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Timeline – Covid-19: The road to recovery in the apparel sector

Since the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak began in China at the end of 2019, its impact has been felt across the global apparel and textile sector. Just Style’s timeline shows how the pandemic is evolving – and will be updated as developments unfold.

Clothes recycling schemes boost retailers’ sustainability credentials

Clothes recycling options are a low-cost opportunity for retailers to boost their sustainability credentials, especially if put in place alongside other initiatives such as carbon reduction plans and rental schemes.

From Field to Shelf – How textiles made the world

With the pandemic weighing so heavily on the textile and apparel industry, industry consultant Robert Antoshak wonders if there were lessons from the past that could help illuminate possibilities for the future. Indeed there are. After all, we’ve endured plagues, world wars, economic calamities, and much more – only to recover each time, changed perhaps, but intact and thriving.

Singapore’s potential as the go-to for garment professionals

Political events in China and Hong Kong are pushing the global garment industry away from Hong Kong. Singapore has been the great beneficiary – but what’s still needed is the pull of a Singapore Global Garment Institute, writes David Birnbaum.

New Bangladesh textile hub to boost value-added exports

The Bangladesh clothing industry is looking forward to the completion of five state-of-the-art textile factories at the Korean Export Zone (KEPZ) as an important expansion of local backward linkages.

Latest lockdown adds to Cambodia garment sector woes

Cambodia’s latest Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were eased last week – but many of the capital’s garment factories are still dealing with impacts after a third wave of the virus surged through dozens of factories.

The impact of Covid on upstream apparel supply chains

The suspension of orders by clothing brands and retailers because of Covid-19 has not just been a problem for apparel manufacturers – there has been a less well-documented knock-on effect in the upstream apparel supply chain.

Sportswear specialism and DTC drive Adidas resilience

Adidas’s sportswear specialism has driven an impressive rebound from the impacts of Covid-19, as consumers’ heightened interest in fitness and desire for comfortable apparel caused its revenue to increase by EUR887m to EUR5.27bn during Q1 FY2021.

US Q1 in brief – Kontoor Brands, Under Armour, Rocky Brands

The latest first-quarter filings from US apparel and footwear brands and retailers show some companies are beginning to recover from the market disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, figures are mostly in comparison to the period when the market began to first feel the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic when stores began to close or reduce their opening hours.

Casualwear supports Hugo Boss as European lockdowns disrupt trade

Hugo Boss experienced a continued sales decline during Q1 FY2021, with revenue falling by EUR58m to EUR497m (US$599m), despite being up against weak comparatives last year, when most markets were approaching the initial peak of the virus.