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Digitalisation and data to disrupt supply chains

The apparel industry and its supply chain needs to start thinking differently if it is to deliver on demands for speed, customisation and tr...

EU eyes mandatory due diligence for apparel supply

The European Commission (EC) is being urged to bring forward legislation to enhance due diligence for apparel supply chains – and to introdu...

Unlocks for the future fashion sourcing landscape

Economic uncertainty and upheaval in global trade agreements are immaterial if the apparel and footwear industry can't respond, engineer and...

Geo-political uncertainty and how to survive it

Global political frictions and economic uncertainty, coupled with a sea-change across the retail sector thanks to the rise of e-commerce, di...

What might TTIP mean for US and EU textiles and apparel? 20 Mar 2017

Dr Sheng Lu

Over the past four years, the United States and the European Union (EU) have been negotiating the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP or T-TIP) free trade agreement, which intends to unlock market access opportunities for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic through the elimination of trade and investment barriers as well as enhanced regulatory coherence. Here Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, looks at what the pact might mean for the US and EU textile and apparel industries.

Adidas raises the bar for North America sales growth 15 Mar 2017

Michelle Russell

North America has been the biggest challenge for Adidas historically, but it will likely also be the biggest opportunity for it going forward, the German sportswear giant has told investors as the company upped its sales target for the region by almost half by 2020.

Fashion brands take a stance on Syrian refugees in Turkey 13 Mar 2017

Shorouk El Hariry

Experts have highlighted concerns over the exploitation of Syrian refugees working in the Turkish textile industry and are urging the Turkish government and the clothing supply chain to work together to improve their plight.

Alarm bells ringing for millennial fashion brands 10 Mar 2017

Guest author

A recent survey, commissioned by GT Nexus and conducted by research company YouGov, confirmed a lack of brand loyalty among millennials. For the fashion industry, the devil is truly in the detail of this research as it not only sounds a series of clear warning bells to fashion brands, but also reveals some surprising truths about influencing this most fickle of markets.

10 human rights risks to supply chains in 2017 9 Mar 2017

Leonie Barrie

The US migrant clampdown, land grabs and slavery blind spots are among the top human rights risks for business in 2017, new research has revealed.

Vietnam and China lead US apparel imports in January 8 Mar 2017

Beth Wright

Despite being the time of year when the retail supply chain traditionally catches its breath before the spring and summer rush begins, US apparel import volumes in January returned to month-on-month growth. While year-on-year volume growth, however, was down, five of the top ten supplier countries recorded a double-digit hike – led by Vietnam and China.

Three key trends facing global economy in 2017 6 Mar 2017

Michelle Russell

Political instability will be a key challenge for the global economy, businesses and consumers going into 2017, a new report suggests, with two of the biggest risks – the Trump effect and Brexit – in advanced economies.

Bangladesh apparel sector faces up to challenges 28 Feb 2017

AZM Anas

With the global garment market still growing fast, Bangladesh needs to seize the so-called ‘China-plus’ opportunity while penetrating new markets and diversifying its products, a Dhaka conference has heard.

Gap working to gain market share and speed progress 28 Feb 2017

Michelle Russell

Gap Inc has admitted progress has been slower than expected, despite some bright spots in its last fiscal, as the US speciality clothing retailer looks to rebuild, get its product back on track, and utilise what it says is a "significant" opportunity to gain market share.

The Flanarant - Wage abuses can’t be eliminated by software and flash PR 27 Feb 2017

Mike Flanagan

It is not just alleged Asian sweatshops where there are widespread wage abuses, Mike Flanagan reminds us. But is the British government concentrating too much on headline-grabbing mistakes at high street retailers in its "name and shame" campaign against abuse at home?

Hard hit Turkish industry is not knocked out 21 Feb 2017

Jozef De Coster

After a number of setbacks last year, including political upheaval, terrorist attacks and an influx of Syrian refugees, textile and clothing industry executives in Turkey are optimistic that better times lie ahead in 2017.

China leads US apparel sources with falling prices 20 Feb 2017

Michelle Russell

For all the claims that US apparel buyers are seeking alternative sources to China amid concerns it is losing its competitiveness, new data suggests otherwise, with the country's prices lower now than six years ago.

Vietnam grows share of US apparel imports in 2016 17 Feb 2017

Michelle Russell

Falling prices and an industry focus on specialisation and increasing value added have all helped Vietnam increase its share of US imports over the last year.

US apparel sector braces for potential cost hikes 15 Feb 2017

Ed Zwirn

Fresh from their disappointment at seeing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal abandoned last month with an executive order by President Donald Trump, the US apparel and footwear sector is bracing itself for even greater cost increases to come.

Primark challenges critics with India cotton initiative 10 Feb 2017

Michelle Russell

With the ultimate aim of ensuring all the cotton in its products is sourced sustainably, value clothing retailer Primark is adamant that having a business model focused on offering the lowest prices on the high street is not at odds with efforts to improve ethical standards in its supply chain. just-style's deputy editor Michelle Russell found out more during a trip to northern India where the company's sustainable cotton programme is taking shape.

US apparel imports take a tumble in December 10 Feb 2017

Michelle Russell

US apparel import volumes declined in December as the holiday season came to an end. But while shipments from Vietnam continue on an upward trajectory, other top-three suppliers China and Bangladesh have seen their fortunes fluctuate. 

Key trade issues facing US textiles and apparel 10 Feb 2017

Michelle Russell

A rapidly changing economic and political climate, the relationship between trade and job creation in the US, plans for a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT), rewriting the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were all included in a panel discussion yesterday (9 February) looking at the potential impact of key trade issues on the apparel and textile industry.

Trump trade plans spell trouble for Asia apparel sourcing 3 Feb 2017

Jens Kastner

As US President Donald Trump has been wasting no time carrying out his campaign pledges to undo long-standing American trade ties, the Asian apparel industry and the US retailers it supplies have ample reasons to be on edge.

Mexico textile and apparel makers eye tit-for-tat trade war 3 Feb 2017

Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico could slap ‘mirror’ tariffs on US fabric and apparel imports if US President Donald Trump goes ahead with threats to impose a 20% or other duty hike on Mexican exports, executives say.

Under Armour growth hits a bump in the road 1 Feb 2017

Leonie Barrie

Shares in Under Armour slumped 26% yesterday (31 January) as the athletic apparel and footwear maker posted a slowdown in fourth quarter revenue growth, lowered its full-year outlook and announced the departure of its CFO after just 13 months.

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