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The biggest M&A apparel deals in 2021

The third financial quarter (Q3) of 2021 saw global merger and acquisition (M&A) deal value drop slightly, with the biggest M&A deals recorded for the apparel sector which shows the world is reopening for business.

Why is AI an obsession for business insiders?

Business leaders are still worrying about artificial intelligence (AI), but with Facebook pushing hard into the metaverse, augmented reality (AR) has also proven a massive concern for business insiders.

Apparel business professionals see greenwashing as major issue

Concerns continue around the major energy theme of sustainability and the ever-prevalent issue of greenwashing across sectors, including apparel.

What emerging technologies are keeping CEOs up at night?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) winter is here. It’s augmented reality (AR) now winning the emerging technologies race, as Giacomo Lee learns.

Robots make more business sense with AI

Robotic systems are now reaching a level of genuine usefulness in business –  just don’t expect fireworks.