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Trade policy top sourcing concern for US fashion

The impact of trade protectionism, increasing market competition from e-commerce, and supply chain risk are the top concerns for US fashion...

The advantages and challenges of local sourcing

Delayed shipments, rising labour costs, quality claims and compliance issues are just some of the challenges facing sourcing managers. Add i...

NAFTA renegotiation – Key textile & apparel issues

As the United States, Canada and Mexico prepare to begin formal talks to renegotiate the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NA...

How has NAFTA worked out for textiles and apparel?

The process of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement is getting underway, and looming large over the proceedings is the ques...

Partnership will further cellulosic fibre technologies 12 Jul 2017

Beth Wright

Brazilian forestry company Fibria, the world's leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, has partnered with Spinnova to further develop the Finnish startup's sustainable technologies for making cellulosic fibres.

Top tips for choosing and evaluating your suppliers 11 Jul 2017

Liz Leffman

Finding the right supplier and creating a long-term relationship is something everyone in the fashion industry aspires to. It is the formula for creating a successful business – but it's also remarkably elusive. Here Liz Leffman offers some tips for anyone in the industry who wants to find a new factory, but isn't sure what to look for.

Bangladesh books first US apparel import gain since January 7 Jul 2017

Beth Wright

Apparel imports into the US in May were higher than both the previous month and the year before, with gains for the two largest suppliers, China and Vietnam. Bangladesh also booked a rise in imports for the first time since January, but half of the top-ten countries recorded a year-on-year decline.

Next steps for India as an international sourcing hub? 6 Jul 2017

Mini Pant Zachariah

India's hopes of capturing more business within the international textile and clothing market lie in expanding its man-made fibre (MMF) production – combined with innovative product design, improved labour laws, quick delivery systems and drastically improved logistics, experts say.

Mexico apparel makers seek end to NAFTA yarn-forward rules 5 Jul 2017

Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexican apparel makers want the yarn-forward rule-of-origin removed from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), according to a consultant familiar with the country's position as it gears to negotiate the high-stakes treaty next month.

Apparel manufacturers mull uncertainty of Brexit 30 Jun 2017

Michelle Russell

The economic uncertainty over Britain leaving the European Union (EU) and whether it will secure a tariff-free deal has become a key concern for many apparel manufacturers, both at home and abroad, as exchange rates fluctuate, a recent industry event found.

Bangladesh '2018 Accord' promises new worker protections 29 Jun 2017

Michelle Russell

Primark, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) and Inditex are among the first to join a raft of major apparel brands and unions in signing a new and improved Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety that will run to 2021 and promises to offer new worker protections and ensure more factories are inspected and renovated.

Guatemala not off the hook over labour violations 28 Jun 2017

Ivan Castano Freeman

Guatemala may have won a bitter, nine-year labour rights dispute but it is not yet off the hook from supporting labour violations, according to a senior official at AFL-CIO, the trade union group that teamed with the US Trade Representative office to file the suit.

C&A increasing transparency with supplier ratings 23 Jun 2017

Michelle Russell

Fashion retail chain C&A has expanded the disclosure of its supplier production and, for the first time, published supplier ratings as it looks to achieve great transparency and build capacity for change.

Change or die – the stark message for supply chains 16 Jun 2017

Ed Zwirn

The old guard of the United States apparel and footwear industries better wise up to changes occurring all along the supply chain if they want to see their companies survive, the head of a leading Hong Kong based research centre told a room of industry representatives in New York last week.

RCEP and its potential impact on textile and apparel trade 13 Jun 2017

Dr Sheng Lu

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has the potential to be one of the most significant mega-FTAs in the world, both economically and politically. And as Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware explains, the implications for the textile and apparel trade are enormous.

Need for speed turbocharges footwear supply chains 12 Jun 2017

Leonie Barrie

Moves by Nike and Adidas to turbocharge their footwear supply chains through robotics and automated factories are not only set to shake up the athletic wear market but also position it for more full-price selling and reduced input costs, analysts say. And they believe the sector is already on the verge of this tectonic shift.

Sewbots pave the way for the apparel factory of the future 8 Jun 2017

Leonie Barrie

While the use of robotics in the apparel production process remains a frustratingly elusive panacea, fully automated worklines for T-shirts and workcells for jeans operations are finally on the horizon – and with them the potential to disrupt and redesign the traditional clothing supply chain.

China's share of EU clothing imports continues to slip 8 Jun 2017

Michelle Russell

The leading position of China as textile and apparel supplier to the EU has continued to be eroded by the increasingly vigorous entry of other production zones, a new report shows.

Texprocess 2017 – Digitalisation takes shape in fashion value chains 6 Jun 2017

Leonie Barrie

The digital pieces of the fashion supply chain puzzle are starting to come together, according to executives at the recent Texprocess apparel technology trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. And they advise that not only does digitalisation have the potential to provide agile support for existing products and reduce time to market for new ones – but that now is the time to start planning to make digital part of your strategy.

Vietnam and China lead US apparel import gains in April 6 Jun 2017

Michelle Russell

While Bangladesh has recorded yet another decline in apparel imports into the US, more than half of the top-ten garment supplier countries booked gains in April, with double-digit increases seen by both Vietnam and China.

Sri Lanka apparel makers see delays following floods 5 Jun 2017

Munza Mushtaq

Just days since floods and landslides ravaged parts of Sri Lanka, the country's apparel manufacturers are warning they may need more time to honour current orders. But they are also confident the sector will recover so that 2017 exports are not seriously affected.

India ban on cattle trade hurts leather sourcing sector 5 Jun 2017

Raghavendra Verma

A sudden shortage of leather in India, prompted by government religious policies on reducing cattle-related trades, is forcing major fashion brands to look for alternative sourcing destinations.

Amazon's rise fuels fewer bricks and more clicks 2 Jun 2017

Leonie Barrie

While all retailers appear at risk of losing some market share to online giant Amazon, analysts suggest some are more vulnerable than others.

Texprocess 2017 – New software solutions for speed and efficiency 2 Jun 2017

Leonie Barrie & Beth Wright

Digitalisation was a buzz-word at the recent Texprocess apparel technology trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, with new tools allowing data to flow seamlessly from digital design and development all the way through the supply chain to help garment manufacturers cut costs, improve quality, increase productivity, speed time-to-market, reduce waste and stay competitive.

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