The North Face, the largest brand in VF Corp's outdoor and action sports group, has launched an online "recommerce" initiative that aims to keep its clothing in use for longer.

A new 'Renewed' platform will enable the brand to sell its pre-owned apparel that has been washed, repaired and quality checked. It is essentially a collection of refurbished products for consumers who want to access affordable gear and reduce their environmental impact.

The company says all 'Renewed' items – which are sourced from returned, defective or damaged apparel – have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and refurbished to The North Face quality and performance standards.

The programme furthers the company's efforts to encourage consumers to take a more active role in choosing a high-quality product that also reduces overall footprint.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 85% of textiles produced go to landfills every year. Clothing, shoes, and gear are often part of this.

"At The North Face, we take a holistic approach to sustainability," says James Rogers, director of sustainability at The North Face. "As we address the impacts of our products over their entire lifecycle, re-commerce is an important next step in opening new markets and minimising our impact on the planet.

"We are furthering our sustainability goals without sacrificing durability or technical standards. Ultimately, as we work to scale Renewed, we will be proving a larger, circular model for the industry."

Currently in its pilot phase, The North Face Renewed will only be offered online at present. The products will range from award-winning Summit Series to iconic Denali jackets.

The North Face has made a number of commitments to continuously improve the environmental performance of its products, including the Cali Wool Beanie made from Climate Beneficial Wool, and the recently announced Bottle Source Collection that turns plastic bottles from the waste streams of National Parks into T-shirts with a purpose. The North Face also uses recycled materials in many core products like the Reaxion and Surgent lines as well as the Denali Jacket.