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Fashion fit for the future – strategies for speed

The apparel industry has to get faster if it is to remain competitive – and relevant ­– in a rapidly changing environment, according to Ed G...

Digitisation to drive new apparel-making models

Clothing manufacturing will be completely transformed by the internet and digital printing over the next five to ten years, according to ind...

Will new Vietnam wage hinder competitiveness?

Vietnam's National Salary Council may have agreed to increase the country-wide minimum wage next year by the smallest proportion in a decade...

Under Armour Lighthouse will disrupt production

US sportswear giant Under Armour says it wants to propel its brand into the future through a new state-of-the-art Lighthouse manufacturing i...

Haiti garment exports set to rise despite hurricane 13 Oct 2016

Ivan Castano Freeman

Despite the wreckage wrought on Haiti by Hurricane Matthew, the country’s textile and garment exports are expected to rise 10% to roughly US$550m this year – as the bulk of the industry's factories are located outside its impact zone, industry executives have told just-style. 

Ethiopia declares state of emergency after factory attack 10 Oct 2016

Beth Wright

Fashion retailer H&M and UK based glove and high-performance leather manufacturer Pittards Plc both say they are monitoring the situation in Ethiopia closely after the country's government declared a state of emergency after months of unrest.

Vietnam leads September surge in US apparel imports 10 Oct 2016

Michelle Russell

The volume of US apparel imports booked another double-digit hike month-on-month in August thanks to retailers stocking up for the back-to-school season – with Vietnam and Indonesia seeing the largest growth and Cambodia a massive 21% year-on-year decline. That said, the data also shows the volume of imports is down on last year. 

Mexico makers restructure to boost fashion know-how 10 Oct 2016

Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico's textiles and apparel industry is restructuring following a 40% decline in exports since its 2002 heyday and the subsequent loss of more than 500,000 jobs, says Jose Manuel Martinez, general manager of clothing industry trade association Canaive. 

Weak minimum wage compliance in Asia garment industry 7 Oct 2016

Leonie Barrie

The rate of minimum wage non-compliance among seven major garment exporting nations in Asia is highest in the Philippines and India, according to a new report, with more than half of workers in these countries under-paid.

Are Mexico’s maquila labour rights worsening? 7 Oct 2016

Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico’s textiles and apparel industry is violating workers’ basic rights including freedom to unionise, overtime and severance pay, according to the Human Rights Commission of Tehuacan, a major maquila hub in Puebla State two hours south of Mexico City. 

Bangladesh Alliance preparing 2018 transition plan 7 Oct 2016

Michelle Russell

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says it is working on a plan to hand over responsibility for its affiliated garment factories to the country's government in 2018, and has revealed around 63% of remediation work has been completed to date.

US apparel retailers' September 2016 sales roundup 7 Oct 2016

Michelle Russell

Upside surprises were provided in September by two of the US apparel retailers who still report their monthly sales thanks to an uptick in consumer confidence and improving unemployment rates. The remaining three failed to capitalise, however, with The Buckle faring the worst. 

Fair prices the way forward in Bangladesh 6 Oct 2016

AZM Anas

Bangladesh's apparel makers have invested heavily in improving factory safety since the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, but global buyers are still failing to pay fair prices and following non-transparent purchasing practices, a conference in Dhaka has heard.

Election distractions unlikely to derail US apparel sales 5 Oct 2016

Leonie Barrie

With just over a month to go until the 2016 presidential election, observers are as undecided on the likely impact on apparel and footwear sales as they are on the winning candidate. But they agree any effect is likely to be short-lived, with a post-election bounce-back most likely to follow. 

Asia sourcing must raise its game amid global competition 3 Oct 2016

Mini Pant Zachariah

Growing competition across the world for clothing sourcing contracts is seeing China not only being challenged by other countries in Asia, but by sub-Saharan African and even Russian suppliers too. And it is pushing Asian governments to sharpen their industrial policies to try to retain market share, a major international conference has heard.

New UK cotton mill could revive UK-based supply chains 30 Sep 2016

Beth Wright

A new cotton mill in the north of England could help revive UK-based supply chains once production gets underway this autumn, spinning the highest quality yarn for high-end apparel. Last week just-style paid a visit to the mill, located in Greater Manchester.

How better factory conditions help boost the bottom line 26 Sep 2016

Leonie Barrie

A link has been established between improved working conditions in the apparel industry and a resulting boost to factory competitiveness – but the sourcing practices of global buyers remains one of the biggest challenges to progress.

Myanmar garment exports surged 20% in 2015 22 Sep 2016

Michelle Russell

Myanmar garment industry exports soared by around 20% last year, while footwear exports also surged as the Southeast Asia country gained new sourcing partners and invested in high end manufacturing.

Under Armour on track with new UAS sportswear line 21 Sep 2016

Leonie Barrie

Performance footwear and apparel brand Under Armour has taken a much-anticipated step to broaden its appeal to a more mainstream audience with its new Under Armour Sportswear brand – or what the company describes as ‘Modern American Sportswear.’

EU trade ministers push on TTIP and Canada pacts 20 Sep 2016

Leonie Barrie

Trade ministers appear determined to push ahead with two trade deals being discussed between the European Union (EU) and the US and Canada, despite widespread protests in Germany over the weekend.

Retail fallout unclear following Hanjin Shipping collapse 14 Sep 2016

Leonie Barrie

As efforts continue to try to rescue cargo stranded in the wake of the collapse of Hanjin Shipping, the world's seventh-largest container shipper, fallout for apparel and footwear importers and exporters remains unclear.

Cambodia garment sector faces ongoing challenges 12 Sep 2016

Jozef De Coster

At first glance, Cambodia's garment sector is doing fine. ANZ Bank recently predicted 7.2% GDP growth in 2016, mainly fuelled by rising clothing exports. And just-released data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) points to a 14.7% jump in the country's clothing shipments to US$1.605bn during the first quarter of this year. But dig deeper, and it seems the overall situation of the Cambodian garment industry is less optimistic.

Cambodia worker wages threatened by low garment prices 7 Sep 2016

Leonie Barrie

As annual discussions get underway in Cambodia on a new minimum wage for garment workers, a new report warns significant further wage increases will be hard to achieve unless higher prices are paid by retailers and brands.

US apparel imports from China surge 23% in July 6 Sep 2016

Michelle Russell

US apparel imports in July booked a double-digit increase on the month before as retailers stocked up for the back-to-school season – with the biggest surge being seen by China, by far the largest supplier of apparel to the US.

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