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Three tipping points for RFID in fashion

In recent years, a growing number of retail RFID use cases have clearly demonstrated the benefits of being able to track inventory at the it...

Cotton “too diverse” for fixed sustainability plan

The diversity of cotton farming systems around the world rules out the development of a fixed global blueprint on sustainability, according...

DENIM DAYS: Suppliers weigh up industry challenges

"There are too many brands, too many certifications, too much confusion on every level of what's good and what's bad". That's the message fr...

Better Cotton Initiative “racing” to 2020 target

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) enjoyed a record year in 2014 and is surging towards its long-term objective of achieving a 30% share of...

SOURCING: Apparel buyers point to potential in Africa 27 Apr 2015

Leonie Barrie

Interest in sourcing apparel from sub-Saharan Africa might be on the rise, yet the results of new survey suggest few players currently have concrete plans to tap into its potential.

SOURCING: China undisputed giant of garment exports 27 Apr 2015

Leonie Barrie

Despite interest in East Africa as a future apparel making hub, it is likely to remain a small part of the global sourcing map over the next five years. Instead, China continues to dominate global garment exports, with Bangladesh and Vietnam the top alternatives.

DENIM DAYS: New technologies transforming production 27 Apr 2015

Michelle Russell

Behind every innovative item of clothing is likely to be an innovative technology. Coupled with the drive towards a more sustainable supply chain, some exciting new developments are emerging, from ozone and laser technology to nanobubbles and odour prevention - all of which were presented at this month's Amsterdam Denim Days event.

DENIM DAYS: Denim taking on sustainable approach 27 Apr 2015

Michelle Russell

Around 3,000 gallons of water are used to produce a single pair of jeans. Add to that the chemicals and dyes, the energy for drying, and the manpower to produce. On top of this there's the fact the average person owns around seven pairs of jeans - which gives some idea of the scale of the sustainability issue in producing this staple wardrobe item.

Rana Plaza two years on: Challenges and concerns 24 Apr 2015

Leonie Barrie

Two years ago today (24 April), one of the world’s worst industrial disasters took place when the Rana Plaza factory complex in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,134 garment workers and injuring 2,378 more. The tragedy was undoubtedly a catalyst for change in the way the apparel industry looks at its responsibility towards the entire supply chain, but new concerns and frustrations are now coming to the fore for industry executives.

Australian fashion firms lack supply chain visibility 24 Apr 2015

Michelle Russell

Australian fashion brands still aren’t doing enough to protect workers in their international supply chains, with many lacking full transparency and a knowledge of where their raw materials are sourced, a new report has found.

Rana Plaza two years on: Progress made but problems remain 24 Apr 2015

Katie Smith

Two years on from the Rana Plaza disaster, stakeholders have highlighted the progress made towards a safer ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh - and the challenges that still lie ahead.

Rana Plaza two years on: Timeline of change 24 Apr 2015

Katie Smith

On the day of the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, just-style looks at the changes and progress that have been made within the readymade garment industry. While there are still calls for victim compensation and greater social dialogue, the efforts made in improving working conditions have been applauded.

DENIM DAYS: Jeans innovation bursting at the seams 23 Apr 2015

Michelle Russell

Digitally printed jeans described as the ultimate sustainable product, more sophisticated weaves, and vegan fabrics are just a few of the innovations being launched across the global denim industry.

SUSTAINABILITY: Adidas pushing self-governance for suppliers 21 Apr 2015

Richard Woodard

Adidas’ annual Group Sustainability Report offers a yearly snapshot of the company’s achievements and challenges in the fields of the environment and social responsibility – but also gives a glimpse of the future.

Who has signed the Bangladesh safety accord - update 21 Apr 2015

Katie Smith

More than 200 companies have now signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh following the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Dhaka, which killed more than 1,100 people in 2013.

US fashion industry applauds trade bills package 17 Apr 2015

Leonie Barrie

A package of bills introduced in the House and Senate yesterday (16 April) has sparked hope that a long-delayed trade agenda could finally move forward this year.

Growth returning to global workwear market 17 Apr 2015

Richard Woodard

Growth is set to return to the global workwear market, but a static population and high unemployment will be a barrier to progress in Europe, a new report suggests.

TECHNOLOGY: 3D printing gears up for fashion industry change 16 Apr 2015

Mandy Kovacs

The organiser of a 3D print fashion show in New York has told just-style there will be major changes in fashion industry supply chain because of this new technology.

SUSTAINABILITY: Cutting pollution saves China textile mills money 16 Apr 2015

Leonie Barrie

Annual savings of $14.7m in operating costs are being claimed for an initiative helping to cut water, energy and chemical use at textile mills in China supplying brands including Target, H&M, Gap and Levi Strauss.

Spotlight on...Target's Canada debacle 15 Apr 2015

Beth Wright

Just days after the closure of its remaining Canadian stores, just-style explores how empty shelves, mismanagement and over-hype combined to force US retail giant Target Corp to admit defeat.

Adidas worker hotline bridges communication gap 15 Apr 2015

Katie Smith

Sporting goods giant Adidas is evolving its factory monitoring system away from auditing to track supply chain compliance and is instead working to develop self-governance programmes for its suppliers. Part of the process has been to improve communication with workers at its supplier factories - including the launch of an SMS hotline, which will reach 250,000 workers by the end of the year.

SOURCING: Apparel working conditions linked to profit 14 Apr 2015

Michelle Russell

If proof was ever needed of the commercial benefits of better working conditions in garment factories, a recent study from Better Work Vietnam suggests both productivity and profitability improve.

SOURCING: Morocco sets out plans to grow fast fashion exports 13 Apr 2015

Elizia Volkmann

The director general of Morocco’s clothing and textile industry association AMITH (Association Marocaine des Industries du Textile et de l’Habillement) has shared with just-style the country’s plans to create a fully-integrated textile and garment industry from spinning to final product within 15 years.

US apparel retailers' March 2015 sales roundup 10 Apr 2015

Katie Smith

While the earlier Easter this year helped the majority of US apparel retailers to book comparable store sales growth in March, adverse weather conditions, an economic soft patch during the first quarter, and lingering effects of the West Coast ports labour dispute weighed on overall results.

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