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Nimble new players build smart future for fashion

The convergence of disruptive new technologies, easy access to cheap capital, and changing consumer attitudes are shaking up an already-brok...

4 first steps to nearshoring apparel supply chains

Apparel brands and retailers in Europe and the United States must take the lead on nearshoring, automation and sustainability, and establish...

Top trends in Canada’s apparel sourcing trade

Canada is the world's fifth-largest apparel market, and one of its fastest growing importers. Here Dr Sheng Lu, associate professor in the D...

Africa faces challenges in reaching full potential

Speakers and exhibitors at the recent Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week are optimistic at the continent's capability in the textile and appar...

New NAFTA 2.0 – The devil is in the detail 12 Oct 2018

Dr Sheng Lu

The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – also dubbed NAFTA 2.0 – has finally been agreed, but what does it mean for apparel sourcing? Here Dr Sheng Lu, associate professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, takes a close look at the new apparel-specific rules of origin.

What 'see now, buy now' means for the supply chain 10 Oct 2018

Malcolm Newbery and Yvonne Haschka

A phenomenon is exciting and confusing the fashion world in equal measures: ‘See now, buy now’ (SNBN). But is it a mould-breaking departure for the industry or a bit of marketing publicity? And what does it mean for the supply chain?

Combatting endemic challenges to overhaul factory safety 10 Oct 2018

Guest author

The Bangladesh experience represents a model for what factory safety reform might look like in other low-resource contexts. But now is a critical time to ensure there is no backsliding that could threaten the incredible progress made so far, writes Kathleen Almand, vice president of research, data and analytics at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

How Gap Inc is using scale to speed up its supply chain 9 Oct 2018

Hannah Abdulla

Specialty apparel retailer Gap Inc has set out some of the ways its brands are able to significantly cut down on lead times – with some as quick as eight weeks.

Pakistan leads August growth in US apparel imports 8 Oct 2018

Michelle Russell

Apparel imports into the US rose month-on-month in August as retailers remained focused on the back-to-school season and started to bring in their first autumn ranges. Only three of the top ten suppliers of apparel to the US recorded declines, including China – while Pakistan booked the month's highest gain. 

TPL, trademarks and ‘Made in USA’ come to fore in NAFTA 2.0 4 Oct 2018

Ivan Castano Freeman

Apparel industry executives from the US, Canada and Mexico have told just-style they are largely in favour of the terms of the renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – which will be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

China’s factories about to pay a lot more in payroll taxes 3 Oct 2018

Guest author

For years Chinese factories failed to enroll workers onto the country's social insurance scheme. But things could be about to change. From January next year responsibility for collecting payroll taxes will pass from the local social security bureau to local tax authorities, who have the capability and corporate tax data to ensure much better levels of compliance.

Timeline – Trump’s track record on trade – Update 2 Oct 2018

Dr Sheng Lu

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, his administration has been busy fulfilling major campaign promises on trade policy – much to the concern of US fashion brands and apparel retailers. To keep abreast of developments, Dr Sheng Lu, associate professor in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, has compiled a timeline of all the key milestones.

How to move further and faster on closed loop clothing 1 Oct 2018

Leonie Barrie

There’s a lot of talk about the potential benefits of developing a closed loop or circular economy as a long-term solution to the environmental impacts of the clothing industry and its supply chain – yet delivering real change is so far proving to be slow. An expert panel at the recent Innovation and Technology Symposium at the Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2018 discussed some of the challenges of closing the loop in the fashion industry, and potential solutions for moving from hype to action.

Why fashion must act now to secure a sustainable future 28 Sep 2018

Leonie Barrie

The global fashion industry is on a trajectory set to stretch planetary resources beyond breaking point unless it finds better ways of producing, using and disposing apparel, according to the stark message for delegates at the recent Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2018.

The highs and lows of the latest child labour violations list 28 Sep 2018

Hannah Abdulla

The US Department of Labour has released its 2017 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labour which features Turkey and Myanmar as the most recent offenders where garment and cotton production are concerned. just-style takes a closer look

Is US and Turkey cotton trade set to unravel? 27 Sep 2018

Jonathan Dyson

A senior figure in the US cotton industry has told just-style of his concern that Turkey's collapsing currency and trade disputes with the US government will cause it to import less US-grown cotton.

What does US import data for a single month show us? 21 Sep 2018

David Birnbaum

Month-by-month the US Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) releases US garment import data. But does one month's information really provide garment professionals with a greater understanding of the industry and the direction in which it is heading? David Birnbaum provides some answers.

Who has signed the Bangladesh Transition Accord – Update 20 Sep 2018

Beth Wright

192 companies have now signed the '2018 Accord' or 'Transition Accord' Bangladesh worker safety pact – with Holland House Fashion and ICA Sweden among the latest to commit. Here we list the signatories so far.

Experts point way ahead for African textile sector 19 Sep 2018

Ramadhan Rajab

Sub-Saharan Africa may not have been the most fertile ground for technological innovation in the clothing, textile and fibre sectors, but speakers at the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) conference in Nairobi, Kenya had no shortage of ideas on the best way ahead.

Technology inertia is stalling Africa's clothing industry 18 Sep 2018

Ramadhan Rajab

A reluctance by Africa’s clothing and textile industries to adopt new technology has not only slowed growth in the sector, but is also potentially pushing companies towards stagnation, an international conference has heard.

10 ways to Brexit-proof your supply chain 14 Sep 2018

Hannah Abdulla

Brexit is looming. While the final arrangements between the UK and EU are yet to be hashed out, the UK Fashion & Textile Association says there are steps the industry can take now to prepare and minimise the impact on supply chains. Have a look at this top 10 checklist to see how ready your firm is for Brexit.

John Lewis phenomenal H1 profit drop - What the analysts say  13 Sep 2018

Hannah Abdulla

Newly re-branded John Lewis & Partners this morning (13 September) announced a near 99% drop in group earnings for the first half of the year on the back of costs related to new shop openings and higher IT costs, as it continues to shape itself for future growth. Despite the glum result, analysts have rejected the claim the result spells the end of brick-and-mortar retailers. Instead, the majority argue John Lewis has a real opportunity to create a streamlined multi-channel offering to cater to the way today's consumer now shops. Physical stores, they argue, are still an essential part of the comprehensive retail offering and complement other means of shopping.

Haiti garment makers hopeful on future expansion 12 Sep 2018

Melissa Williams-Sambrano

Garment manufacturing industry insiders in Haiti are optimistic that the sector can continue expanding in size, as long as the Caribbean country's government delivers economic and social stability.

How to build a balanced apparel sourcing strategy 10 Sep 2018

Malcolm Newbery

A balanced scorecard approach is key to helping supply chain managers make the best decisions around where in the world their garments are made, based on at least 10 factors ranging from cost to speed to market. Here, industry consultant Malcolm Newbery offers advice on how to achieve a balanced sourcing strategy.

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