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Danielle Keeton-Olsen

Cambodia wage increase pressures highlight garment sector weaknesses

Cambodia’s clothing sector may continue to face challenges over its weak backward linkages and pressure to increase wages – balancing reasonable pay with international competitiveness in price sensitive markets – but its apparel export receipts remain healthy.

New Cambodia apparel sector strategy aims to make exports more competitive

Cambodia’s government has launched a long-awaited five-year development plan to shape the future of the country’s apparel and footwear sector by boosting productivity and reducing tariffs on businesses, but industry commentators say its proposed reforms are still at an early stage.

Myanmar political disruption pushes apparel orders to Cambodia

Cambodia and Myanmar apparel industry leaders have confirmed a shift in manufacturing orders from Myanmar to Cambodia, caused by the economic and political disruption within Myanmar, since the 1 February 2021 coup.

Cambodia minimum wage raise controversial post Covid-19

Cambodia raising its minimum wage for garment workers up to US$194 per month has raised concerns within the industry as Covid-19 delivered a turbulent year for this key outsourcing hub.