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New cloud-related jobs advertised in the fashion & accessories sector in Q1 2021 by country

Country New job adds
United States 128
France 59
India 27
Switzerland 7
Italy 6
Belgium 3
Mexico 3
Canada 2
Denmark 2
Germany 2
Singapore 2
United Kingdom 2

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Asos unveils an ambitious set of sustainability goals, US brands and retailers are being urged to pay fair prices for the garments they source from Bangladesh, and Walmart successfully prices the company's first green bond.

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3D Tech Festival returns for 2021

The 3D Tech Festival organised by fit specialist Alvanon and its apparel knowledge hub Motif returns next week, with speakers including Jami Dunbar, senior vice president global product supply at Under Armour, and Nicholas Paganelli, 3D product specialist at Ralph Lauren.