Future-proof coated fabrics meet sustainable fashion trends

High-performing. Durable. Sustainable. These are the trends for coated materials in fashion. Consumers have become more aware of what they wear and want high-quality materials that are sustainable. At the same time, rules and legislations towards sustainability get more strict. Therefore Stahl developed the extensive STAHL EVO performance coatings portfolio for Apparel & Accessories. With the STAHL EVO range – consisting of coatings, finishes and primers for almost every synthetic surface – frontrunner Stahl supports your ambitions towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) in the supply chain.

Stahl’s tailor-made solutions for performance coatings are developed in close cooperation with its customers to ensure that they meet the most stringent requirements. As the leading orientation for the chemicals in use, they see Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) to improve the environment and people’s wellbeing. STAHL EVO coating solutions do not contain any toxic classified substances and offer the performance that you are used to. Many of our products already meet today’s ZDHC principles for the Roadmap 2020. A variety of products are already in line with the Roadmap 2020, while some even exceed today's sustainability requirements, like our DMF(A)-free alternatives for polyurethane synthetics.

Building blocks

The extensive STAHL EVO range exists of next generation polyurethane coatings for synthetics and coated fabrics. Since everybody in fashion and footwear has other requirements and demands, Stahl works with building blocks. You can easily select the building blocks you need to cost-effectively produce coatings in a sustainable way. And of course the high-performance articles like athletic shoes last long due to superb peeling strength, long-lasting looks, perfect printability and breathability.

The STAHL EVO portfolio includes:

STAHL EVO Skin & Adhesives

Polyurethane dispersions in water-based or mild-solvent solutions

Stahl Top Coat Finishes

Finishes and additives of which the core is water-based, supplemented mild-solvent finishes if preferred

STAHL EVO base Permutex®

More sustainable alternative for the traditional coagulation base thanks to Permutex® mechanical foam

STAHL EVO base PermaQure®

Patented PermaQure® EVO base evolved out of classical high solids polyurethanes

Stahl Stay Clean

Protection of synthetic surfaces by hindering the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the substrate

Stahl Crosslinkers

When traditional properties are required from a coating or lacquer, like improved hardness and better

STAHL EVO Pigments

Permutex® PP Pigment series, suitable for all types of water-wased coatings

Are you curious what the futureproof STAHL EVO solutions can do for your business? Please visit www.stahl.com or contact the Stahl team at: vasco.silva@stahl.com

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