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Rana Plaza four years on – Timeline of change

On the fourth anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, just-style looks at the changes that have been made to improve...

Industry groups reaffirm commitment to Bangladesh

Industry groups, brands and unions have reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the completion and long-term reform of Bangladesh's apparel...

Trump and Brexit get a dose of pragmatism

After months of loud – and often unrealistic – sloganeering, both the Trump Revolution and Britain’s Brexit plans got a transforming injecti...

Using worker surveys to drive supply chain change

Getting brands and retailers to think differently about the way they connect with workers in their supplier factories is key to producing mo...

No US rush to Myanmar despite end to sanctions 18 Apr 2017

Jeremy Mullins

America may have scrapped its major sanctions against emerging outsourcing centre Myanmar, and brought back the southeast Asian country's GSP (Generalised System of Preferences) access to US markets, but the impact on the clothing trade has so far been underwhelming.

Where does VF's supply chain sit in new growth strategy? 13 Apr 2017

Leonie Barrie

VF Corp’s latest five-year growth plan sets out the company’s goals to 2021, including a ramped-up focus on its top-performing Vans, Timberland and The North Face brands. Underpinning its plans, the company notes, is a rapidly changing marketplace – and the pivotal role played by its supply chain.

Foreign investment continues in Ethiopia clothing sector 13 Apr 2017

Matthew Newsome

Ethiopia attracted foreign investments of US$1.2bn in the first six months of the 2016/17 fiscal year, with these financial injections dominated by major Chinese companies – half of which are licensed in textile and garment manufacturing.

Is China losing its edge as a US apparel supplier? 12 Apr 2017

Dr Sheng Lu

The outlook for China as a supplier of textiles and apparel (T&A) to the US market remains a topic of heated debate among industry professionals and academics. But an analysis of 2016 trade data by Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, shows that while the country looks set to maintain its lead into the future, increasing competition is coming from suppliers in the Western Hemisphere who offer faster speed to market.

What M&S has learned from its sustainability journey so far 12 Apr 2017

Beth Wright

In the ten years since Marks & Spencer launched its Plan A sustainability commitment the UK-based retailer has "at best" completed 20% of its journey, according to Mike Barry, director of sustainable business (Plan A). "There’s an awful lot that still needs to change" across the industry as a whole, he told executives at a conference in the UK last week.

Lectra takes innovation to next level with Industry 4.0 11 Apr 2017

Michelle Russell

Smarter and better connected equipment and software, tools that are tailored to individual industries and end-users, and the use of big data to drive efficiency and responsiveness are all part of the new offering planned by technology specialist Lectra as it sets its sights on the Industry 4.0 era.

Why it's time to embrace digital supply chains 11 Apr 2017

Leonie Barrie

The next-generation supply chain will be digital, on-demand and always-on, with "all of its links interconnected and synchronised to the same drum beat of consumer demand." And new research suggests this model could become the new reality within five years.

New Jordan garment sector alliance to help refugees 7 Apr 2017

Leonie Barrie

A new garment sector alliance in Jordan aims to create opportunities for refugees caught up in the Syrian crisis and help their host countries – but participants acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead.

US apparel imports fall in February lull 6 Apr 2017

Michelle Russell

February is historically the slowest month when it comes to US apparel imports, and this year was no exception, with a lull as retailers prepared to replenish stocks for the spring season and factories in Asia shut down for the Lunar New Year.

Colombian factories earmark $40m to lift garment production 4 Apr 2017

Ivan Castano Freeman

Colombia's top textile and garment suppliers are making big investments to boost manufacturing automation and innovation and win new orders from the US and Europe, committing roughly $40m to the process, according to executives.

US textile industry sets stance for new era of growth 31 Mar 2017

Leonie Barrie

The US textile industry sees the election of US President Donald Trump and his promises to reinvigorate domestic manufacturing as "the best opportunity in a generation" to usher in a new era of growth for the sector.

Li & Fung looks to speed, innovation and digitalisation 29 Mar 2017

Leonie Barrie

Global sourcing specialist Li & Fung has blamed a tough retail environment for almost halving its full year profit, and says it is reorganising its businesses into two major divisions as it refocuses on speed, innovation and digitalisation for its next three-year plan.

PSF 2017 – Using digitalisation and data to disrupt supply chains 24 Mar 2017

Leonie Barrie

The apparel industry and its supply chain needs to start thinking differently if it is to deliver on demands for speed, customisation and transparency – with the biggest impact set to come from digitalisation of products and processes and analysis of the resulting data.

EU eyes mandatory due diligence for apparel supply chain 23 Mar 2017

Liz Newmark

The European Commission (EC) is being urged to bring forward legislation to enhance due diligence for apparel supply chains – and to introduce European Union (EU) tariff preferences and labels for sustainably-produced textiles and garments.

PSF 2017 – Unlocks for the future fashion sourcing landscape 22 Mar 2017

Leonie Barrie

Economic uncertainty and upheaval in global trade agreements are immaterial if the apparel and footwear industry can't respond, engineer and produce products that consumers want to buy. Investment in automation and efficiencies, as well as facing up to skills shortages, are among the unlocks for the future fashion sourcing landscape.

PSF 2017 – Geo-political uncertainty and how to survive it 21 Mar 2017

Leonie Barrie

Global political frictions and economic uncertainty, coupled with a sea-change across the retail sector thanks to the rise of e-commerce, digitally-connected consumers, 'see now, buy now' expectations, fickle millennials, store closures and competition from online specialists, are all creating a perfect storm for apparel sourcing executives to try to navigate.

What might TTIP mean for US and EU textiles and apparel? 20 Mar 2017

Dr Sheng Lu

Over the past four years, the United States and the European Union (EU) have been negotiating the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP or T-TIP) free trade agreement, which intends to unlock market access opportunities for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic through the elimination of trade and investment barriers as well as enhanced regulatory coherence. Here Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, looks at what the pact might mean for the US and EU textile and apparel industries.

Adidas raises the bar for North America sales growth 15 Mar 2017

Michelle Russell

North America has been the biggest challenge for Adidas historically, but it will likely also be the biggest opportunity for it going forward, the German sportswear giant has told investors as the company upped its sales target for the region by almost half by 2020.

Fashion brands take a stance on Syrian refugees in Turkey 13 Mar 2017

Shorouk El Hariry

Experts have highlighted concerns over the exploitation of Syrian refugees working in the Turkish textile industry and are urging the Turkish government and the clothing supply chain to work together to improve their plight.

Alarm bells ringing for millennial fashion brands 10 Mar 2017

Guest author

A recent survey, commissioned by GT Nexus and conducted by research company YouGov, confirmed a lack of brand loyalty among millennials. For the fashion industry, the devil is truly in the detail of this research as it not only sounds a series of clear warning bells to fashion brands, but also reveals some surprising truths about influencing this most fickle of markets.

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