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Fashion’s environmental governance begins with nearshoring and onshoring

If the US fashion industry shifts to onshoring and nearshoring it will reap the benefits from both a business and environmental point of view, writes National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO)’s Kimberly Glas.

Biomimicry – a key solution for fashion sustainability

The fashion industry has been trying to overcome environmental issues for quite a while, with limited success, until the era of biomimicry.

Brands need to do more to separate sustainability facts from fiction

Some brands have been so preoccupied with sustainability messaging and marketing that they’ve forgotten to put their money where their mouth is, writes Coats Digital’s brand director Stuart McCready-Stocks.

US nearshoring vision closer than ever on global supply chain snafu

A recent documentary has explored US nearshoring, and Kristi Ellis, VP of communications at the National Council of Textile Organisations (NCTO) believes it is closer than ever to becoming a reality, but policy is needed to secure its long term sustainability.

Buying less and buying better is key to sustainability in fashion

Sustainability and fashion – two words which are becoming increasingly intertwined each and every day.

How fashion for Gen Z will rely on AI and big data

Fashinza’s co-founder, Jamil Ahmad, explains how AI and Big Data are where designers are now looking for their creative inspo.

OPINION: Struggling in a tough apparel sourcing market? Source closer to home

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) president and CEO, Kimberly Glas explains why nearshoring is the solution to the economic challenges currently facing apparel companies.

Türkiye apparel industry is the reliable supplier of Europe

Türkiye’s İstanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB) reveals why the country is so highly regarded as a nearsourcing apparel supplier to Europe and refutes the allegations made in a recent report on modern slavery.

US tariffs hurt Central America not China — but there is a solution

Central America has not benefited from the US’ tariffs against China for one simple reason but there are three ways to fix it, writes the American Apparel & Footwear Association’s vice president, trade and customs policy, Beth Hughes.

Fashion brands must embrace sustainable clothing production

It’s time to persuade fashion high street brands to embrace a more sustainable approach to clothing production, writes Dr Alan Hudd, the founder of digital textile dyeing and finishing company, Alchemie Technology.