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Sri Lanka’s struggle to compete with Bangladesh on clothing exports

Sri Lanka is feeling the effects of the soft global clothing exports market more than most with exports forecast to be $1.1bn lower than expected in 2023 compared to 2022 despite the country’s improved political and financial situation.

Slow versus fast: The future of fashion 

Slow fashion is growing with mass brands offering rental and resale options. Poorna Rodrigo explores whether consumers are ready to make the switch now or in future.

ESSENTIAL SOURCING GUIDE: Sri Lanka’s apparel sector

It’s been a year like no other for Sri Lanka’s apparel sector. As the country continues to weather political and economic storms, Just Style reveals everything you need to know from a sourcing point of view, including its plan to target sustainable growth.

Cambodia wage increase pressures highlight garment sector weaknesses

Cambodia’s clothing sector may continue to face challenges over its weak backward linkages and pressure to increase wages – balancing reasonable pay with international competitiveness in price sensitive markets – but its apparel export receipts remain healthy.

What is the long-term outlook for Sri Lanka’s apparel sector?

As Sri Lanka’s ex-prime minister is elected president, Just Style investigates how the country’s political and economic crisis is impacting the apparel sector right now as well as what it could mean in the long-term.

Financial losses loom for Sri Lanka apparel sector

Export earnings in Sri Lanka’s clothing sector for the June to August period are set to fall by 20-25%, with the sector likely to miss the US$6bn export target for the year, as the country’s political and economic crisis continues unabated.

How long can Sri Lanka apparel sector protect itself from national crisis?

As Sri Lanka announces a new prime minister amidst extreme inflation rates and daily power cuts, Just Style investigates how the nation’s ongoing economic crisis is affecting the apparel sector.

Success for Sri Lanka clothing sector’s Covid-19 policies

A successful Sri Lanka Covid-19 apparel-sector worker vaccination programme – where over 90% of its employees have been jabbed with a single dose and 70% double-jabbed since June to date – has helped drive its clothing export sales.

Sri Lanka clothing recovery hit by second Covid-19 wave

Sri Lanka’s plans to kickstart the post Covid-19 recovery of its critically important clothing sector have been sidelined by a deadly second wave of infections.