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Singapore's potential as the go-to for garments

Political events in China and Hong Kong are pushing the global garment industry away from Hong Kong. Singapore has been the great beneficiar...

Victoria's Secret to go public under new plans

Victoria’s Secret will become an independent publicly-traded company under new plans to separate the brand from Bath and Body Works, its own...

Covid hastens demise of poor country factories

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more regionalised, tech-driven manufacturing that is closer to consumers. For less-develo...

Next deal will help Reiss adapt to online shift

Following Next’s recent acquisition of a 25% stake in Reiss, the integration of Next’s online systems, warehousing and distribution into the...

Opinion: We must care more about forced labour in China and beyond 29 Apr 2021

Sebastian Shehadi

The world has responded slowly to China's human rights abuses in Xinjiang, but at least they are receiving attention, unlike similar issues in less high-profile countries.

What next for the Bangladesh Accord and garment worker safety? 27 Apr 2021

Michelle Russell

In the aftermath of the Bangladesh Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013, two initiatives were set up to oversee the country's clothing factories for fire, electrical and structural issues – the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. The Accord's tenure comes to an end next month, and there are serious concerns for garment workers if another agreement is not signed soon.

Fashion must recognise links between human rights and respect for nature 23 Apr 2021

Hannah Abdulla

The global fashion industry must recognise the inextricable links between human rights and the rights of nature if it is to effectively contribute to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, agreed a panel of industry experts at Fashion Revolution's annual Question Time event.

Boohoo's model factory concept deserves praise not panning 21 Apr 2021

Guest author

Boohoo should be applauded for its proposed UK model factory – and the initiative should provide inspiration to other retailers and brands considering investing in their own domestic supply chains.

From Field to Shelf – A boat got stuck and other calamities 19 Apr 2021

Robert P Antoshak

A boat blocked the Suez Canal. Global trade ground to a halt. Accidents will happen; that's nothing new. But the Suez Canal disruption had a ripple effect throughout global supply chains. And perhaps that's the point, says industry consultant Robert Antoshak: What to do when the unpredictable disrupts supply chains built on just-in-time predictability?

Boohoo misses a trick with focus on one model factory 15 Apr 2021

Guest author

Plans by UK-based online fast-fashion retailer Boohoo to open a model factory in the city of Leicester will do little to drive change in garment supply chains. A better solution would be for UK brands and retailers to join forces in a 'super factory' that would take manufacturing cost and living wages out of competition, say Doug Miller and Nikolaus Hammer.

How e-commerce can benefit from outsourcing fulfilment 12 Apr 2021

Guest author

Over the last 12 months e-commerce has skyrocketed. This trend is not going to go away any time soon. But unfortunately many fashion brands and retailers are missing out because they do not have a fully integrated, value-added outsourced fulfilment service in place.

The Ever Given and the consequences for contracts 6 Apr 2021

Guest author

It is a given that timely delivery of goods is important for the performance of many contracts. But how often do contracting parties ever give enough thought to the consequences of delivery being delayed? This question is pertinent for many contracts – not least, agency and distributorship contracts – following the Ever Given blockage of the Suez Canal. 

Influencer marketing boosts In The Style ahead of AIM float 6 Apr 2021

GlobalData Retail

In The Style's influencer-led proposition clearly resonated with shoppers prior to Covid-19, and the pandemic boosted its fortunes as young shoppers flocked online, with sales increasing by 169% to GBP13.5m in the 13 weeks to 31 December 2020.

The push from Hong Kong to Singapore 31 Mar 2021

David Birnbaum

Hong Kong has been the centre of the global garment industry for the past 40 years. But rising uncertainty now means the new place to go is Singapore, says David Birnbaum.

Multichannel retail adoption accelerated during 2020 holidays 31 Mar 2021

GlobalData Retail

Despite lockdowns and disruptions, the Covid-19 pandemic drove increased adoption and growth of multichannel retail in the 2020 holiday period, further cementing its role in retail going forward, new research shows.

Suez Canal reopens amid supply backlogs and delays 29 Mar 2021

Leonie Barrie

A giant container ship that has blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week has finally been freed – but the impact on global trade is still likely to be felt for some time to come.

Smart clothing will become mainstream by 2030 18 Mar 2021

GlobalData Retail

Garments and footwear with integrated sensors that transmit biometric information and other datasets will reach new heights of popularity by 2030 and is set to be worth more than US$4bn.

From Field to Shelf – Do current consumer attitudes foretell apparel's future? 15 Mar 2021

Robert P Antoshak

Although we're not out of the woods yet regarding the pandemic and an anaemic economy, brands are stirring back to life. But with this tentative awakening comes cautiousness and uncertainty about the clothing market. Specifically, will consumers buy clothes as they did before the pandemic, or have we entered a new world? asks industry consultant Robert Antoshak.

Asos inclusivity and social media focus will boost ex-Arcadia brands 9 Mar 2021

GlobalData Retail

Following last month's acquisition of Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT by Asos, the former Arcadia brands will now be able to benefit from the online pureplay's superior reactivity to trends, popularity among young consumers, and expansive global reach, after having undoubtedly lost their fashion authority in recent years.

China cotton links and implications for South Africa 5 Mar 2021

Guest author

As apparel retailers and brands scramble to try to disentangle their cotton supply chains from possible links to forced labour abuses in Xinjiang province, China is likely to be looking for alternative markets for its fibres – presenting new challenges for countries like South Africa.

Brexit red tape pulls at the UK apparel industry’s seams 5 Mar 2021

GlobalData Retail

On the surface, the UK’s zero-tariff, zero-quota Brexit deal appeared to be a good thing for the country’s apparel industry. But the reality is proving to be much more complex, and UK retailers will need to carefully assess whether international operations are still profitable and feasible.

The new laws of garment sourcing 5 Mar 2021

David Birnbaum

In the new post-virus global garment industry, there will be a shakeout. We may find ourselves operating in an industry with a one-strike-you-are-out environment, where sustainability is the name of the game.

Social commerce – The virtual shopping stroll with friends 2 Mar 2021

Guest author

When asking consumers what they miss most during lockdown, shopping with friends on a Saturday afternoon is surely among the answers. And it is not just about the shopping, but also about the social activity that goes along with it. Interacting with friends, having them pick out pieces we may have never seen. But what is the alternative? Virtual strolling.

Environmental and human rights due diligence – Considerations for apparel companies as new law looms 1 Mar 2021

Guest author

Having described the story so far in human rights and sustainability – and the new chapter starting in 2021 with consultation on an EU law on sustainable corporate governance – Anna Triponel now looks at how apparel companies can best prepare for the journey ahead, and how they can inspire others to join them.

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