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Retailers should shift focus to experiences

There is no doubt the retail industry is undergoing rapid transformation as technology continues to reshape how retailers meet their custome...

Five geopolitical issues to watch in Q1

In a guest column, Matthew Elliott, a senior political advisor at UK-based investment advisory firm Shore Capital Markets, sets out the geop...

Mexico makers work on exports despite NAFTA threat

The future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) may be under threat, but Mexican textile and apparel makers continue to take a...

NRF 2018 – Retail technology innovations

Retail's 'Big Show', the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention & Expo, which took place in New York this week, is an annual opportu...

Bangladesh manufacturers making inroads into lingerie 16 Jan 2018

AZM Anas

Lured by a shifting global market and better margins, Bangladesh's apparel producers are rushing into the lingerie space – predicting Chinese manufacturers will secure fewer export orders for these lines as their costs rise.

Myanmar facing hurdles in garment industry growth 12 Jan 2018

Jozef De Coster

A few years ago, optimistic observers believed that by 2020 the Myanmar garment industry would employ 1.5m people and generate US$10-12bn in exports. With this date now looming, such performance seems out of the question. Even attaining these figures in 2024, the new target date, seems overly ambitious. Jozef De Coster looks at some of the challenges facing the sector.

Outlook 2018 – What else is the apparel industry watching? 9 Jan 2018

Leonie Barrie

For the final part of our Outlook 2018 report we asked industry executives what keeps them awake at night – and other issues the apparel sector should be keeping a close eye on in the year ahead. Not surprisingly, US trade policy and free trade agreements remain top of the agenda for many – along with health and safety, ethics and compliance, automation and efficiencies, and the continuing impact of omnichannel retail.

Outlook 2018 – Strategies for sourcing success 8 Jan 2018

Leonie Barrie

What should apparel firms be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future? Diversified supply chains, data, digitalisation and the smart application of artificial intelligence are key to addressing the top industry challenge of speed and complexity – and are the best hedges against uncertainty. Add in constant innovation, sustainability, and a focus on understanding your consumers and you have the ingredients to help to separate the winners from the losers in 2018 and beyond.

Early stockpiling sees US apparel imports fall in November 8 Jan 2018

Michelle Russell

With retailers having stocked up early in anticipation of a busy holiday season, a month-on-month decline in US apparel import volumes in November was perhaps to be expected. Year-on-year, however, imports were up – with Cambodia recording the largest increase.

Outlook 2018 – What next for apparel sourcing? 5 Jan 2018

Leonie Barrie

How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2018, and what strategies can help apparel firms and their suppliers to stay ahead? The days of "chasing the cheapest needle" are over, executives say, and instead the need for speed is changing the way products are sourced and manufactured. A balanced and diversified sourcing portfolio remains key to enabling retailers to react faster to trends, commit less up-front and navigate political uncertainty. But China’s dominant role seems set to stay.

Outlook 2018 – Apparel industry challenges and opportunities 4 Jan 2018

Leonie Barrie

2018 is set to be a year in which disruptive trends that have been on the horizon start to become the norm for the apparel industry and its supply chain, according to first feedback from a panel of executives consulted by just-style. This includes more orders in smaller quantities and shorter lead times, the pressures of e-commerce and fast fashion, digitalisation of the value chain, slow sales and rising costs. But facing up to these challenges also presents opportunities for retailers, brands and their suppliers to rethink their business models and find new ways to become relevant.

Happy Holidays from all at just-style 22 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

We've reached the end of another busy year here at just-style, and on behalf of the whole team I'd like to wish all our readers Happy Holidays and a wonderful festive break.

Digitalisation – Fear or opportunity for fashion and footwear? 21 Dec 2017

Michelle Russell

With increasing pressure to deliver on speed, customisation and transparency, the apparel industry is waking up to the importance of embracing digitalisation as an integral part of its business strategy and operations. Here just-style takes a look at its impact on the sector, the challenges and opportunities of investing in digital, and its future.

State of Sourcing 2018 – just-style survey results 20 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

The global apparel supply chain will continue to be buffeted by rising costs and increased pressure for faster deliveries, smaller quantities and more styles in 2018, according to just-style's annual State of Sourcing survey. This overview of the responses suggests executives are planning for this by reallocating some of their sourcing in the year ahead, and investing in productivity and process improvements. Many also lament that the fashion industry is stuck in a rut, caught in a cycle of short-term planning, a focus on cheap sourcing and a lack of integrity.

State of Sourcing 2018 survey – Supply chain shifts 20 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

Having established that speed-to-market and rising costs remain among the top challenges for apparel sourcing executives as they head into 2018, the second part of just-style's State of Sourcing 2018 survey analysis takes a closer look at their strategic plans for the future. This includes likely shifts in global apparel manufacturing and technology investments for a faster response.

State of Sourcing 2018 survey – Confidence and costs 20 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

Drilling down into the results of just-style's State of Sourcing 2018 survey, first pointers suggest more optimistic expectations for consumer confidence in key markets in the year ahead. But the pressure is also on for faster, more responsive supply chains to meet growing demand for convenience and newness. Respondents are also bracing for another year of rising raw material and labour costs.

Top 20 analysis articles on just-style in 2017... 19 Dec 2017

Michelle Russell

In this year-end roundup we to take a look at the top analysis pieces on just-style in 2017. Trump and trade, sewbots, digitisation, sourcing challenges and retail trends were just some of the issues we analysed.

How Nordic brands are shifting the sustainability status quo 15 Dec 2017

Jasmin Malik Chua

The Nordic apparel sector has long been seen as a bellweather for sustainability in fashion. And a recent event in New York City heard how the region's brands, retailers and designers are creating a new paradigm for making apparel that promotes the environment, rather than diminishes it.

The CSR risk in Chinese overseas clothing factories 13 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

Research into the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts of China’s textile and garment enterprises as they expand overseas has uncovered a number of shortfalls in Chinese-invested factories in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Why speed is a new currency for Li & Fung 12 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

Changing mindsets and challenging the status quo are key to building fast and smart supply chains, according to Paul Fowler, chief information officer at Hong Kong-based global sourcing specialist Li & Fung.

Why cotton is key to sustainability 7 Dec 2017

Guest author

Attitudes to, and awareness of, ethical trading are evolving fast – with 53% of the UK population choosing to avoid buying products or services over concerns about ethical reputation. As a result, the value of all ethical spending in the UK grew to GBP38bn (US$51.19bn) in 2015.

US apparel imports edge up ahead of holiday season 6 Dec 2017

Michelle Russell

The volume of US apparel imports saw an increase in October on the prior year as retailers geared up for the holiday shopping season. Bangladesh booked the second highest growth behind India, reversing four consecutive months of declines.

Ten trends set to shape apparel industry in 2018 5 Dec 2017

Beth Wright

The global fashion industry is on track for continued growth in 2018, according to a new study, with emerging markets set to overtake the west, leading to stronger polarisation between winners and losers. A new report offers the ten trends set to shape the industry during the course of the year.

Chasing cheap garment prices is no longer enough 4 Dec 2017

Michelle Russell

Rising sourcing costs, increasing competition and the unwillingness of consumers to pay full price is putting severe pressure on the margin performances of fast fashion brands. Yet chasing cheaper providers to counteract this is no longer enough, a new report says.

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