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NAFTA border security & TPP-11 bite Mexico makers

Mexico's apparel association Canaive is undergoing a management shake-up amid mounting challenges linked to NAFTA border security and the po...

Who's signed the Bangladesh '2018 Accord' – Update

More than half of the 220 companies who signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh have now committed to the new agreement...

Can blockchain transform the apparel supply chain?

Blockchain is the big buzzword in business circles at the moment, and a string of blockchains is evolving to disrupt the sourcing and retail...

Emerging countries battle to grow EU market share

Garment exporters in developing countries are being actively encouraged to seek European orders through various trade agreements, government...

Timeline – Trump’s track record on trade 10 Apr 2018

Dr Sheng Lu

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, his administration has been busy fulfilling major campaign promises on trade policy – much to the concern of US fashion brands and apparel retailers. To keep abreast of developments, Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, has compiled a timeline of all the key milestones.

US apparel imports fall in February amid Lunar New Year 9 Apr 2018

Michelle Russell

February is historically the slowest month when it comes to US apparel imports, and this year was no exception – with a lull as retailers prepared to replenish stocks for the spring season and factories in Asia shut down for the Lunar New Year. 

Eco-fashion: Green is the new black 4 Apr 2018

Guest author

With ethical consumerism on the rise, manufacturers and brands unable to meet 'green is the new black' expectations risk damaging their reputations. Weaving transparency throughout the end-to-end process is a proven path to a sustainable future.

Spotlight on jeans – Denim bounces back 29 Mar 2018

Lorna Hennelly

In an effort to compete against athleisure, jeans manufacturers are innovating and adapting to evolving consumer needs. Lorna Hennelly, beauty and fashion analyst at market research provider Euromonitor International, takes a closer look.

Trends in US garment imports from South Asia 28 Mar 2018

David Birnbaum

This, the second in a series of articles showing month by month changes in US garment imports, covers South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

PSF 2018 – How Li & Fung is ramping up in the race for speed 27 Mar 2018

Leonie Barrie

Li & Fung group president Marc Compagnon has shed more light on the sourcing giant's progress to reorientate its business model to "significantly change the way we think about things and the way we're going to market with new opportunities."

PSF 2018 – Thoughts on digital transformation and disruption 26 Mar 2018

Leonie Barrie

Digital transformation and the need for speed in retail and brand supply chains continue to be among the core topics of conversation for apparel industry executives.

Trump Trade – The tariffs are coming, the tariffs are coming! 20 Mar 2018

Guest author

Tariff discussions are looming over the White House – and everyone in the apparel, footwear, and accessory industry should be on high alert, writes Rick Helfenbein, president and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA).

How scalable is customisation in mass production? 16 Mar 2018

Michelle Russell

As the fashion industry shifts towards proper omnichannel it requires an on-demand supply chain that combines customisation with the ability to re-stock shops more efficiently and respond to trends more quickly. Unmade is a fashion technology business that provides a digital solution to create customisation at an industrial scale.

Global garment worker safety is still misunderstood 14 Mar 2018

Jasmin Malik Chua

Nearly five years after the world watched a frantic search for survivors turn into an onerous recovery of the dead, the words "Rana Plaza" can still invoke powerful outrage about the precarious conditions that garment workers in the developing world endure every day. But while preventing another Rana Plaza is a vital endeavour, a new book argues it is also important to consider the everyday ways in which garment workers' health and safety is under attack.

Timberland to buy up to one-third of cotton from Haiti 9 Mar 2018

Michelle Russell

Haiti is making its return to the cotton supply chain with the country’s first cotton harvest in three decades thanks to help from US outdoor apparel and footwear giant Timberland – which also says it hopes to launch products made with the fibre in the next two years.

Cambodia leads US apparel import growth in January 8 Mar 2018

Michelle Russell

US apparel import volumes returned to month-on-month growth in January with eight of the top ten supplier countries recording double-digit gains – led by Cambodia and Nicaragua.

Suits offer a boost for Bangladesh apparel exporters 6 Mar 2018

AZM Anas

Senior executives and analysts have told just-style how the higher margin suit segment is drawing in major manufacturers, who are now confronting the challenges of building technical know-how, recruiting skilled labour and attracting global buyers.

Tips for success in the apparel industry's new era 5 Mar 2018

Beth Wright

Faced with a paradigm shift in everything from the way raw materials are sourced, to how products are sold and the tools and technologies that make them, apparel brands and suppliers are still trying to work out the best way to navigate this rapidly-changing landscape. In the so-called 'new era', where speed is no longer an advantage but merely a necessity to remain competitive, there are nine key points that should be top of mind.

Four key patterns in US apparel imports 1 Mar 2018

Dr Sheng Lu

What do the changing dynamics of US apparel imports reveal about the shifting sourcing and supply chain strategies of US fashion brands and retailers? Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, takes a look.

How to build a compliant, sustainable supply chain 28 Feb 2018

Michelle Russell

As world production capacity decreases, and competition for workers increases, the pressure is ramping up on brands to become a customer of choice – and to start thinking much more sustainably about their supply chains.

How digital retail demands new sourcing strategies 27 Feb 2018

Beth Wright

Whether you're a supplier or a buyer, embracing agility as opposed to seeing it as "a bit of a nightmare" is key to weathering the next phase of change sweeping through the apparel industry, according to former Marks & Spencer director Kim Winser OBE.

12 of the world's most innovative fashion companies 26 Feb 2018

Leonie Barrie

Six apparel retailers have made it onto Fast Company’s annual ranking of the world's Most Innovative Companies (MIC) for 2018, while another six clothing specialists are seen as pioneers in the ‘Style’ category.

UK reshoring faces challenges on the road to scale 23 Feb 2018

Michelle Russell

Speed-to-market, rising labour costs, quality and compliance are among the issues facing UK apparel brands sourcing overseas. But while there is talk of a renaissance in domestic manufacturing, reshoring is unlikely to happen on a grand scale unless the challenge of skills shortages, ethics and cost can be addressed, speakers at a recent UK fashion suggested.

Public reporting continues to improve Cambodia factories 23 Feb 2018

Leonie Barrie

Publicly reporting critical issues in Cambodia’s garment factories is continuing to drive positive change, according to the latest report on working conditions in the country’s clothing sector, with almost half of factories now in compliance with all critical issues.

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