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TAL Apparel raises the bar on face masks

Having built its reputation as an ‘Innofacturer’ of added value clothing, it was a logical next step for Hong Kong-based garment giant TAL A...

Hong Kong's transition to digital supply chain hub

In the wake of the pandemic, companies have begun assessing the viability of globally distributed production, while e-commerce is altering h...

A milestone in recycling blended textiles at scale

Swedish fast-fashion brand Monki has launched the first capsule clothing collection made using a breakthrough textile-to-textile recycling p...

Why the new RCEP trade deal matters to apparel

Fifteen countries including China, Japan, South Korea and Australia have formed the world's largest trading bloc – a move which industry exp...

Sri Lanka clothing recovery hit by second Covid-19 wave 13 Nov 2020

Poorna Rodrigo

Sri Lanka’s plans to kickstart the post Covid-19 recovery of its critically important clothing sector have been sidelined by a deadly second wave of infections. 

Philippine garment exporters push against EU trade threat 6 Nov 2020

Jens Kastner

The garment industry in the Philippines is preparing to petition the European Commission, asking it not to consider calls for the country to lose its duty-free access to European Union (EU) markets – but to offer concessions instead.

Transparency key to future of sustainable denim 6 Nov 2020

Beth Wright

Denim manufacturers must understand that no sustainability project can truly be deemed as such without a focus on transparency and traceability – with reliable open data key to facilitating change.

US apparel imports continue to rise in September 5 Nov 2020

Michelle Russell

The volume of US apparel imports continued to climb in September on the month prior as business picked up for retailers following the pandemic lockdown. Year-on-year was a different picture, however, with shipments continuing to fall. Indonesia and China recorded the largest declines.

Monthly trade programme roundup – October 2020 5 Nov 2020

Dr Sheng Lu

The latest round-up of updates to key free trade agreements and trade preference programmes involving the United States, the European Union and Japan covers developments in October 2020.

UK lockdown 2.0 to cost non-essential retail $8.8bn 4 Nov 2020

Hannah Abdulla

A second planned UK lockdown which begins tomorrow (5 November) could cost non-essential retail GBP6.8bn (US$8.8bn) according to new research.

Sourcing powerhouse PDS Group invests for future growth 29 Oct 2020

Leonie Barrie

As its fashion sourcing business continues to recover from the disruption wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, PDS Group has wasted no time in picking up the pace on new projects and investments to broaden its portfolio.

Better Cotton accused of "blindness" to forced labour 29 Oct 2020

Beth Wright

An expert task force set up to review the Better Cotton Initiative's Better Cotton Standard System (BCSS) has found that decent work receives less attention than environmental issues such as water and soil health – and that there is "organisational blindness" to forced labour.

Purchasing practices ripple through the supply chain 29 Oct 2020

Leonie Barrie

Amid the challenges and ongoing uncertainty thrown up by the global coronavirus pandemic, some apparel and footwear brands and retailers appear to be engaging more with their suppliers in key areas like planning and forecasting.

The denim supply chain is broken. Here's how to fix it 28 Oct 2020

Hannah Abdulla

The Covid-19 crisis exposed the inequity of power that exists between brands and the supply chain – but has also provided a window of opportunity to fix it, according to a new report that sets out steps to build an ethical denim and jeans industry for the future.

New EU chemical rules and Brexit a double blow for textiles 27 Oct 2020

Keith Nuthall

Clothing and textile manufacturers and their suppliers working in the European Union (EU) may face increasing controls over their use of potentially toxic chemicals under a new policy paper released by the European Commission. 

Sourcing squeeze continues for global garment suppliers 26 Oct 2020

Leonie Barrie

Fashion brands and retailers are continuing to undermine their garment suppliers by driving down prices and imposing onerous payment schedules on new orders, new research suggests.

Digitalisation moving from competitive advantage to necessity 26 Oct 2020

Michelle Russell

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unparalleled impact on the apparel industry, causing drastic changes in the way it manages supply chains. Consequently, digitalisation and technology have moved from being a competitive advantage to a practical necessity as businesses adapt to new ways of working.

Driving supply chain value via digital partnerships 22 Oct 2020

Michelle Russell

Digitalisation can be disruptive but it also means progress. The value in investing in technology is getting your customers on board as collaborative partners to ensure you have a digital supply chain that is both nimble and agile.

Textile waste key to fashion's circular future 21 Oct 2020

Beth Wright

Textile waste must become the industry's new raw material, according to consortium that has issued a call to action for brands and retailers, waste collectors and recyclers as part of its vision to prove the feasibility of textile-to-textile circular systems.

UK forced labour probe reaches out to apparel retailers 20 Oct 2020

Michelle Russell

Major apparel companies including H&M, Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Nike and Gap have been contacted by UK politicians to give evidence at an inquiry exploring the forced labour of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China.

Shaping a sustainable future for India's fashion industry 16 Oct 2020

Beth Wright

A perfect storm of innovation and opportunity means the Indian fashion and textile sectors are accelerating towards sustainability and circularity, according to a new report analysing the Indian supply chain from raw materials through to end-of-use.

Asos takes Covid-19 in its stride as FY profits soar 329% 14 Oct 2020

Beth Wright

Asos says it has emerged from the financial year as a stronger, more resilient and agile business and is well positioned for the uncertain landscape ahead amid a GBP109m surge in profit and plans to launch a new own-label brand at a typically lower price point.

Utexa yarn mill helping Honduras to get back on track 13 Oct 2020

Leonie Barrie

Set up two years ago to give a boost to Central America's apparel production, the Utexa synthetic yarn plant in Honduras most recently played a pivotal role in US PPE supply chains. Navigating the Covid-19 pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride, general director Eric Joo tells just-style – and one that proves the importance of collaboration.

Why the leather industry wants a Higg Index review 12 Oct 2020

Leonie Barrie

Leather industry trade groups from around the world are calling for the suspension of the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) score for leather to enable a review of the underlying methodologies and data.

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