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Browzwear update enhances animation, pattern tools

By Giacomo Lee 17 Feb 2021

Browzwear update enhances animation, pattern tools

3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has announced the launch of its latest software edition which includes new animation and smart pattern tools to deliver a better product to consumers with a more efficient workflow and supply chain.

The 2021.1 product update includes significant enhancements to Browzwear’s 3D visualisation and dynamic animation capabilities, which the firm says enables more seamless production of garments from concept to commerce and, as a result, empowers more designers to bring their creations to life in 3D, affecting both their bottom line and the planet positively. 

The release specifically aims to ease the workflow of both fashion designers and pattern makers. Among the tools is a new animation workspace which gives all VStitcher and Lotta users the ability to bring their avatars to life and create engaging animations without needing any prior skills. The workspace offers capabilities such as slow motion, importing animation sequences, animated camera presets, and export formats such as obj+MDD, fbx+mc and Alembic.

The 2021.1 update also introduces Oliver, a new male true-to-life avatar whose measurements can be adjusted as and when needed. By working with parametric avatars, users can enjoy enhanced visuals with each garment simulation.

Meanwhile, the new dart tool is a live object that provides the flexibility to continuously develop and adjust patterns. With this new tool, users can perform actions on the dart that mimic real-life pattern-making techniques, including rotating, splitting darts into multiple darts, and curving the darts. 

Also included is the walk tool. The new feature is the digital version of a frequently used real-world pattern-making technique. This feature allows users to inspect and adjust their pattern pieces in the 2D window in real-time while walking to assure they are designed correctly to avoid any errors further down the line. This includes functions such as sliding, inserting notches, mirroring, cloning, snapping, and more. 

“We’re proud to remain at the forefront of solution development for the apparel industry and will continue developing our technology so apparel professionals can make incredible garments while reducing fashion’s environmental footprint,” says Avihay Feld, co-founder and CEO of Browzwear. “Our commitment to being true-to-life goes hand in hand with our obligations to make our users’ workflows easier and smarter as they bring their creativity to life, without limitations.”