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Bold policies to mainstream sustainable fashion

With a "staggering" 73% of materials used for clothing sent to landfill or incinerated, and less than 1% of the fibres recycled, Ecopreneur....

El Salvador makers seek to develop underwear niche

El Salvador clothing manufacturers are seeking to solidify their focus on underwear exports, from basic cotton intimates to trendy and sophi...

Vietnam garment workers rely on excessive overtime

Global apparel brands need to redouble efforts to make fair wages a reality without excessive overtime, a new report says, amid claims full-...

Re-shoring – Has its time finally arrived?

Cost and time are the two big factors influencing off-shore versus domestic sourcing decisions. But other issues also come into play, such a...

Five ways to get a good fit to boost jeans sales 10 Apr 2019

Hannah Abdulla

The global jeans market is set to become a US$59.46bn opportunity by 2022. But with so much choice available, how can jeans brands and retailers remain relevant to the consumer? Specialist consultancy Alvanon has put together a 'cheat sheet' for brands, summarising the top five ways to execute great, consistent fit.

10 supply chain risk predictions for 2019 9 Apr 2019

Leonie Barrie

An array of potential threats could add costs and uncertainty supply chains in 2019 and beyond – including raw material shortages, more recalls and safety scares, and increasingly tough environmental regulations – a new report suggests.

Vietnam sees US apparel shipments surge in January 4 Apr 2019

Hannah Abdulla

With trade talks between the US and China still unresolved when retailers and brands were planning their spring merchandise buys, US apparel imports surged in January as importers sought to mitigate the potential impact. Vietnam booked the largest growth, but rock-bottom prices at neighbouring giant China continue to win over US customers.

Egypt slow to get back on track under Vision 2025 plan 3 Apr 2019

Paul Cochrane

Egypt is moving ahead with its Vision 2025 strategy to quadruple garment and textile exports, employ a further 1 million people, and attract US$17.5bn in investment – even though the double-digit growth needed to achieve the goals has yet to be reached.

re:source monthly trade programme roundup – March 2019 2 Apr 2019

Dr Sheng Lu

The latest monthly round-up of updates to key free trade agreements and trade preference programmes involving the US, EU and Japan covers developments in March 2019. Trade agreements, rules of origin, tariffs and schedules are all covered in depth in the re:source by just-style strategic planning tool.

Indonesia pushes Industry 4.0 reform onto receptive clothing industry 29 Mar 2019

Ahmad Pathoni

Indonesia is rolling out an ambitious plan to digitalise its clothing and textile industry – a key policy devised to meet the government's goal of helping the country become among the world's top five textile and apparel producers by 2030.

How to move towards better modern slavery reporting 28 Mar 2019

Hannah Abdulla

Existing legislation on modern slavery is failing to prevent forced labour and human trafficking in global supply chains – with many companies not complying with reporting requirements and others not disclosing specific or detailed enough information, new research has found.

Haiti’s apparel exports seen rising despite turmoil  26 Mar 2019

Ivan Castano Freeman

Haiti's apparel exports are set to rise 8% this year despite political turmoil that has seen several factories in the capital Port Au Prince area shutter in recent months.

China and changing consumer top of mind for US apparel execs 22 Mar 2019

Whitney Pipkin

Taking the theme ‘Demand and Deliver,’ this year’s annual American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) Executive Summit mulled American trade policy, along with finding creative ways to thrive amid an ever-changing retail landscape.

China's eco-tax reins in polluting textile manufacturers 18 Mar 2019

Jens Kastner

The introduction of an environmental protection tax in China just over a year ago has pushed up the price of textiles produced in the country – thereby increasing costs for Chinese clothing manufacturers, experts have told just-style.

Falling prices helped China lead US apparel imports in 2018 15 Mar 2019

Hannah Abdulla

Despite concerns about sourcing from China amid an intensifying trade war with the US, newly-published figures show China continues to dominate US apparel imports – with import volume rising and prices continuing to fall in 2018. 

re:source monthly trade programme roundup – February 2019 12 Mar 2019

Dr Sheng Lu

The latest monthly round-up of updates to key free trade agreements and trade preference programmes involving the US, EU and Japan covers developments in February 2019. Trade agreements, rules of origin, tariffs and schedules are all covered in depth in the re:source by just-style strategic planning tool.

Green factories help Bangladesh get an edge over rivals 11 Mar 2019

AZM Anas

The Rana Plaza tragedy pushed Bangladesh’s US$30bn clothing industry into making health and safety improvements to reassure brands they would not be tarnished by similar disasters – and now the industry is going a step further by seeking to establish a reputation for environmental excellence.

How a business-model revamp can create a sustainable future for fashion 7 Mar 2019

Hannah Abdulla

A new paper from the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) supports growing views that business corporate social responsibility programmes are not enough to improve conditions for workers at the very end of the garment supply chain. Suppliers being pressured to deliver faster and at lower prices is resulting in the situation getting worse instead of better. The only fix, it says, is a shakeup of the current business model.

Gap, The Children's Place in "defensive" Gymboree brands buy 4 Mar 2019

Beth Wright

The decision by US speciality retailers The Children's Place and Gap Inc to acquire Gymboree's namesake, Crazy 8, and Janie and Jack brands has been dubbed a "defensive" move by one analyst, as the companies look to prevent another competitor from stepping in and attempting to rebuild the businesses. 

Minimum wage rises squeeze Southeast Asia sourcing 25 Feb 2019

Jens Kastner

Changes in minimum wage rates are likely to be of significant concern to apparel brands and retailers sourcing from Southeast Asia in 2019, with pay in many countries continuing on an upward trajectory.

Why moving to a worker-led CSR strategy makes sense 22 Feb 2019

Hannah Abdulla

Global garment brands and retailers should switch to "worker-centred and worker-driven" corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes in their factories, a new report suggests, arguing corporate-led initiatives have been "largely ineffective" in improving conditions for workers.

How the high cost of going green is slowing denim’s sustainable direction 21 Feb 2019

Hannah Abdulla

There has been a marked shift toward more sustainable practices in the global denim industry, from the employment of new finishing technologies that cut water and chemical use to the recycling of post-consumer waste. A speedier move to an all-green denim world is the ideal, but the sector is far from this. The biggest hurdle? No-one is willing to foot the bill. Hannah Abdulla reports.

British MPs call for laws to tackle fast fashion problem 19 Feb 2019

Hannah Abdulla

The UK government is being urged to introduce legislation to require fashion brands and retailers to perform due diligence checks across their supply chains and take more responsibility for the environmental impact of their businesses. 

From Field to Shelf – Using data to rank top apparel supplier countries 14 Feb 2019

Robert P Antoshak

In a changing and uncertain world, data across a range of metrics for individual production countries has a key role to play in decision-making. Here Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc compares labour, production and import prices across the top 25 suppliers of apparel.

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