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Trump spares textile machinery in tariff spat

19 June 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Hundreds of US imports from China will be hit with an additional 25% tariff from next month – but to the relief of the US textile, apparel and footwear industry, most of the equipment used in the domestic manufacturing of these products has been removed from the list of products.... read more

Esquel's eco-friendly manufacturing complex

11 June 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, the world's largest woven shirt maker, has been bedding-in operations at a ground-breaking new $313.3m eco-friendly manufacturing complex in southern China.... read more

Tariffs back at top of Trump's trade agenda

4 June 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Tariffs soared back to the top of Trump's trade agenda last week, with the imposition of punitive tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium, and plans to proceed with an additional 25% tariff on imports from China.... read more

Digitalisation goalposts constantly evolving

29 May 2018 | Leonie Barrie

The debate and discussion around digitalisation continues to top the apparel industry’s agenda – but as Spencer Fung, group CEO of Li & Fung explains, the goalposts are constantly evolving.... read more

The disruption of digitisation

21 May 2018 | Leonie Barrie

There's currently a lot of talk about how the digitisation of key processes along the clothing supply chain can bring benefits ranging from faster decision-making to improved efficiency, transparency and compliance. At Helly Hansen and VF Corporation, digitising the quality process is disrupting the traditional concept of quality control – and paving the way for a move from inspection towards in-process quality management.... read more

US retailers stock up amid tariff threat

14 May 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Apparel imports into the US took a tumble in March, with double-digit declines from three of the top ten supplier countries. While the results reflect Lunar New Year factory shutdowns in Asia, China – the US's largest clothing provider – still managed to book growth for the month.... read more

Uncertain times should spur innovation

8 May 2018 | Leonie Barrie

The uncertainty of potential tariffs affecting the clothing and textile sector – and a Trump administration that appears poised to levy more of them – continue to loom large over the apparel and footwear industry.... read more

How Bangladesh has moved from "basket case" to bellwether

1 May 2018 | Leonie Barrie

The fifth anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh dominated coverage on just-style last week.... read more

Bangladesh safety gaps still remain

23 April 2018 | Leonie Barrie

As the apparel industry prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory building tragedy, a new report estimates it could cost US$1.2bn to complete remediation across Bangladesh's ready-made garment industry.... read more

Concern mounts over Trump's trade policies

16 April 2018 | Michelle Russell

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, his administration has been busy fulfilling major campaign promises on trade policy – much to the concern of US fashion brands and apparel retailers.... read more

Jeans makers eye innovation to regain market share

3 April 2018 | Leonie Barrie

just-style’s latest weekly roundup begins with a look at how jeans makers are innovating and adapting to evolving consumer needs and the impact of athleisure with new fabric innovation and more sustainable production processes.... read more

Trump's tariffs threaten textile trade

26 March 2018 | Leonie Barrie

With tariff discussions looming over the White House, just-style’s news and analysis last week was not surprisingly dominated by talk of a possible trade war.... read more

Tailoring mass manufacturing to the individual

19 March 2018 | Leonie Barrie

As the fashion industry shifts towards proper omnichannel it requires an on-demand supply chain that combines customisation with the ability to restock shops more efficiently and respond to trends more quickly. ... read more

Asia-Pacific trade deal now signed by 11 nations

12 March 2018 | Michelle Russell

The 11 remaining countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have now signed a revised version of the multilateral trade pact without the US, reviving a deal that will slash tariffs and foster trade in a marketplace worth close to around US$13.5trn.... read more

Rethinking supply chain models for speed

26 February 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Technology and social media have transformed consumers into veritable fashion industry insiders. No longer looking to retailers to direct them towards the newest hot looks, when consumers see something they want, even if it's on the runway, the expectation is that they will be able to buy it right then, not next season.... read more

China still dominates apparel sourcing

12 February 2018 | Leonie Barrie

The latest full-year data on US apparel import trends for 2017 suggests China will remain the dominant sourcing region for some time to come.... read more

Retail's rapid transformation requires "platform thinking"

29 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

There’s no doubt the retail industry is undergoing rapid transformation as technology continues to reshape how retailers think about their supply chains and meeting their customers’ needs. But to position themselves for future growth, they must adopt "platform thinking" and offer a radically diverse sets of experiences.... read more

NAFTA trade talks inch forward

22 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Negotiators are meeting this week for the sixth round of NAFTA trade talks – and as soon as this deal has been repackaged, the spotlight could turn to the US free trade agreement with Central America. ... read more

How can apparel firms stay competitive into the future?

15 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Continuing with the publication of our Outlook 2018 reports last week, we looked at what apparel firms should be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future.... read more

First look at 2018

8 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

2018 is set to be a year in which disruptive trends that have been on the horizon start to become the norm for the apparel industry and its supply chain... read more

What caused the biggest stir on just-style in 2017?

2 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Welcome back, and Happy New Year to you all.... read more

Five sourcing trends – and what they mean

19 December 2017 | Leonie Barrie

The changing dynamics of world textile and apparel trade are closely linked to the shifting sourcing and supply chain strategies of fashion brands and retailers. And according to a special just-style analysis of the latest World Trade Organization (WTO) data, there are five key patterns worth watching. ... read more

just-style market research sale

11 December 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Are you planning for the year ahead and beyond? Well this week we’re offering great deals on some of our market research...... read more

Gearing up for the holiday shopping season

11 December 2017 | Leonie Barrie

The volume of US apparel imports saw an increase in October on the prior year as retailers geared up for the holiday shopping season. Bangladesh booked the second highest growth behind India, reversing four consecutive months of declines.... read more

Innovations to boost sustainability

5 December 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group, the world's largest woven shirt maker, is pushing ahead with the pursuit of sustainable and holistic quality. ... read more

Sign up to try new re:source apparel sourcing tool for free

1 December 2017 | Leonie Barrie

The old saying "Good things come to those who wait" is certainly true for re:source, the new suite of data-driven sourcing tools being developed by the team here at just-style.... read more

State of Sourcing Survey 2018 – Final reminder

27 November 2017 | Leonie Barrie

A final reminder that just-style’s State of Sourcing Survey 2018 will be closing at the end of the week – so if you haven’t already taken part, then now is the time to do so.... read more

The challenge of navigating a rapidly-changing landscape

27 November 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Faced with a paradigm shift in everything from the way products are sold to the tools and technologies that make them, sporting goods brands, retailers and manufacturers are still trying to work out the best way to navigate this rapidly-changing landscape.... read more

A confusing mix of sustainable cotton options

20 November 2017 | Leonie Barrie

There's an undeniable desire on the part of brands around the world to clean up their supply chains, and there's no lack of interest in using more sustainable cotton. But the confusing mix of standards and options available merely complicates the decision-making process for so many firms.... read more

Have your say – Take part in just-style’s State of Sourcing survey

6 November 2017 | Leonie Barrie

The global apparel industry and its supply chain is going through a period of unprecedented change. How do you and your colleagues see the outlook for 2018? And what strategies are you likely to be turning to in the year ahead?... read more

Under Armour's strategic deep dives

6 November 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Amid signs of a slowdown in its North American business, US sportswear brand Under Armour has made a number of "strategic deep dives" into strategy, supply chain, product, marketing and sales as a precursor to speeding business and brand-right decisions.... read more

Esquel Group on a sustainability mission

30 October 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group has made it its mission to weave sustainability into its core values, and across a vertical supply chain that spans every step from cotton farming to retail.... read more

Trump trade probe could have costs for cotton

16 October 2017 | Leonie Barrie

An International Trade Commission hearing got underway last week as part of the Trump administration's probe into China's intellectual property practices under Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Act. The action gives the president broad authority to impose tariffs on foreign goods – and, as we investigate, could hold dire consequences for US cotton producers.... read more

Stop negotiating and bring in the engineers

9 October 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Surviving in a declining market is the biggest challenge for discount/mass-market retailers and suppliers of commodity products such as basic T-shirts, hoodies or cotton men's shirts – which is why it’s time to stop negotiating and bring in the engineers.... read more

The implications of buyer purchasing practices

3 October 2017 | Leonie Barrie

New research has delved into one relatively underexplored aspect of global supply chains: how buyer purchasing practices impact wages and working conditions.... read more