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Epic Group rolls out sustainable wastewater solutions

By admin-demo 02 Jun 2020

Hong Kong based garment manufacturing giant Epic Group is rolling out sustainable water treatment solutions at its global factories.

Hong Kong based garment manufacturing giant Epic Group is rolling out sustainable water treatment solutions at its global factories.

The move, which begins in Bangladesh, is through a strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol, the water treatment business of Indian textile major Arvind Limited.

It will also ensure Epic achieves the progressive/aspirational level water discharge standards set out in the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines from the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme.

“This partnership aims at integrating best practices of water and waste water treatment and use and thereby reducing the environmental footprint across manufacturing units of Epic Group in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Jordan and future projects in India,” it says.

“Environmental sustainability is at the centre of this partnership as the goals of both companies are well aligned to reduce and reuse water. For Arvind Envisol, this partnership signifies their expansion into Bangladesh for the water treatment solutions.”

The first phase will see Arvind Envisol provide its expertise in water treatment to three Epic plants, including technological solutions to achieve ZDHC progressive discharge standards using technologies such as membrane bio-reactors (MBR) and ultra-filtration (UF). The rollout will be later extended to other plants in the group. 

“This partnership will help boost sustainable water treatment solutions, without hampering productivity,” says Punit Lalbhai, chairman, Arvind Envisol. “Our capabilities in areas like water treatment, industrial effluent treatment across sectors and sewage treatment ensure that we contribute towards water conservation and reducing water pollution and wastage to a great extent.”

The second phase will see the two companies work together to develop and implement technology solutions to reuse treated wastewater in processes to significantly reduce the use of groundwater. Arvind Envisol will help with expertise based on regular audits and observations.

“Sustainability is part of our culture driven by advanced technology, innovation and continuous improvement,” adds Ranjan Mahtani, chairman, Epic Group. “This partnership will help both companies meet their ambitious sustainability aims and implement best in class wastewater treatment. The common endeavour is always to exceed industry expectations”.

Arvind Limited’s denim manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad in India has eliminated the use of freshwater in manufacturing processes as part of ongoing efforts with US specialty apparel retailer Gap Inc to reduce the amount of water used in the apparel production pipeline.

Epic Group has a global footprint across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and United States, with over 30,000 workers who produce nearly 90m garments annually.