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Mango’s new denim line saves 30m litres of water

By Giacomo Lee 19 Feb 2021

Mango’s new denim line saves 30m litres of water

Spanish clothing brand Mango is launching a new denim collection it claims will save 30m litres of water through more sustainable finishing processes.

The collection spans women, men and kidswear and was manufactured using laser or ozone technologies in the washing and finishing of each garment – saving millions of litres of water compared to more traditional methods.

“Thanks to innovation and adapting sustainable technologies and processes, we are creating collections that help us to reduce our footprint. Together with other teams and our garment and fabric suppliers, we are constantly seeking production alternatives and more sustainable materials,” says Mango sustainability director Beatriz Bayo.

The company is working to achieve a number of sustainability targets by 2025 that would see 100% of the cotton it uses to coming from sustainable sources and for 50% of its polyester to be recycled. Also, by 2030 the goal is for all of the cellulose fibres it uses to be of controlled origin. 

The retailer in November pledged to eliminate 160m plastic bags per year from its supply chain and announced plans to conduct a detailed study of its carbon footprint after signing the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action the same month. It has also recently published a list of its Tier 1 production factories.