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Flexport launches impact dashboard for global trade

By Michelle Russell 21 Oct 2020

Freight forwarding company Flexport has launched an ‘Impact Dashboard’ to support customers in their efforts to track and participate in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) opportunities.

Through the dashboard, users can take advantage of widgets customised for their participation level and easily assess activity across environmental and social services. And with that, they’re able to enroll and participate in Flexport’s carbon offset programme—as well as analyse shipment emissions through third-party providers, initiate product donations, and run reports on social-minded shipments for good.

By making the Impact Dashboard easily accessible within the Flexport Platform, supply chain and logistics users can manage their sustainability efforts more efficiently and effectively, the company says.

More specifically, the dashboard allows users to summarise the impact of carbon offset programmes, calculate emissions from third-party shipments for free, request a non-profit match for a product donation, and track shipments for good.

“With these tools, businesses can share and amplify impact with consumers, increasing accountability and reinforcing brand trust and integrity,” Flexport says. “In addition, built-in sustainability tools and data help supply chain users build strong business cases to further support driving change within the organisations and communities they serve.”

Looking ahead, the dashboard will also serve as the staging site where new Flexport.org programmes are rolled out, based on customer feedback and emerging community needs.