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2021 will be a year of consolidation of all the human rights and environmental trends seen to date

New law looms on sustainable corporate governance

Having described the story so far in human rights and sustainability – and the new chapter starting in 2021 with consultation on an EU law o...

Niche sustainable business models will soon become the new way of doing business

Next chapter on sustainable corporate governance

The past few years have been transformational for the apparel sector in terms of changing expectations on human rights and sustainability. B...

The recent e-commerce boom and a shift in consumer preferences are driving growth in on-demand

How fashion benefits from on-demand manufacturing

For the fashion world, 2020 forever changed the landscape of the industry. Supply chains were disrupted, established retailers closed their...

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to world textile and apparel trade

Regional flows still shape fabric & apparel trade

Textiles and apparel might be a global industry, but the latest statistics show trade patterns remain largely regional. However, changes are...

Consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for a sustainably made T-shirt

Improving fashion sustainability is a team effort

Consumer expectations of socially responsible fashion are at a high but there’s a long way to go for fashion to become truly sustainable. Me...

Myanmar accounts for 2.4% of the developed world's clothing imports – but just 0.2% of those of the US

Myanmar's several crises show way to better jobs

Myanmar today resembles Romania 30 years ago, when the country swerved at the last possible moment from potential catastrophe to a more pros...

Uncertainty continues to shroud Myanmar's clothing industry 18 Feb 21

Clothing industry executives and experts within Myanmar have warned that the country's apparel sector is already suffering because of the 1 February coup, when the military seized power and detained Aung San Suu Kyi and other elected leaders. 

Fashion education needs a re-think on the data skills front 17 Feb 21

A new study is calling for a rethink of fashion education to ensure students are equipped with the data science and data analysis skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

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H&M Group invests in green dyeing & finishing firm

Beth Wright | 1 Mar 21 The funding round was led by At One Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund, and H&M CO:LAB, the investment arm of H&M Group

H&M Group has invested in Alchemie Technology, a global disruptor of textile dyeing and finishing technology, to support the firm's commercial roll-out and accelerate the transformation of the profile of textile manufacturing worldwide.

Inditex in India organic cotton drive

Beth Wright | 26 Feb 21 DBS will leverage local Farmer Producer Organisations to reach more than 2,000 farmers to evaluate their financing needs

Zara owner Inditex is partnering with DBS Bank to scale India’s organic cotton industry by providing easier and faster access to funding for more than 2,000 farmers in the fashion giant's supply chain.

Brands back Lesotho gender-based violence project

Beth Wright | 26 Feb 21 The programme targets GBVH in four Lesotho garment factories producing jeans for the global market

Levi Strauss & Co, The Children's Place and Kontoor Brands are funding a programme that targets gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in four Lesotho jeans factories employing up to 10,000 workers.

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UK sustainable cashmere brand makes debut

Finboot secures funding from New Look founder

ZDHC Gateway integrates Open Apparel Registry ID

Yesim celebrates export growth from Egypt units

Woolworths to up casual clothing focus

Top expectations for baby boomers shopping online

Nudea secures funding to grow fit-centric offering

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Broken retail model pushes apparel suppliers to breaking point

Leonie BarrieSanjeev Mahtani, chairman and owner, Must Garment Corporation

It has taken Sanjeev Mahtani 30 years to build Must Garment Corporation, but just a matter of months for his lifetime's work to come crashing down. As he tries to pick up the pieces of his manufacturing business, he tells just-style why he fears for the future of apparel suppliers – and the millions of workers they employ.

Ciel Textile CEO puts Mauritius maker on post-Covid path

Villen Anganan'Exploring the fashion of tomorrow is in the DNA of Mauritius,' says Eric Dorchies

Eric Dorchies was appointed CEO at Mauritius based Ciel Textile Ltd last July, at a moment when his country's important clothing and textile sector was struggling hard against the impact of Covid-19. It has not been an easy start to his job, but as he tells just-style, the company is already working on plans to recover from the pandemic.

Fashion-Enter on a mission to boost made in Britain

Beth WrightJenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd

Skills training provider and manufacturer Fashion-Enter is gearing up for a busy year, with plans to lead a new fashion academy in Leicester, open a similar site in Wales, and explore the potential of a Foundation to help young people with mental health issues – all while continuing to navigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. Speaking exclusively to just-style, director Jenny Holloway outlines her plans for 2021 and explains why it's so crucial to bridge the fashion skills gap in the UK.

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Environmental supply chain risks to cost companies $120bn

Hannah Abdulla, just-style editorial team Hannah Abdulla | 22 Feb 21

Companies face up to US$120bn in costs from environmental risks in their supply chains by 2026. Those failing to take responsibility for supply chain impacts will fall behind, while businesses who manage and reduce risk through collaboration will become more competitive and resilient.

New sourcing hubs the solution to avoid Xinjiang cotton?

Leonie Barrie, just-style editorial team Leonie Barrie | 15 Feb 21

As the global apparel industry continues to grapple with the challenges of severing possible links to the use of forced labour in China’s Xinjiang region, new research suggests the way forward is the development of new sourcing hubs.

How Myanmar coup is impacting the apparel industry

Beth Wright, just-style editorial team Beth Wright | 8 Feb 21

Last week's military coup in Myanmar puts foreign investment at risk, poses the threat of trade sanctions, and may prompt some clothing companies to sever their sourcing ties with the country.

Hot Apparel Issues

Clothing sector likely major loser from Myanmar coup

Clothing sector likely major loser from Myanmar coup

Tough American government sanctions against Myanmar, and a re-evaluation of the country as a stable sourcing partner are among potential repercussions of the recent coup

Key issues set to shape apparel sourcing in 2021

Key issues set to shape apparel sourcing in 2021

How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2021, and what can apparel firms and their suppliers do to stay ahead, remain competitive and build resilience for the future? Read our report to find out

Building value in relationships amid a pandemic

Building value in relationships amid a pandemic

The worldwide pandemic is forcing the industry to undergo a dramatic transformation that is playing out in real time. Key to surviving this is building strong brand/supplier relationships.

Textile waste becoming new apparel resource

Textile waste becoming new apparel resource

An increasing number of industry studies and initiatives have identified the importance of apparel and textile waste as a new resource for the sector.

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Apparel Market in United States of America (USA) to 2024 wit

Apparel Market in United States of America (USA) to 2024 with COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Non-essential sectors will be hit the hardest in 2020 as consumer confidence falls, with apparel sales forecast to decline by 25.7% in 2020, as consumers have no events or holidays.. Read more

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