Blog: Leonie BarrieUS apparel imports down four months in a row

Leonie Barrie | 13 January 2020

The volume of US apparel imports fell for the fourth consecutive month in November, with a 20% drop in shipments from largest supplier China. The figures suggest early stockpiling in the run-up to the holiday period as retailers moved to bring in merchandise ahead of new tariffs imposed in September and another tranche that had been due to take effect in mid-December.

Pakistan's clothing and textile sector hopes that 2020 will be a big year for Chinese investment as companies look to move production to outsourcing centres with lower labour costs, a skilled workforce, and government incentives through reduced taxes and duties.

Tegra, the Atlanta, US-based leading apparel manufacturing and supply chain provider, is expanding its workforce in Latin America with new job posts in El Salvador as well as its soon to be opened facility in Honduras.

And a US commission is calling for trade sanctions on China over the ongoing human rights situation in Xinjiang.

Experts say there is an urgent need for the clothing sector to embrace Industry 4.0 to boost productivity and harness creativity by providing a single, connected platform for all supply chain processes.

And just-style has rounded up ten innovations in the apparel and footwear sectors presented at the world's biggest tech conference, CES 2020, in Las Vegas. Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and wearable tech innovations are among the highlights.

We’ve also taken a look at how retailers can manage the returns process more efficiently to minimise lost profits – and the key role that data plays.

Meanwhile, in other news, apparel giant PVH Corp is selling its Speedo North America swimwear business to Pentland Group for $170m; Bangladesh garment exports fell 7.74% in the five months to November; and Marks & Spencer has launched a new brand to tap into the athleisure market.


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