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Auditing fails "spectacularly" to protect workers

A new study claims to reveal "corporate negligence" and a lack of accountability within the multi-billion social auditing industry – allegin...

Rwanda steps into Africa’s apparel sourcing mix

For years now, Ethiopia has garnered the spotlight for its ambitions to become the world’s next big destination for textile and fashion prod...

Mauritius & Madagascar boost garment manufacturing

The governments of Mauritius and Madagascar are intensifying their efforts to improve cooperation between the textile and clothing sectors o...

Timeline – Trump’s track record on trade – Update

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, his administration has been busy fulfilling major campaign promises on trade polic...

US-China tariff war – The textile and apparel hit-list updated 13 Sep 2019

Dr Sheng Lu

Amid the rapidly shifting goalposts of the US-China tariff war and the imminent addition of punitive duties on textiles and apparel imported into the US from China, we've taken an updated look at the latest actions and the products on the hit-list.

Lack of action weighs on Philippines clothing industry 11 Sep 2019

Jens Kastner

Clothing industry sources in the Philippines say their country is one of the few that has not seen a boost in garment export orders as a result of the US-China trade war – despite the government's plan to boost local manufacturing capacity.

Urban Outfitters shifting sourcing to mitigate China tariffs 10 Sep 2019

Michelle Russell

US clothing retailer Urban Outfitters has said that rather than resorting to price hikes, its focus will be on sourcing from other countries and negotiating with existing suppliers to mitigate the impact of US tariffs on imports from China.

Jordan mulls increasing local design content in manufacturing 10 Sep 2019

Paul Cochrane

Jordanian garment manufacturers and supporting institutions like the International Labour Organization's Better Work Jordan initiative plan to introduce garment design training to add value to a sector that is primarily 'cut and sew.'

Ethical aspirations at odds with brand actions in South India 9 Sep 2019

Hannah Abdulla

A new report has surfaced alleging top fashion brands that are pledging to end worker exploitation in supply chains are hampering progress through "irresponsible sourcing practices".

Romania clothing workers still lag other sectors on wages 9 Sep 2019

Alexandra Popescu

Economic data shows Romanian clothing and textile workers are suffering from comparatively low wages, with increases lagging behind employees in other sectors.

Central America leads US apparel imports surge in July 6 Sep 2019

Beth Wright

The volume of apparel imported into the US saw a double-digit growth surge month-on-month in July as retailers stocked up for the back-to-school season and rushed to bring merchandise into the country ahead of scheduled tariff hikes. Growth in shipment volumes from El Salvador and Honduras was highest during the month, with China also booking double-digit gains but Bangladesh seeing a decline.

Suppliers in low cost locations squeezed hardest on price 3 Sep 2019

Hannah Abdulla

Countries with the lowest production costs — Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam — are the ones whose garment suppliers are most commonly squeezed when it comes to pricing, according to the latest figures from the Better Buying Index.

Why tackling water risk must go beyond the factory fence 30 Aug 2019

Leonie Barrie

Global fashion firms have been stepping up their efforts to tackle water use and management in the countries where their clothes are made. But with population growth and climate change set to make water an even scarcer resource, transforming the industry's approach to water is key to safeguarding its future.

Latest trends in world textile and apparel trade 29 Aug 2019

Dr Sheng Lu

World textile and apparel trade last year saw its fastest growth since 2012. Key trends to watch are Vietnam’s continuing momentum in textile exports, China’s leading role as a fabric supplier across Asia, and the changing world order in apparel consumption. Dr Sheng Lu, associate professor in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware, takes a look.

Chinese investors assess new Ethiopia industrial park 28 Aug 2019

EGS Gebreselassie

Chinese industrialists from Kunshan city, a major clothing manufacturing centre in southeastern Jiangsu province, are eyeing potential investments in Ethiopia's Dire Dawa Industrial Park, China's ambassador to Ethiopia has told just-style.

China apparel makers well prepared for US trade war 21 Aug 2019

Mark Godfrey

The intensifying trade war between the US and China is proving to be an opportunity for some larger Chinese clothing manufacturing firms who have been building capacity overseas, notably in Southeast Asia – especially Vietnam.

Why personalisation isn't the future – it's the present 16 Aug 2019

Hannah Abdulla

A shift from traditional mass manufacturing to more agile production with multiple capsule collections and scaled personalised production is being driven by hyper-connected consumers who thrive on instant gratification. For brands and retailers the challenge is to listen to what consumers want, and produce the right products at the right quantities for the right audience – which is where digitalisation and analytics comes in.

Supply chain disruptors shaking up the fashion industry 14 Aug 2019

Samantha Sault

On-demand apparel assembly, local-for-local production, manufacturer-matching and transparency mapping are among the innovative new concepts starting to shape next-generation fashion supply chains. And investors appear tuned in to their potential too, with millions of dollars in funding set to scale them up. 

Vietnam garment labour standards continue to improve 9 Aug 2019

Beth Wright

Compliance rates on core labour standards in Vietnam's garment sector have significantly improved on last year – but violations continue to be found in areas such as worker protection, overtime and occupational safety and health.

China textile production hikes up ahead of US tariffs 6 Aug 2019

Jens Kastner

Chinese upstream yarn and fibre producers are ramping up production as fears grow that the trade war with the US will hurt exports of apparel and other textile products. 

Some brands are mitigating the potential impact of new China tariffs. Here's how 5 Aug 2019

Leonie Barrie

US apparel brands and retailers may be caught between higher costs and rising prices when it comes to navigating an extra 10% tariff on clothing and footwear imported from China from the beginning of next month – but analysts suggest some are managing to mitigate the potential impacts.

US fashion industry reeling as new China tariffs loom 2 Aug 2019

Leonie Barrie

US apparel stocks have taken a battering, while "truly shocking" and "a disaster" are among the first responses to President Trump’s tweet that an extra 10% tariff will be imposed on $300bn worth of US imports from China – including all textiles, apparel and footwear – beginning 1 September.

Poor purchasing hurts refugee garment workers in Turkey 1 Aug 2019

Leonie Barrie

Despite efforts by a small but growing group of European fashion brands and retailers to tackle exploitation of Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains, the majority are still failing to take steps to prevent abuse, particularly beyond their first-tier suppliers, new research suggests.

China’s textile leadership continues in new machinery trends 31 Jul 2019

Leonie Barrie

For all the talk of China’s weakening role as a global apparel supplier, one thing’s for sure: it looks set to continue its dominance of the international textile industry. Indeed, new data shows the country remained the world's largest investor in spinning, texturing, weaving and knitting machinery last year.

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