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US focus on fashion nearshoring is inviting unlikely guests

Since the pandemic fashion industry talk has moved from sustainability to the nearshoring market with some remarkable consequences, writes Gherzi Textile Organization partner Robert P. Antoshak.

Can the fashion industry clean its ‘dirty’ climate change hands

As the North Hemisphere swelters this August we’re left knowing the fashion industry has the dubious honour of contributing to the planet’s climate crisis, so what’s next, asks Gherzi Textil Organisation partner Robert P. Antoshak.

What do US consumers really think about ‘Made in USA?’ fashion

Is US nearshoring a thing? What about onshoring? These topics remain attractive for some fashion companies and an illusion for others. So, what’s real and what’s not and do consumers care if a product says ‘Made in USA’?

Key ITMA 2023 takeaways minus the empty sustainable marketing spiel

Here are the real takeaways from this year’s ITMA 2023 conference when you physically take away the empty sustainable marketing that filled most of the exhibition’s halls, writes Robert P. Antoshak, Gherzi Textile Organizations partner.

Uncertain economy poses threat for global apparel industry

It could take a year for the global apparel industry’s outlook to improve given nine out of 15 key economic factors are weakening, writes Robert P. Antoshak, Gherzi Textile Organization partner.

Role of apparel in a world of US-China tensions, global jitters

Gherzi Textil Organization partner, Robert P. Antoshak, questions whether the apparel sector should be worried about the ongoing tensions between the US and China.

The risks of using AI and artificial innovation in the apparel industry

Should the apparel industry sacrifice its designers for AI equivalents? The technology sounds impressive but Robert P. Antoshak, Gherzi Textil Organisation partner argues there are a number of risks that need to be considered.

The secret to growth for apparel in 2023

Slow and steady growth may win in the end for apparel in 2023. It’s not as sexy, but it’s real and that’s something for the industry to consider as it wakes up from its New Year hangover, writes Robert Antoshak, Gherzi Textil Organisation partner.

Will China remain a core apparel industry supplier in 2023?

Will China remain a stable, reliable supplier to the world’s clothing brands? That’s the question of the day for the apparel industry, writes Gherzi Textil Organisation partner, Robert Antoshak.

Is this the end of globalisation for the apparel industry?

Robert P. Antoshak, Gherzi Textil Organisation partner explains why all roads seem to indicate the end of globalisation for the apparel industry and what it means for sourcing executives moving forward.