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How to ensure sustainable fashion is here to stay

With London Fashion Week kicking off today, how can the fashion industry make sure that sustainable fashion is always in season rather than...

Gaps remain in India's move towards sustainability

India's textile and garment industry is making strides in ensuring ethical compliance and environmental standards in its factories. Yet gaps...

Financial market 'corrections' – should you worry?

The last 24 hours have seen a wave of sell-offs on global stock markets. Is there cause for concern? Yes, but there is also a need for some...

Trump goes to Davos as uncertainty abounds

Trump goes to Davos while NAFTA grinds on, the dollar tumbles, and uncertainty reigns. Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc, tries...

Ideals vs Ideology in the apparel industry 31 Jan 2018

Emma Birnbaum

In the past, consumers shopped on an item-by-item basis. Today, consumer decisions are based on what conforms to their personal lifestyle goals. Here Emma Birnbaum argues that the ideals on which the new industry is constructed are in danger of devolving into a dogmatic ideology.

Machine learning – The intelligent way to grow margin 29 Jan 2018

Guest author

Profits and gross margins are under pressure for fashion retailers. But could Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold the key to optimising markdowns and unlocking value in the supply chain? asks Dr Manuel Davy, founder and CEO of Vekia.

Four stages on the road to digital transformation 19 Jan 2018

Guest author

More businesses are likely to make meaningful progress towards the goal of becoming digital enterprises in 2018. But while digital transformation pushes brands to innovate from the bottom up, change needs to begin at the top.

Trends in US garment imports from Mexico and DR-CAFTA 17 Jan 2018

David Birnbaum

Negotiators are preparing to meet for the sixth round of NAFTA trade talks next week – and as soon as this deal has been repackaged, the spotlight could turn to the US free trade agreement with Central America. Here, in the first of a series of articles showing month by month changes in US garment imports, David Birnbaum takes a look at Mexico and DR-CAFTA.

Technologies transforming key points of the supply chain 10 Jan 2018

Guest author

Adopting new technologies has become critical in organisations across all industries to help improve process efficiency, effectiveness, and boost performance. Here are some with the potential to revolutionise key points of the apparel retail supply chain.

The e-commerce revolution yet to come – Comment 10 Jan 2018

David Birnbaum

It is only a matter of time before the internet will undercut almost every traditional supplier of consumer services and products, writes David Birnbaum, adding: The only survivors will be the few brick & mortar and e-commerce companies that provide real value.

American populism and the global garment industry – Comment 4 Jan 2018

David Birnbaum

Our industry is undergoing a truly generational change. Do we really want to fight pick a fight with our consumers as well? asks David Birnbaum.

Top interviews on just-style in 2017... 22 Dec 2017

Beth Wright

Some of the top interviews on just-style in 2017 were with Dr Arkebe Oqubay, a minister and special advisor to Ethiopia's Prime Minister; Katharine Stewart, Primark's director of ethical trade; Maniwanen Marimutu, chairman of Busana Apparel Group; and John Cheh, vice chairman and CEO of Esquel Group.

How can America lead in isolation? 22 Dec 2017

Robert P Antoshak

Trump has embarked on a simple if sometimes poorly executed plan to restrict trade. That's nothing new. What is new, though, are the implications, believes Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc.

Top 20 comment articles on just-style in 2017... 21 Dec 2017

Beth Wright

Among the most-read comment articles on just-style in 2017 were a look at the huge potential benefits of 3D CAD, the impact of the Trump administration on the textile and apparel industry, what's driving transparency in the retail supply chain, and strategies to survive in a declining apparel market.

5 key trends in world textile and apparel trade 14 Dec 2017

Dr Sheng Lu

Based on an analysis of the latest World Trade Organization (WTO) data, this article identifies five key trends in world textile and apparel trade and assesses their future implications.

Trade Tracker – Farewell Brexit, what's the next big thing? 13 Dec 2017

Mike Flanagan

Last week, the UK announced that Britain would – for at least the foreseeable future – remain within the EU-dominated European Single Market and Customs Union. The move marks an end to the past year's populist trade scares, but means retailers must now focus on really understanding what’s driving their customers, according to Mike Flanagan.

Tackling sexual harassment in the garment industry 8 Dec 2017

Guest author

Recent high-profile cases involving Hollywood, the media and political figures have exposed a global crisis of workplace sexual harassment. And garment workers are among the most vulnerable, says Aruna Kashyap, a lawyer who works for Human Rights Watch.

Unravelling the Indian garment export anomaly 8 Dec 2017

David Birnbaum

How is it possible that an industry that, for all practical purposes, is dominated by a single season can become one of the world's largest garment exporters? David Birnbaum takes a closer look at the Indian garment anomaly.

The Flanarant – What CollaGin taught me about the fashion industry 6 Dec 2017

Mike Flanagan

A recent change of direction has seen Mike Flanagan swap some of his clothing consultancy time to run a local deli. But the move has also opened his eyes to the reasons why apparel, an industry that's supposed to be all about fun and dynamism, is in a rut.

What is driving transparency in the retail supply chain? 5 Dec 2017

Guest author

Supply chain transparency is an urgent issue facing retail organisations today – it’s often deep down in the supply chain where the most significant brand, reputation and financial risks live. 

Try new re:source apparel sourcing tool for free 1 Dec 2017

Leonie Barrie

The old saying "Good things come to those who wait" is certainly true for re:source, the new suite of data-driven sourcing tools being developed by the team here at just-style.

Maybe it’s time for a single cotton sustainability standard 16 Nov 2017

Robert P Antoshak

There's an undeniable desire on the part of brands around the world to clean up their supply chains, and there's no lack of interest in using more sustainable cotton. But the confusing mix of standards and options available merely delays the decision-making process for so many firms, argues Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc.

Adidas poised to thrive in highly competitive landscape 9 Nov 2017

Pedro Aguilar

Despite a number of difficult years, Adidas is back on track. The company's strong performance has been helped by the health of the global sportswear industry, the proliferation of athleisure, and a more reactive and agile manufacturing process, writes Pedro Aguilar, beauty and fashion analyst at market research provider Euromonitor International.

Start preparing for the rise of the conscious consumer 23 Oct 2017

Guest author

Consumers are starting to demand more responsibility and transparency from retailers and brands about how and where their products are made. But instead of pointing fingers, perhaps it's time that stakeholders stopped passing the blame and started working together towards improving production processes.

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