwear International has released an updated version of its V Stitcher 3-D modelling tool that now incorporates a new male avatar and fabric testing kit.... read more

ISRAEL: Browzwear Launches 3D Application For Designers

11 November 2002 | just-style.com

A lack of pattern making experience should no longer prevent designers from working with the 3D modelling applications from Browzwear. The latest addition to its software line-up is V-Styler. This new tool provides designers with a user friendly application for retrieving virtual garments, modifying textures in 3D, and creating a virtual catalogue.... read more

ISRAEL: Browzwear takes 3D design to the product lifecycle

12 February 2009 | just-style.com

Browzwear is to start offering a consultancy service to help companies manage 3D virtual prototyping projects, and is launching two new products that expand 3D design to the entire product lifecycle.... read more

INDIA: AIE Apparel takes steps toward virtual sampling

20 April 2006 | just-style.com

Indian garment maker AIE Apparel is moving closer to virtual sampling with Browzwear International’s V-Stitcher.... read more

Browzwear releases latest 3D fashion design tools

28 November 2018 | Michelle Russell

3D design and prototyping software provider Browzwear has launched two new releases of its fashion design tools that improve creative power while shortening the time from design to manufacturing.... read more

Browzwear and Vizoo standardise digital materials

16 October 2018 | Michelle Russell

3D design and prototyping software provider Browzwear has partnered with material digitisation specialist Vizoo to develop an open source format to help standardise digital materials and serve as a bridge between software applications in the apparel industry.... read more

New Browzwear fabric analyser speeds 3D visualisation

7 September 2017 | Hannah Abdulla

3D fashion design and development software specialist Browzwear has developed a new fabric analyser tool to give faster and more accurate digital fabric simulations.... read more

Pointcarre and Browzwear team on 3D product design

8 June 2015 | Leonie Barrie

Two specialists in textile and 3D product design software are partnering to help apparel companies accelerate time to market, reduce costs, and improve productivity and product margins.... read more

3D and PLM collaboration speeds design and development

6 October 2016 | Michelle Russell

Specialist software provider Browzwear Solutions says its 3D digital technology can now be merged with Dassault Systèmes’ Product Lifecycle Management solution to streamline the way fashion companies design, develop and manufacture products. ... read more

Social product development platform for fashion design

28 June 2016 | Leonie Barrie

A new social product development platform that uses cloud, social media and 3D technologies to streamline the fashion design and development processes was unveiled in New York this week.... read more

Browzwear adopts new leadership structure for growth

10 June 2020 | Michelle Russell

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has adopted a new leadership structure that it hopes will help the company become more competitive and speed technological innovation.... read more

Browzwear VStitcher extension acts as virtual photo studio

22 September 2020 | Beth Wright

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has partnered with UK-based software company Metail to bring garment-on-model visualisations to its VStitcher fashion design solution. ... read more

Browzwear develops 'Headless' automation engine for scale

23 June 2020 | Michelle Russell

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has launched an end-to-end apparel automation engine that allows businesses to integrate and scale throughout the digital production workflow.... read more

Vizoo update to further integrate 3D into material process

14 July 2020 | Hannah Abdulla

3D design and prototyping software provider Browzwear and material digitisation specialist Vizoo are unveiling the latest version of the Unified 3D Material (U3M) format which will allow users to add functions such as the draping behaviour of fabric.... read more

Browzwear 3D visuals now shared across the web

24 January 2020 | Michelle Russell

3D design and development software specialist Browzwear has added Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer to its latest product update so that its interactive 3D models can be viewed on any apparel web platform.... read more

Browzwear update includes customisable avatar poses

6 February 2020 | Beth Wright

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has released the latest version of its VStitcher and Lotta design and workflow solutions, adding new features to increase efficiency, reduce sample production, and speed up time-to-market. ... read more

Browzwear announces open API for digital transformation

22 December 2020 | Beth Wright

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has announced the general availability of its API which allows apparel companies working with the firm to manage a completely digital workflow by connecting multiple applications within their existing platforms.... read more

UK fashion students get 3D boost from Browzwear

11 November 2020 | Beth Wright

The UK's University of Salford is teaming up with 3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear to help aspiring fashion designers develop technology-based skills that are increasingly in demand throughout the industry.... read more

ISRAEL: Browzwear Launches New Version Of V-Stitcher

22 February 2002 | just-style.com

Browzwear, a leading developer of real-time 3D solutions for the fashion and apparel industry, has announced the release of its latest configuration of V-Stitcher.... read more

SINGAPORE: Bodynits Uses V-Stitcher To Tackle Fit Issues

5 January 2005 | just-style.com

Activewear manufacturer Bodynits is using Browzwear’s V-Stitcher 3D garment design and visualisation software to solve fit issues and present virtual samples to its clients.... read more

ISRAEL: Browzwear, Kopperman Design Strategic Partnership

11 September 2002 | just-style.com

Two companies supplying cutting edge technology to the apparel industry have entered into a strategic partnership, which they believe will provide designers with a tool for enhanced garment and store design. Israeli firm Browzwear International Ltd and Koppermann Computersysteme GmbH of Germany say one of their goals is to tightly integrate Browzwear´s V-Stitcher product with Koppermann´s Tex-Design drawing and Tex-Store visual merchandising products. This will enable customers to apply patterns generated in Tex-Design directly on V-Stitcher's avatars, eliminating the need for format conversions.... read more

Alvanon and Browzwear partner on 3D in Hong Kong and China

13 September 2017 | Beth Wright

Digital apparel specialists Alvanon and Browzwear are teaming up in a new strategic regional partnership to offer both fit consulting and 3D apparel design, development and merchandising solutions in Hong Kong and China. ... read more

3D technology: Transforming the apparel workplace

2 September 2014 | Lee Adendorff

Many analysts describe 3D as 'disruptive' technology and its introduction into the apparel industry has not been without sceptics. But workplace examples show how apparel companies are successfully embracing 3D software.... read more

3D technology: 3D printing the next frontier?

2 September 2014 | Lee Adendorff

The reality of 3D printing and its commercial application in the fashion industry is currently restricted to a relatively limited range of materials. These include mostly plastics and metals, although materials research is in constant evolution.... read more

Supply chain software: The future of PLM and ERP

1 July 2014 | Lee Adendorff

The last few years have seen tremendous changes in the technological landscape of 'product lifecycle management' (PLM) and 'enterprise resource planning' (ERP) systems.... read more

VF Corp to train students on 3D design technology

6 February 2017 | Beth Wright

The jeanswear division of US apparel giant VF Corp, which includes its Wrangler and Lee brands, is partnering with the University of North Carolina to incorporate 3D design technology into its curriculum, to help prepare students for careers in the apparel and retail industries.... read more

Where next for Walmart’s 3D apparel design pilot?

11 July 2016 | Leonie Barrie

For the uninitiated, 3D design and prototyping software is hailed as a disruptive technology with the potential to boost efficiency and product development workflow, speed decision-making, fuel creativity, and save time and cost. For US retail giant Walmart, it has been fraught with unexpected challenges.... read more

Bamboo Rose launches smart connector for 3D

23 September 2019 | Beth Wright

Bamboo Rose has launched a smart data connector for 3D assets from material digitisations specialist Vizoo and prototyping software provider Browzwear.... read more

PTC and Browzwear integrate PLM and 3D tools

9 September 2019 | Beth Wright

Software firms PTC and Browzwear have launched the first native integration between their PLM and 3D tools in a move aimed a improving the efficiency and creativity of design teams, as well as extending the value of 3D throughout the supply chain.... read more

Browzwear adds Archroma colour library to VStitcher and Lotta

9 December 2020 | Beth Wright

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear's VStitcher and Lotta platforms now feature the 4,320 colour references of Archroma's Color Atlas library to help accelerate the process from creative idea to production.... read more

IMB 2006: the shape of technology to come

9 July 2006 | just-style.com

The biggest, the best, the smallest, and the most revolutionary clothing machinery developments were all on show at IMB 2006. Niki Tait visited the fair in Cologne, Germany and reports here on some of the highlights set to open up new opportunities for garment makers.... read more

Trends in apparel manufacturing technology

26 January 2004 | just-style.com

The last decade has seen a shift in apparel technology developments, with innovation giving way to more practical solutions driven by flexibility and user-friendliness. Prabir Jana asks whether apparel manufacturing technology has reached a plateau or should be braced for an IT takeover?... read more

New CAD, cutting technology nets benefits

20 July 2005 | just-style.com

From 2D to 3D CAD, to made-to-measure and check and stripe cutting, choosing the appropriate technology can make a huge difference to speed, cost and quality. Niki Tait looks at how some manufacturers are reaping the benefits.... read more