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FOCUS: Topshop suffers a setback in Japan

Topshop's bid to be a global player has suffered a setback in Japan, where the retailer shuttered its five stores earlier this year. Here Ma...

Fast Retailing ramps up sustainability efforts

Fast Retailing says it is working to raise the bar across the apparel industry, after facing criticism earlier this year of factory conditio...

Who has joined the Greenpeace Detox Challenge

In 2011, Greenpeace published its Dirty Laundry report, which found toxic chemicals in waste water discharges from two textile processing fa...

Speed to market key to Adidas 2020 growth plan

Adidas Group has said speed to market will be a key competitive advantage for the German sporting goods giant over the next five years, as i...

PSF 2015: GAFTI gears up for change in apparel auditing 31 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

Imagine an apparel sourcing world with a single set of testing and auditing procedures across product safety, social compliance and environmental sustainability. Where PVH would accept an audit by VF, and VF would accept an audit by Under Armour. Well, it’s a vision already shared by around 30 of the world's biggest brands and retailers – and they’re urging more companies to get involved.

Who has signed the Bangladesh safety accord - update 31 Mar 2015

Katie Smith

More than 200 companies have now signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh following the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Dhaka, which killed more than 1,100 people in 2013.

IN THE MONEY: SuperGroup to adapt sourcing model for speed 27 Mar 2015

Michelle Russell

Superdry brand owner SuperGroup has revealed plans to adapt its buying model to source more directly and flexibly, with the aim of improving efficiency and speed to market.

Rana Plaza fund call grows as anniversary nears 24 Mar 2015

Michelle Russell

As the countdown to the second anniversary of the Bangladesh Rana Plaza tragedy begins, the call is getting louder for apparel brands to fill the gap in compensation for victims before 24 April.

SOURCING: Production problems weigh on Pakistan 24 Mar 2015

Michelle Russell

Pakistan's ambition to double its clothing and textile exports over five years, and its accession to the EU's GSP+ trade scheme last year, suggest it should be an exciting prospect for apparel sourcing. However, in the last year two companies have pulled production out of the country, citing risk, delays and instability. This might not yet point to a wider trend, but their concerns highlight issues worth watching.

Lesotho risks major clothing job losses if AGOA lapses 23 Mar 2015

Nicola Jenvey

An estimated one-third of Lesotho's textile and clothing production will be decimated if the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is not renewed in September, a senior South African textile and clothing sector consultant has warned.

Smart sportswear faces mass production challenges 23 Mar 2015

Beth Wright

Athletes are increasingly using clothing embedded with sensors and biometric tools to measure their performance. But while the industry is edging closer to adapting these products for the mass market, the overriding challenge is the garments' washability.

The Fit Factor: C&A overhauls fit for the future 20 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

The past year has seen value retailer C&A confront head-on the challenge of delivering consistent fit across key categories such as lingerie, trousers and denim. A complete overhaul of its approach is now seen as the precursor to building market share, sales, brand loyalty and a multi-channel push.

IN THE MONEY: Innovation and supply chain remain key for Nike 20 Mar 2015

Michelle Russell

Sporting goods giant Nike Inc says it will continue to put substantial money and resources into its supply chain to increase speed to market, and ensure it stays ahead on innovation.

What next for smart fabrics and garments? 20 Mar 2015

Katie Smith

Smart fabrics and wearable technology go hand in hand. And with strong growth forecast over the coming years, it's no wonder fashion and software companies are developing new products to tap into the market. Katie Smith reports.

IN THE MONEY: Nimble supply chain to add to Ann Inc profit 18 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

US women's wear retailer Ann Inc sees the supply chain as a key lever for enhancing its profitability, and has identified $50m in ongoing annualised gross margin benefits over the next two years.

Ten tips for managing supply chain disruptions 18 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

The threat of potential disruption as supply chains become increasingly complex is the top concern for manufacturing businesses, a new survey suggests – with natural disasters seen as the greatest threat to apparel sourcing.

Wearable Tech Show: Quote/unquote 18 Mar 2015

Katie Smith

Everything from a sock that detects early heart failure, to a smart shirt that measures biometric data with medical precision, and a shoe that can communicate via haptic feedback while also acting as a navigational tool, were displayed in London last week. Experts speaking at the Wearable Technology Show shared their views on the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Wearable Tech Show: Innovations and developments 17 Mar 2015

Beth Wright

The second edition of the annual Wearable Technology Show took place in London last week, highlighting some of the latest launches and prototypes ranging from textile sensors and software to performance tracking and navigation systems. Beth Wright looks at some of the textile and garment innovations and developments on display.

The Fit Factor: The business benefits of consistent fit 16 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

There’s no ‘quick fix’ to solving problems with size and fit - but getting it right can save time, money and build customer loyalty, according to executives at a recent conference on the issue.

The Fit Factor: Five rules for reinvention 13 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

Fashion brands and retailers need to embrace “radical change” in their apparel sizing and fit strategies if they are to remain competitive in a changing environment. And for Alvanon’s Ed Gribbin, there are lessons to be learned from technology giants like Apple.

Clothing brands failing Cambodia factory inspections 12 Mar 2015

Richard Woodard

Labour rights abuses are still rife in Cambodia’s garment factories, thanks to an inadequate and corrupt inspection system and widespread subcontracting by suppliers, a new report says.

The Fit Factor: M&S online Bra Fit Tool boosts sales 11 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

A new online Bra Fit Tool developed by Marks & Spencer has been used by 167,000 women since its launch last November, and is providing a tangible boost to sales.

The Fit Factor: Tesco's F&F cuts costs and lead times with 3D fit 10 Mar 2015

Leonie Barrie

Supermarket retailer Tesco has calculated that cutting lead times by one to two weeks on around one-third of the styles in its F&F clothing range adds 4-8% to net margin and generates savings of between GBP20m and GBP40m (US$30-60m). And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of 3D virtual fit and prototyping technology.

Bangladesh Alliance moves closer to low-cost loans 10 Mar 2015

Michelle Russell

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety is in the final stages of setting up an affordable credit facility to provide low-cost loans that will enable its members' supplier factories move forward on remediation work.

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