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The future for fashion retail after coronavirus?

In just a few short weeks our industry has been turned upside down by the global spread of coronavirus. The question now is what will fashio...

Forensic science assures cotton chain integrity

Faced with widespread concerns over the complex issue of forced labour in cotton supply chains, taking steps to verify product integrity is...

Can the supplier-buyer relationship be repaired?

Clothing retailers and brands around the world face dwindling sales, store closures and mounting stock inventory due to the coronavirus pand...

Does coronavirus mark the end of globalisation?

Are we witnessing the end of globalisation? The simple answer is no. But there is a more nuanced response: globalisation will survive, but i...

Apparel industry in crisis – Why we need to work as a team 30 Mar 2020

Guest author

At this time of crisis it's critically important that apparel brands and retailers avoid taking any drastic action that could sink the entire supply chain, writes Rick Helfenbein.

Why Bangladesh garment sector needs global support 25 Mar 2020

Guest author

Bangladesh’s apparel industry is in gridlock, with millions of jobs at risk as orders are frozen or cancelled amid the coronavirus pandemic. Brands do not want to lose their supply chains and factories do not want to lay off workers – but without short-term financial support, that is likely to be the next step.

Some untold truths about fast fashion 20 Mar 2020

Emma Birnbaum

Love it or hate it, fast fashion is the great success story of the contemporary apparel industry with a value system centred around inclusivity, representation, gender-neutrality, body positivity and racial equality. But as the the visual virtual world tightens its grip, fast fashion's future may not be as unwavering as it initially appears.

Coronavirus disruption – How will fashion companies emerge? 18 Mar 2020

Roit Kathiala

How retail and fashion companies and their supply chains might fare coming out of the coronavirus crisis – and possible longer-term impacts on social trends and behaviour.

Supply chains lack talent to fill digital skills gap 17 Mar 2020

Leonie Barrie

While the adoption of digital technologies continues to be on the rise, firms are struggling to hire skilled workers to run them and extract actionable insights out of the mountains of data being generated by digital supply chains, a new survey shows.

Sourcing in an epidemic requires resilience not re-shoring 11 Mar 2020

Mike Flanagan

The media is currently awash with predictions that the Covid-19 outbreak marks the end of multinational sourcing. Professional clothing buyers certainly need to review how they source – but it’s resilience, not re-shoring, they should be seeking.

Coronavirus to cause stock gaps and delays at fashion retailers 9 Mar 2020


UK clothing sales are set for further disruption over the coming months, with stock issues expected to appear, as China accounts for over one-fifth of the country's apparel imports.

Transparency in costing could diminish 'bargaining culture' 6 Mar 2020

Guest author

A worrying trend is emerging in the garment industry: despite the growing attention to better working conditions, apparel import prices in countries like India and Bangladesh are going down, while the cost of production goes up.

The problem with shipping in the fight against climate change 5 Mar 2020

Guest author

Fashion's fight against climate change is a drop in the water if we don't tackle shipping.

How blockchain can help fashion's transparency problem 17 Feb 2020

Guest author

The integration of blockchain technology has an important role in helping fashion brands reshape supply chain sustainability and enhance transparency across their businesses, says Dr Florian Heubrandner, vice president, global business management textiles at Lenzing.

From Field to Shelf – Why is cotton always the industry punch bag? 14 Feb 2020

Robert P Antoshak

Having worked in the cotton industry for many years (including as a consultant to BASF's e3 sustainable cotton programme), one of the things I've noticed about clothing brands is that when pressed on sustainable production they almost always blame cotton for their woes, writes Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc. Why is this?

UK legal case a wake-up call for garment companies 4 Feb 2020

Guest author

An ongoing legal case in London could provide the impetus for significant reforms to improve human rights protections for workers in the garment industry. While not related directly to clothing companies, it sounds a warning that brands and retailers should be prepared to demonstrate effective human rights due diligence.

What does the coronavirus mean for US apparel and retail? 3 Feb 2020

Guest author

In this China update for just-style, Rick Helfenbein looks at some of the concerns surrounding the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, and asks: "What does Wuhan mean for our industry?"

Is coronavirus a threat to the clothing industry? 30 Jan 2020

Leonie Barrie

Concerns are rising over the coronavirus outbreak in China – but what is its potential impact on global fashion retailers and their supply chains?

Are commentators overreacting to coronavirus? 30 Jan 2020

Mike Flanagan

The world economy in general, and the apparel industry in particular, depend on hugely complex, globalised, supply chains. Here Mike Flanagan, CEO of apparel industry consultancy Clothesource, considers some of the consequences of the new 'Wuhan novel coronavirus'.

Are carbon neutral pledges just "greenwashing"? 29 Jan 2020

Michelle Russell

As Sainsbury’s and Fat Face add themselves to the list of companies pledging carbon neutrality across their operations, is there a risk of "greenwashing", when the real issue lies in the supply chain?

From Field to Shelf – The environmental cost of online shopping 23 Jan 2020

Robert P Antoshak

E-commerce has been a boon for the fashion retail industry. But it also comes with a cost: the overnight deliveries and corresponding returns add dramatically to the carbon footprint of our industry, whether we like to admit it or not, says Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc.

US-China trade deal offers little respite for apparel firms 22 Jan 2020

Leonie Barrie

The ‘Phase One’ trade agreement signed between the US and China is a step in the right direction, but offers little relief to apparel firms in the ongoing trade conflict.

China sourcing – Fall of the dragon and rise of the rest 15 Jan 2020

Roit Kathiala

As the tariff war rages between US and China, the key question facing many apparel companies sourcing from China is: Where to go next? The problem is real, but shifting supply chains is easier said than done, writes Roit Kathiala.

The high price of retail returns – and how data can help 8 Jan 2020

Guest author

There's no escaping returns, but trying to change customer behaviour risks losing sales altogether. The trick is for retailers to manage the process more efficiently to minimise lost profits. Georgia Wickes and Hamish Wilson, of change management specialist Newton, explain the returns conundrum and how retailers should embrace the changing consumer landscape to ensure supply chains are fit for the future.

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