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Hanesbrands sourcing to cut Pacific Brands costs

With agreements for two acquisitions totalling around $1bn in the space of just 21 days, Hanesbrands is positioning itself as the largest ba...

Collaboration key to the future of smart textiles

A lack of collaboration between the textile and electronic industries continues to be one of the main obstacles to progress in smart garment...

First figures show Bangladesh exports climb

Bangladesh's garments exports have continued to grow at a steady pace despite the country's image taking a hit following the Tazreen and Ran...

Bangladesh still needs reforms to fix factories

Efforts to improve worker and building safety in Bangladesh's ready-made garment industry have brought tangible progress over the three year...

Why have US FTA apparel imports fallen to a record low? 29 Apr 2016

Dr Sheng Lu

In the past ten years the number of free trade agreements (FTAs) implemented in the United States has almost doubled. So why have US apparel imports entering under free trade agreements fallen to a record low? Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, investigates.

Rana Plaza three years on – Timeline of change 22 Apr 2016

Katie Smith

Just days before the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, just-style looks at the changes that have been made to improve worker and building safety within the country's ready-made garment industry. While progress has undoubtedly been made, questions remain about the speed of remediation if all parties involved are to leave their legacy of safer factories in 2018.

H&M sustainability goals include water-based PU shoes 15 Apr 2016

Michelle Russell

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is to place its first volume orders for shoes made with water-based vegan leather this year as part of new sustainability goals set out by the Swedish fashion retailer.

Bangladesh Alliance factory suspensions a "wake-up call" 15 Apr 2016

Michelle Russell

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says it hopes its suspension of factories for lack of progress on remediation will be a final wake-up call to owners to step up their efforts as the third anniversary of Rana Plaza nears. 

Levi Strauss ramps up worker welfare scheme 14 Apr 2016

Katie Smith

Jeans giant Levi Strauss & Co is expanding its worker wellbeing programme to key suppliers in more countries, with plans to reach 140,000 workers by 2020, and is partnering with other brands and retailers to make the initiative 'open source'.

PSF 2016 – Disrupt or be disrupted – why data is key 13 Apr 2016

Michelle Russell

Working more closely and smartly with data across the entire supply chain is crucial if brands and retailers are to improve everything from product innovation to keeping track of shipments, 'testing and trashing' new ideas, and tailoring their offerings to individual consumers.

Cambodia garment prices fall as export growth continues 8 Apr 2016

Leonie Barrie

New figures show Cambodia’s garment and footwear exports continued to see strong growth during 2015, albeit it at a slower rate than the year before and with footwear far outpacing clothing. Despite an increase in exports, garment prices overall remain on a downward trajectory – although those shipped to the European Union went up for the first time in four years.

PSF 2016 – Standardisation key to improving transparency 8 Apr 2016

Michelle Russell

A proliferation of technical standards, social compliance and environmental initiatives is putting immense pressure on apparel retailers and brands to work more collaboratively across their supply chains. 

US apparel retailers' March 2016 sales roundup  8 Apr 2016

Katie Smith

March proved to be a challenging month for the few US apparel retailers who still report their monthly sales, with many hampered by the early timing of Easter this year. And the outlook for April is mixed as cold weather is cooling demand for spring clothing collections. 

Vietnam leads US apparel import growth in February 6 Apr 2016

Michelle Russell

Apparel imports into the US bounced back in February, with all but one of the leading supplier countries booking growth, and six of those hitting double-digit gains. Vietnam led the field, with Cambodia and Indonesia also making the top three.

Wearable Tech Show 2016 – Innovations and developments 1 Apr 2016

Katie Smith

Executives from the smart textile and embedded sensor sectors gathered in London last month for the third edition of the annual Wearable Technology Show. Everything from performance enhancing sportswear to intelligent insoles and jackets that alert workers if they go too close to moving vehicles was on show. Katie Smith takes a closer look at some of the highlights. 

What are the top threats to global supply chains in 2016? 31 Mar 2016

Leonie Barrie

Risks ranging from cargo theft to natural disasters and terrorism incidents are among the biggest threats seen to global supply chains in 2016 – with worker unrest in China and child labour in India among specific challenges faced by apparel firms.

Four fashion brands release first sustainability scores 30 Mar 2016

Katie Smith

As they work towards improving transparency within their supply chains, four fashion brands – G-Star, Ted Baker, Vivobarefoot and Haikure – have for the first time made public their sustainability performance scores using a new independent assessment tool from European sustainable fashion consultancy Made-By.

Egypt apparel sector underperforming but ambitious 30 Mar 2016

Jozef De Coster

With advantages that include the best cotton in the world, thousands of textile and garment factories, low labour costs and duty-free access to key markets in the US, European Union (EU), the Middle-East and Africa, Egypt should have formidable potential. But at the same time it's facing a mountain of problems, including low labour productivity, lack of investments in ginning, spinning and weaving, difficult access to finance, and poor infrastructure.

PSF 2016 – Speeding up sustainable supply chain solutions 29 Mar 2016

Michelle Russell

The new Paris climate change deal struck at the COP21 summit late last year should be yet another catalyst for the apparel industry and its supply chain to devise more environmentally-friendly solutions and to collaborate more effectively. But as speakers at this month's Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong admitted, the path to success in sustainability is never going to be an easy one.

PSF 2016 – The likely impact of TPP and One Belt One Road? 24 Mar 2016

Michelle Russell

The two initiatives with the potential to reshape the global sourcing landscape are also mired in uncertainty. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade pact is still a long way from ratification, while details remain patchy on China's One Belt One Road initiative. So what do apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers make of their possible impact? 

New product processes help Gap "guess less, fix faster" 23 Mar 2016

Leonie Barrie

US specialty retail giant Gap has made no secret of the fact it faces an uphill battle to turn around its business, but in-house quality mis-steps coupled with the race against the clock to translate trends from the catwalks to the high street are making its work doubly difficult.

Mexico textile sector worries over TPP and Trump wall 22 Mar 2016

Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico's textile sector is eyeing growth of 4% this year but faces looming threats including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Donald Trump's proposal to barricade its US border – which some executives estimate could trigger $2bn in annual trade losses.

PSF 2016 – Ethiopia sourcing vision starting to take shape 21 Mar 2016

Michelle Russell

Ethiopia's ambition to become a global apparel and textile powerhouse has been well-documented over the past decade, despite its slow steps towards this goal. But the scale of investment in the country appears to be accelerating, some of the largest US and European brands are placing orders, and the government seems committed to building a sourcing hub for the future.

PSF 2016 – Is Vietnam ready to reap the benefits of TPP? 18 Mar 2016

Michelle Russell

It is no secret that Vietnam's textile and clothing sector is widely expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the recently-agreed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade pact. But some industry observers are questioning whether the Southeast Asian country is really ready to reap the benefits that will come its way once the deal goes live.  

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