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Coats unveils biodegradable thread

By Beth Wright 11 May 2021

Industrial thread maker Coats has developed a new biodegradable thread to support customers' sustainability agendas.

Industrial thread maker Coats has developed a new biodegradable thread to support customers’ sustainability agendas.

Coats EcoRegen is made from 100% lyocell, a renewable fibre derived from wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests. The eco-friendly regenerated fibre is fully biodegradable and compostable due to its cellulosic origin and is suitable for a wide range of apparel applications.

The launch is part of Coats’ Eco Journey roadmap to produce innovative sustainable products which support Coats’ drive towards a circular economy. The journey started with EcoVerde in 2018, which is now one of the most comprehensive ranges of 100% recycled polyester threads, zips and trims on the market, the firm says.

It also plans to launch a  further two new products: EcoCycle is a range of water dissolvable thread that facilitates garment recycling and end to end circularity; and Eco-B is a recycled polyester thread incorporating an additive that reduces synthetic fibre accumulation in landfills and microfibre pollution in oceans.

“Sustainable business practices are vitally important for responsible businesses and we continuously strive to support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. With the launch of our new sustainable threads, we are developing products that allow our customers to design garments with a clear end-of-life strategy built into them. Our innovative global teams have developed threads that provide uncompromised quality and performance in a completely sustainable offering,” says Adrian Elliott, president of apparel and footwear at Coats.