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Pantone expands digital colour platform

17 Nov 2021

Pantone LLC has announced the latest version of Pantone Connect, a digital platform for designers that streamlines their colour decision-making and communication.

Pantone expands digital colour platform

The platform, which provides access to all 15,000 Pantone colours available in the cloud, has added features that will give designers a tool to create digital mood boards, palettes and enable live collaboration within teams, clients and partners throughout the design workflow globally.

The Pantone Connect platform, first launched in April 2020 and then in June 2020 with the Pantone Color Match Card, has evolved to the rapidly changing needs of the designer; specifically to adapt to a new creative and working environment that has merged physical and digital like never before due to the pandemic. Pantone worked closely with designers across industries to understand the nuances of the designer’s new workflow, updating the product to best match their needs. As a result, Pantone has streamlined the platform to be an all-in-one digital tool, where designers can easily integrate colour through the entire design process from start to finish.

The platform is available in the Adobe Extension Marketplace for use in Adobe Creative Cloud software, App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) for smartphone, and as a web application in a web browser.

“Pantone’s process for product design is very personal. We like to get in the trenches with the design community to understand how our tools can better help their process from inspiration to creation,” says Jung Sin, global director, digital product management at Pantone. “With this newest iteration of Pantone Connect, we believe we created a unique tool that has evolved to how designers naturally work, and we are excited to continue adapting and updating our tools to accommodate that.”

The Pantone Connect new features include:

  • Mood board function: Allows users to upload digital photos of inspiration on the platform and automatically match it back to the nearest Pantone ColoUr Equivalent.
  • Palette creation: Allows designers to create and store palettes securely and allows users to see how palettes will be perceived by people with common colour blindness and how palettes will look against light and dark backgrounds for contrast
  • Collaboration tools: Allows designers to share palette information with people across the design workflow and work together with teams, clients, printers, and brands to reach a shared vision and definitive colour consensus.
The launch builds upon the company’s continued strategy to diversify its products and offerings for a fully integrated customer experience that connects consumers’ digital habits with the need to connect with the physical world.
To help lead this strategy into the future, Pantone has tapped digital design veteran, Elley Cheng, to serve as the new general manager of Pantone. Cheng joins Pantone with over 20 years’ experience in strategy, operations, and finance at technology and digital media companies from Shutterstock, where she was responsible for the company’s e-commerce channel as well almost a decade in Adobe serving in corporate development roles and strategic partnerships.
“Now more than ever, we rely on digital communication to get inspiration and collaborate with one another. In order to better serve our customers and fans, our focus is set on expanding our portfolio of digital services to better support designers on their day-to-day journey, from getting inspiration from social media to ensuring accurate physical reproduction of their work,” Cheng says.