There has been a lot of talk this year by apparel retailers, brands and importers on both sides of the Atlantic about increasing the amount of products they source closer to home.

But how realistic is such a move and is it likely to prove more than a passing trend?

This new webinar from just-style will highlight the key drivers, benefits and challenges of moving apparel manufacturing closer to markets in the US and western Europe. We will also review whether there are realistic steps buyers and manufacturers can take to reap the benefits of near-shoring.

In addition, the webinar will discuss the role played by technology in enabling and supporting any shift of production closer to home.

Leonie Barrie, managing editor of just-style will outline the key findings of a new white paper - Is there a future for garment near-shoring? - which will be available to download after the event. 

Guest speaker:

Judy Gnaedig, director of Lectra Strategic Projects – Fashion, will look at the role played by technology in enabling and supporting a shift in production closer to retail. 

Finally, as always the sessions will include a Q&A session, giving you the chance to get involved.




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