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Under Armour makes lifestyle push with new brand

Performance footwear and apparel brand Under Armour is evolving thanks to the launch of a new brand that will broaden its appeal to a more m...

Why Inditex is "clear winner" in fast fashion

Spanish retail giant Inditex, owner of the Zara brand, is the clear winner in the fast fashion space, analysts believe, with the competitive...

China remains powerhouse for footwear sourcing

China looks set to remain the powerhouse of global footwear manufacturing and a key supplier to the US, despite Vietnam gaining ground, a ne...

Will Brexit trigger rise in UK manufacturing?

Brexit and its likely implications for UK manufacturing were a key talking point at this year's Fashion SVP event, held just days after the...

Global news roundup 26 Jul 2016

Michelle Russell and Beth Wright

The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media.

TPP tariff phase-out can steer Vietnam sourcing plans 15 Jul 2016

Dr Sheng Lu

A close look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s tariff phase-out schedule on US textile and apparel imports from Vietnam can guide sourcing decisions and investment strategies in the years ahead, according to Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware.

Alliance brands "staying the course" in Bangladesh 15 Jul 2016

Beth Wright

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says it will stay the course in the south Asian country despite two recent terrorist attacks  – and that apparel brands and retailers remain committed to sourcing garments there.

How Central America garment sourcing measures up 14 Jul 2016

Michelle Russell

The Central American garment industries in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras must continue investing in growth and ensure factories are safe and ethical if they are to compete effectively against Vietnam for access to the US market.

Quick wins a key part of the 3D virtual design puzzle 13 Jul 2016

Leonie Barrie

While the fashion industry still grapples to find the best ways to leverage the business benefits of 3D design and virtual prototyping tools, some of the tips for building buy-in include inspiring trust in the technology, and identifying quick and obvious wins.

How virtual garments are set to shape fashion retail 13 Jul 2016

Leonie Barrie

As well as offering new opportunities for apparel design and prototyping, 3D tools also have the potential to change the way retailers and brands interact with their customers.

Where next for Walmart’s 3D apparel design pilot? 11 Jul 2016

Leonie Barrie

For the uninitiated, 3D design and prototyping software is hailed as a disruptive technology with the potential to boost efficiency and product development workflow, speed decision-making, fuel creativity, and save time and cost. For US retail giant Walmart, it has been fraught with unexpected challenges.

Friction over chemical lists hampers Detox ambition 8 Jul 2016

Leonie Barrie

Environmental action group Greenpeace has expressed concerns the textile and apparel industry is not doing enough to meet its goals of going toxic-free by 2020 – and suggests part of the problem lies with "flawed" chemical lists. It has also set its sights on closing the loop as the next focus of its campaign.

US apparel retailers' June 2016 sales roundup 8 Jul 2016

Michelle Russell

June proved to be a more positive month for the few US apparel retailers who still report their monthly sales, thanks to better weather conditions and the Memorial Day holiday shift.

US apparel imports bounce back in May 7 Jul 2016

Michelle Russell

Apparel imports into the US bounced back in May, with over half of the leading supplier countries booking growth. Indonesia led the field with a double-digit increase, while Vietnam saw a reversal from its decline last month. 

Cambodia compliance improves but challenges remain 6 Jul 2016

Michelle Russell

Transparent reporting of garment factory compliance in Cambodia is contributing to better conditions for workers, a new study has found – although the top compliance issues remain ongoing.

Terrorist attack "a tipping point" for Bangladesh? 5 Jul 2016

Michelle Russell

A fatal terrorist attack in the Bangladeshi capital at the weekend has left the country's key garment industry in turmoil, with buyers rethinking travel plans and potential economic fallout for a sector reliant on foreign investment.

EU trade trends show 10% rise in clothing imports last year 30 Jun 2016

Leonie Barrie

The latest EU trade trends point to a 10% rise in clothing imports into the EU-28 last year, with double-digit growth for the top two suppliers, China and Bangladesh.

Big data contributes to Crystal Group sustainability gains 28 Jun 2016

Leonie Barrie

A focus on innovation in industrial engineering and information technology (IT) is helping manufacturing giant Crystal Group maintain its competitiveness in the face of a difficult business climate – as well as contributing to greener, more sustainable manufacturing processes, the company says.

Brexit sparks uncertainty over pending EU trade deals 27 Jun 2016

Keith Nuthall

Brexit creates deep uncertainty over the fate of EU trade deals that are pending ratification, such as the deal with Canada, and those under discussion, such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, with the US.

India sets out long-overdue clothing sector labour reform 27 Jun 2016

Raghavendra Verma

Indian garment exporters have widely welcomed a series of financial and labour reforms announced by the government last week to generate 10m jobs and boost exports by $30bn over three years.

Retailers warned of high volatility in wake of Brexit 24 Jun 2016

Michelle Russell

Retailers need to prepare for a period of high volatility, is the message from analysts in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the European Union (EU), as businesses prepare to battle fragile consumer confidence and a prolonged period of political instability. 

US fashion firms share sourcing trends and strategies 23 Jun 2016

Leonie Barrie

Concerns about market competition in the United States have for the first time surpassed worries about rising production and sourcing costs, according to the latest five-year outlook for the US fashion industry. The ‘China Plus Many’ model, growth in Vietnam ahead of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and new sourcing destinations like Myanmar and Cuba are also covered.

Brexit campaigning reaches final stages 22 Jun 2016

Michelle Russell

As the final day of campaigning ahead of the UK's vote on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union (EU) ramps up, retailers and brands have been voicing their opinions on how either decision could affect business.

Cost is biggest barrier to Bangladesh RMG remediation 21 Jun 2016

Michelle Russell

High interest rates, a lack of financial literacy and an unwillingness among factory managers are proving to be the main barriers to obtaining remediation financing in Bangladesh's Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector, a new study has shown. 

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