Mango has revealed in a statement that as part of its continued commitment towards transparency, it has published a new factory list for its global supply chain, including an updated list for the tier 1 factories it published for the first time last year.

The new list of tier 2 factories, related to production processes, can now be found on the retailer’s company website. It includes information on the declared factories Mango produced in during 2021, fulfilling the requirements of the Transparency Pledge Standard, an initiative launched by a coalition of nine employment and human rights organisations committed to transparency in the supply chains of the clothing and footwear industry.

In 2022, Mango plans to publish a newly-updated list which will include Tier 3 factories, relating to raw materials.

Beatriz Bayo, director of corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Mango told Just Style:

“We are convinced that our commitment to sustainability necessarily entails establishing a responsible supply chain management that encourages transparency and due diligence towards suppliers. By making this list public, we are facilitating access to information for our interest groups and helping to guarantee workers’ human rights and to strengthen the textile industry worldwide.”

In 2020 the company became the first major company in the Spanish fashion sector to publish a list of its production factories. The publication of this information is part of the Bilateral Agreement signed between and Mango and the CCOO Industry trade union in 2018, which aims to improve the rights of people who work in the manufacture of the firm’s products, and to promote responsibility in global supply chains within the fashion sector. 

At the time of launching the tier 1 factory list last year, Mango said: “Within Mango’s commitment to sustainability, it is essential to establish responsible management of our supply chain which, together with the participation of certain stakeholders, contributes to transparency and is the key for the due diligence towards our suppliers. We prioritise a trustful relationship with them, ensuring that they are aligned with our own commitments and helping to ensure the human rights of workers and strengthen the textile industry globally.”

In November, Just Style reported that Mango was among five companies to be welcomed to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Community.