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UFLPA enforcement versus the challenge of tracing cotton’s origin

There is growing clamour from the US apparel and textile industry to boost enforcement of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), however there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome first for verifying cotton’s origin, writes Robert P. Antoshak, Gherzi Textile Organization partner and MeiLin Wan, vice president, Applied DNA Sciences.

Four ways fashion retailers will succeed amid ongoing economic uncertainty

Fashion retailers will find pockets of growth, despite ongoing economic pressures, writes Lectra’s Americas president Leonard Marano.

How fashion can use tech to tackle physical effects of climate change

The demand for climate-adaptive clothing isn’t entirely new. What has changed is the type of clothing likely to be in demand due to climate change, writes Hologenix senior business developer Lucas Tyson.

The fashion brands embracing digital product passports

As COP28 continues, Lars Rensing, CEO of specialist web3 solutions and development partner Protokol, explains how digital product passports (DPPs) will help the fashion supply chain promote its end-to-end sustainability credentials.

Using generative AI to solve fashion’s inventory problems

Introducing generative AI into inventory management systems is the next step for fashion retailers wishing to solve inventory problems, writes OMMAX’s VP of data science and data engineering, Dr Hardy Kremer.

Uzbekistan shares significant global opportunity with fashion buyers

Uzbekistan is a new player on the fashion industry’s international stage and is eager to build relationships with stakeholders across the fashion supply chain, writes first deputy chairman of the Uztextile Association, Mirmukhsin Sultanov.

De minimis: the world’s greatest black market legalised by US government

Kimberly Glas, NCTO president and CEO says failure to fully enforce the UFLPA and the de minimis loophole is devastating US textile and garment makers.

Why Bangladesh unrest is nothing for fashion buyers to worry about

International fashion buyers can place orders in Bangladesh with confidence as all factories are open and any unrest last week was limited to a few pockets of activity, writes Denim Expert Limited managing director and Bangladesh Apparel Exchange CEO Mostafiz Uddin.

Why fashion brands need to resist green hushing

Fashion companies have previously used carbon credits to offset carbon emissions, however, high-profile names are now re-evaluating this approach, writes Ana Haurie, CEO and co-founder of carbon finance company Respira.

How to make fashion circularity profitable and sustainable

Circular fashion business models are on the rise, but too many initiatives today fail to scale because they are not rooted in business reality, writes Matthew Hawthorne, a footprinting expert at sustainability consultancy Quantis.