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No excuses for coasting on sustainable cotton

Big household fashion names are "coasting and doing nothing" when it comes to sourcing sustainable cotton, one international coalition has s...

Brands unite around sustainable development goals

All the best parties have a theme, and Textile Exchange's annual industry event – which doubled as a celebration of the global fibre-sustain...

A US-China trade war could begin with cotton

An International Trade Commission hearing got underway this week as part of the Trump administration’s probe into China’s intellectual prope...

Africa garment industry embarks on digital roadmap

Is Africa prepared for significant change in the way that its clothing and textile manufacturing sector does business, ranging from the desi...

Nicaragua leads August growth in US apparel imports 6 Oct 2017

Michelle Russell

Apparel imports into the US rose month-on-month in August as retailers remained focused on the back-to-school season and started to bring in their first autumn ranges – but continued to fall on the previous year. Within the top ten suppliers of apparel to the US, shipments from China, Vietnam and Bangladesh all declined on the year before, whereas Nicaragua booked the highest gain.

Supply chain spared in recent Mexico earthquakes 6 Oct 2017

Ivan Castano Freeman

Hundreds of garment workers are thought to have perished when two textile factories collapsed in last month's earthquake near Mexico City, adding to the woes already facing Mexico's apparel makers.

Retailers must act now to future-proof their businesses 3 Oct 2017

Michelle Russell

Retailers need to act now if they are to future-proof their businesses against the changing landscape, by rethinking their workforces, adopting analytics, being smarter at using data, and even rethinking how they organise into units such as supply chain, merchandising, pricing, logistics and customer experience.

Five key buying practices that put pressure on suppliers 29 Sep 2017

Leonie Barrie

A recent survey set out to understand one relatively underexplored aspect of global supply chains: how buyer purchasing practices can put pressure on suppliers in terms of timeline, prices and delivery – and the knock-on impact on suppliers' capacity to provide decent wages and working conditions.

Where next for minimum wages in Cambodia and Vietnam? 27 Sep 2017

Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia's tripartite talks that will set a new minimum wage limit for 2018 for the country's garment and textile sector opened this week, as Vietnam pay discussions are also moving ahead.

How UK fashion firms can play Brexit to their benefit 26 Sep 2017

Hannah Abdulla

Despite the ongoing uncertainty over the UK's exit from the European Union (EU), fashion companies are being advised to take steps to prepare for Brexit and "find the sources of potential growth."

Honduras sets sights on hike in activewear exports 21 Sep 2017

Leonie Barrie

Honduras is making an aggressive push to attract new textile and apparel industry investment – with the goal of becoming the Americas’ leading exporter of synthetic yarns and activewear.

Still no apparel sourcing alternatives to China 19 Sep 2017

Leonie Barrie

While China might have passed its zenith as the dominant player in apparel sourcing, the country's indispensable role is expected to remain for some time to come, according to a new survey of supply chain executives.

Digitisation – The next apparel sourcing hotspot? 14 Sep 2017

Leonie Barrie

So far, the promise of digitisation in the apparel industry remains largely unfulfilled. But with opportunities for new cheap supplier countries nearly exhausted, it is now seen as offering sourcing executives untapped potential to lower costs, shorten lead times and increase transparency. A new survey takes a deep dive into unlocking digitisation's potential.

Consolidation of the international trade of apparel 13 Sep 2017

Robert P Antoshak

The two largest apparel import markets in the world – the European Union and United States – are dominated by a comparatively small group of supplier countries. At the same time, fewer types of products are also sold in greater quantities. Here, Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc, wades through the trade data.

Key trade issues facing US textiles and apparel 12 Sep 2017

Leonie Barrie

The current state of play when it comes to NAFTA renegotiations, the Trump administration’s trade policy, China Section 301, what's going on with retail, where next for supply chains, US labelling requirements, and Made-in-USA were among the many topics covered in the latest 'Kingpins Goes to D.C.' panel discussion.

US apparel imports surge on back-to-school orders 11 Sep 2017

Michelle Russell

The volume of US apparel imports saw a double-digit increase month-on-month in July as retailers stocked up for the back-to-school season – but were marginally lower than the same time last year. The biggest gains were booked by Vietnam, Cambodia and India, but shipments from Bangladesh slipped again.

How the global apparel sourcing landscape is changing 6 Sep 2017

Dr Sheng Lu

As usual MAGIC, one of the largest fashion trade shows in the United States held 13-16 August in Las Vegas, was crowded and hot. The event attracted over 81,000 attendees, including vendors, buyers, service providers and educational institutions coming from over 40 countries and regions. Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, presents his thoughts from the event regarding the industry outlook and the changing landscape of apparel sourcing.

Preserving the high street from the online giants 5 Sep 2017

Guest author

Today’s consumer is demanding, well-informed and technologically savvy when it comes to shopping either online or in physical shops. They expect to be impressed before parting with their hard-earned cash or they will go elsewhere. And so, it makes sense that shoppers research online before they commit to buy. Their expectations are high, which means the level of service from retailers needs to be sophisticated and convenient while delivering an engaging experience. Power is now in the hands of the consumer, so retailers must be nimble to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer demands.

Lululemon switches supply chain focus to speed 4 Sep 2017

Beth Wright

As yogawear retailer Lululemon Athletica continues towards its vision of reaching revenues of US$4bn-plus by 2020, the Canadian company is confident its ongoing supply chain endeavours have already helped expand margins and cut costs – with further scope to dramatically improve speed and flexibility in how the brand brings product to market.

How Li & Fung is getting smarter, faster, more efficient 29 Aug 2017

Michelle Russell

As global sourcing specialist Li & Fung works to differentiate itself from traditional buying agencies, the Hong Kong company is confident the traction it is gaining since the start of its current three-year plan is already enabling smarter, faster and more effective decisions.

NAFTA renegotiation – Key issues for textiles and apparel – Update 24 Aug 2017

Leonie Barrie

As the United States, Canada and Mexico embark on talks to renegotiate the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we take an in-depth look at key issues for textile and apparel supply chains. In the latest developments, the three partner countries concluded the first round of talks saying they were committed to "an accelerated and comprehensive negotiation process"; but US president Donald Trump has revived threats to pull the US out of NAFTA.

US fashion sector taking climate change seriously 23 Aug 2017

Ben Cooper

When President Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord three months ago, there was concern the move would undermine international resolve behind the global push on climate change. Nevertheless, the reaction of major US-based clothing companies speaks to the importance the sector attaches to addressing climate change.

How higher cotton prices have weighed on demand 22 Aug 2017

Robert P Antoshak

High prices and lower import levels suggest the market, for now at least, is moving away from cotton. Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc takes a closer look. 

Why is the German sustainable textiles scheme losing members? 16 Aug 2017

Barbara Bierach

A German initiative designed to boost sustainability in the clothing and textile sector has been losing members, but a senior manager has told just-style it will continue working hard to extend its influence and fix operational problems.

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