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2019 is likely to be another challenging year for the apparel industryOutlook 2019 – What else can the apparel industry expect? 18 Jan 19

Leonie Barrie

We asked industry executives what keeps them awake at night – and other issues the apparel sector should be keeping a close eye on in the year ahead. Not surprisingly, increased levels of uncertainty and ambiguity are top of the agenda for many, with the real winners in 2019 and beyond likely to be those industry leaders (and companies) who are willing to evolve and adapt to rapidly changing consumer needs, and emerging opportunities.

There are problems at every stage of the fast-fashion supply chain according to a US universityThree ways to fix the fast-fashion supply chain 18 Jan 19

Hannah Abdulla

With a focus on selling large quantities of clothing at cheap prices, the fast fashion business model hides human and environmental health risks throughout the lifecycle of each garment, new research suggests – creating a "global environmental justice dilemma."

Top stories this week on just-style... 18 Jan 19

Beth Wright

Top stories on just-style this week were dominated by just-style's Outlook 2019 insights, with readers keen to see what 2019 has in store for the apparel industry. Also popular was news that Bangladesh's government has vowed to revisit the minimum wages for some ready-made garment workers, European business associations have urged the European Council to approve the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), and The North Face revealed a breakthrough in breathable waterproof fabric.

Speed, innovation and new digital technologies should all be on the radar for apparel executivesOutlook 2019 – Top apparel supply chain tactics in the year ahead 17 Jan 19

Leonie Barrie

What should apparel firms be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future? And what will separate the winners from the losers? The experts we consulted are almost unanimous in their belief that speed, innovation and adopting new technologies fit for the digital age are the key ingredients to help transform operations and the overall supply chain.

A re-think of sourcing strategies is at the top of the list of recommendations to help apparel firms stay ahead in 2019Outlook 2019 – Apparel sourcing trends and strategies 16 Jan 19

Leonie Barrie

How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2019, and what strategies can help apparel firms and their suppliers to stay ahead? As new barriers, trade tensions, and the need for speed continue to weigh on the apparel business, fashion companies need to develop contingency plans. Shifting some sourcing away from China, supplier consolidation, new investments closer to home, and the shrewd used of data and advanced analytics are some of the tactics executives recommend.

Retailers and brands need to rethink their business models and how they operate to stay responsive to the pace of changeOutlook 2019 – Apparel industry challenges and opportunities 15 Jan 19

Leonie Barrie

It won’t come as any surprise that uncertainty, complexity and volatility in the global economy, US-China trade and Brexit, along with rapidly changing consumption patterns, are pushing the global apparel industry and its supply chain into unchartered territory in the year ahead. But according to feedback from a panel of executives consulted by just-style, disruptions also present huge opportunities for retailers and brands to rethink their business models and explore new ways of working – especially when it comes to using new technologies and data.

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Outlook 2019 – Apparel industry issues in the year aheadOutlook 2019 – Apparel industry issues in the year ahead

The global apparel industry and its supply chain are facing unchartered territory in 2019, according to feedback from executives consulted by just-style

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Leonie BarrieLatest blog entry: US trade updates out of date 15 Jan 2019

Leonie Barrie

Apparel and textile industry executives are among those being deprived of key trade and economic data amid the ongoing US government shutdown – at a time when trade tensions between the US and China mean that having access to the most up-to-date statistics is more important than ever.

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