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What will the EU forced labour law mean for the fashion sector?

The European Council has made several proposals to tighten up guidance banning products made with forced labour for sale on the EU market. But what does it mean for fashion brands and retailers? And how should they prepare?

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Wolverine Worldwide Q4 revenue drops 20.8%, plans refocus on Saucony and Merrell

US clothing and footwear business Wolverine Worldwide's fourth quarter (Q4) revenue tumbled 20.8% with the company continuing to stabilise and turn around sales declines after downsizing its business in 2023.

Gildan Activewear new CEO confident after ‘strong’ Q4 despite flat full-year

Canadian sportswear brand Gildan Activewear reported a 1.4% drop in net sales for the full-year in contrast to an 8.7% net sales increase in Q4 with its new CEO, who has been subjected to scrutiny from investors, describing a "bright future ahead" with enhanced shareholder value.

H&M Group testing ‘disruptive’ tech to reduce eco impact of dyeing process

Swedish fashion conglomerate H&M Group is testing a new "waterless" dyeing alternative by Indian start-up Deven Supercriticals at its partner factory Arvind Ltd to reduce energy, water and chemical use during the dyeing process.

AI accelerates innovation in fashion trend forecasting, design, sales

Industry experts share how AI has enabled fashion brands to stay ahead on trends, experiment with new designs and adapt retail offerings more quickly based on demand.

Social media ‘coolness’ trumps sustainability for retail consumers

The growing sway of celebrities and influencers on brands' success means social media strategies are increasingly important.

Eastman prepares first recycled certified Naia yarn production

Specialty materials maker Eastman has announced its Naia Renew cellulosic fibre has received the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification and is on track for its first production.

Balena and ForEver announce fully circular, biodegradable sole

Portuguese sole manufacturer ForEver teams up with Italian materials science company Balena to create a fully compostable sole design.

Kraig Biocraft unveils ‘premium yarn’ made from spider silk, Pima cotton

Biotech company Kraig Biocraft has launched its first premium yarn combining its recombinant spider silk with Pima Cotton.