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Honduras strengthens position as US nearsourcing partner as recession looms

Honduras is strengthening its position as an nearsourcing partner for the US apparel industry by generating the second highest receipts from sales of textiles and finished garments under free trade agreements to the US, just behind Mexico.

Nicaragua at risk of economic sanctions amid political, social crisis

The international apparel industry is concerned about Nicaragua’s political and human rights crisis and the serious risk the US might suspend its clothing and textile exporters’ privileged access to US markets.

Central America, Dominican Republic urge US to retain China tariffs

The Central America and Dominican Republic apparel sectors
are keen for the China 301 tariffs to remain as the duties have helped the countries grow in capacity.

Peru apparel industry welcomes tariff barrier to block import surge

The Peru apparel industry has backed moves by its left-wing government to impose temporary safeguard duties on clothing imports to protect the country’s production of wool and alpaca fibre.

El Salvador manufacturing hub aids apparel industry recovery

The executive director of the Chamber of the Textile and Apparel Industry of El Salvador (CAMTEX – Cámara de la Industria Textil) has told Just Style how her manufacturing hub is seizing market opportunities as Covid-19 ebbs.

Peru apparel industry recovers despite political instability

The apparel industry in Peru is growing at pre-pandemic levels after a tumultuous first semester fuelled by Covid-19 and a tight and polarised presidential election.

El Salvador textile and manufacturing sector recovers after tough 2020

After a Covid-disrupted 2020, the textile and manufacturing industry in El Salvador is now recovering 74.8% of the export volume thanks to sales demand in its key United States export market.

LA Arena industrial park to boost Honduras maquila industry after Covid low

After completing the technical testing required, central America’s largest apparel factory is about to open in Honduras, producing sportswear for major brands such as Nike or Under Armour, an executive informed Just Style.