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Egyptian cotton exports to China surge as China spinners avoid Xinjiang fibres 

Chinese textile and clothing manufacturers are increasingly relying on Egyptian cotton due to the US ban on Xinjiang cotton.

Egypt shows promise for brands looking to cut sourcing lead times

US and European clothing brands are increasingly turning to Egypt for their sourcing needs; a country offering shorter lead times as supply chain upheaval globally leaves brands in limbo.

Inflation, recession hamper growth vision for Africa clothing sector

Investment in growing Africa’s clothing sector is being stunted as consumers cut spending on the back of rising inflation and concerns of a looming recession.

Why European minimum wage rule impacts apparel sourcing decisions

A political agreement could see a European Union directive guiding member states on setting minimum wages to boost pay in lower salary sectors, such as apparel manufacturing.

Egypt-EU trade dispute could lift red tape on clothing exports

Egypt is being asked to roll back policies aimed at restricting clothing and textile imports and faces a tough diplomatic response from the European Union (EU), which has launched a disputes case at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

ESSENTIAL SOURCING GUIDE: The Türkiye apparel sector

Just Style takes an in-depth look at Türkiye’s apparel sector, which is quickly becoming a go-to sourcing country for Europe and beyond and hopes to become one of the three largest suppliers in the world.

Africa second-hand clothing market undermines apparel manufacturing

Concerns continue to be raised about the negative impact of the second-hand clothing trade with sub-Saharan Africa, hobbling the development of the region’s clothing and textile sector, although some experts warn its removal will not be easy.

High-tech Turkey embraces industry 4.0 digitalisation in its apparel sector

The Turkish apparel industry is investing heavily in Industry 4.0 across the manufacturing spectrum, as digitalisation and e-commerce becomes increasingly common place in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Looting impacts clothing stores and apparel sector in South Africa

Unrest in South Africa has led to both looting and arson for both the apparel sector and clothing stores.

Egypt builds exports focused on sustainable and organic brands

Egypt’s new Sustainable Fashion Alliance is helping the country set up new ethical clothing and textile brands.