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Laura Husband is Just Style's managing editor and she is always eager to hear what Just Style's readers would like to see on the site. She has written and edited publications for both print and online for over a decade ranging from the professional hair and beauty industries to pharmacy and mental health.

Laura Husband

US retailer argues fast fashion must become as ‘taboo as smoking’

US luxury fashion retailer Neiman Marcus suggests sustainable fashion brands should make it “ugly” for consumers to spend their money in the wrong way.

Fashion’s future hangs on ESG goals aligning with financial profit

Climate change will cost the fashion industry $65bn by 2030, according to a Cornell University study, but if public benefit and private profit don’t align, fashion companies won’t do what’s needed to tackle sustainability.

EU ‘few steps ahead’ but stands ready to help US on green fashion legislation

The EU is ready to help the US “reach the same level of ambition” in terms of developing and enforcing fashion legislation to slow the effect of climate change but the task needs to be addressed as a matter of “urgency”.

Week in review: Can US afford to fall behind EU on green fashion legislation?

The EU has moved a step ahead of the US once again, revealing the initial steps it is taking as part of its plan to eradicate greenwashing in the fashion sector.

New issue: Fashion sector’s cloud PLM revolution

In this issue, Just Style investigates the new cloud product lifecycle management (PLM) software tools that are helping fashion brands to compete.

Frasers Group ‘coy’ as rumours mount over Shein-Missguided deal

Frasers Group has refused to be drawn into speculation it is in talks with Shein to offload its Missguided brand.

Signal: BASF, cotton farmers tackle growing sustainable cotton demand

Chemical and agricultural solutions developer BASF invited global cotton farmers to the United Nation’s (UN) headquarters last week to discuss how to create a better future for sustainable cotton production and the cotton textile industry.

Fashion buyers urged to help Morocco suppliers after earthquake

Trade union alliance Ethical Trade Initiative encourages global fashion buyers sourcing from Morocco to aid their suppliers following a devastating earthquake with some fashion brands already offering financial support.

Under the skin of Central America’s fashion sourcing success

Patricia Figueroa, Central America–Dominican Republic Apparel and Textile Council (CECATEC-RD)’s executive director, says new investments and an integrated, traceable supply chain are key to the regional apparel sector’s recovery following the pandemic and cost of living crisis that is pressuring trade.

Bangladesh urged to raise garment worker minimum wage amid cost of living crisis

Five non-profits have sent a letter to the chairman of Bangladesh’s Minimum Wage Board to support a minimum wage increase for garment workers, which they claim is “currently well below the rising cost of living” in the country.