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The sky’s the limit: Why digital product passports must take off in 2023

The French Government unveiled the first phase of its fashion sustainability rules in January, surpassing upcoming EU laws on eco-labelling. Avery Dennison’s Debbie Shakespeare explains why all fashion companies should make the switch to digital product passports before it is widely enforced.

Debunking the myth of cotton cultivation as a water-intensive practice

Cotton is a mainstay of the fashion industry, but it is a versatile crop so there are many farming practices and solutions available to minimise its water use, writes US Cotton Trust Protocol president, Dr Gary Adams.

Ensuring fashion supply chain grievance mechanisms are truly effective

The well-intentioned efforts of fashion brands and retailers to put in place grievance mechanisms in their supply chains are missing the mark. Companies should consider sector wide approaches, writes corporate responsibility consultant, Doug Cahn.

Visibility and automation are key to meeting ESG objectives

Governments around the globe are serious about eliminating social and environmental risks from the supply chain. That commitment has been reflected by the wave of regulations introduced and enacted over the last several years.

It’s time to get transparent about apparel sector transparency

Transparency, sustainability, nearshoring, and onshoring are challenges for the apparel industry that demand attention, writes Robert Antoshak, Gherzi Textile Organization partner, and MeiLin Wan, vice president at Applied DNA Sciences.

Are better practices improving apparel industry buying habits?

Efforts to improve purchasing practices and embed human rights into apparel supplier contracts are just some of the changes being made to industry buying habits, argues apparel sourcing expert, David Uricoli.

ChatGPT is influencing the apparel supply chain. Here’s how

Like many industries, the global apparel market is waking up to the potentially revolutionary applications of ‘generative’ AI tools able to create insight and hunt for information, such as ChatGPT.

Make it refashion – leveraging technology in this new era

Everyone is on a Refashion Journey: As refashion continues to grow in prevalence, brands must work to differentiate themselves from competitors by enhancing CX and optimising existing processes, writes Giorgio DeMarco, lead design strategist at EPAM Systems Inc.

How purchase order abuse can damage fashion supplier relationships

Purchase order abuse negatively impacts how fashion suppliers pay workers and manage their operations so fashion brands and retailers need to do better argues apparel sourcing expert, David Uricoli.

Compostable plastic from packaging is key to fashion sustainability

CEO of Tipa Corp Daphna Nissenbaum notes reducing waste from packaging is a growing part of fashion brands’ efforts to become more sustainable.