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Concerns for Tunisia’s growing clothing sector amid economic, political challenges

Tunisia’s textile and clothing sector grew in 2022, however the country’s unstable political and economic situation remains a cause for concern as we head into 2023.

Why European minimum wage rule impacts apparel sourcing decisions

A political agreement could see a European Union directive guiding member states on setting minimum wages to boost pay in lower salary sectors, such as apparel manufacturing.

EXCLUSIVE COMMENTS: Tunisian clothing sector to remain competitive despite wage increases

The Tunisian clothing sector says a collective wage agreement to 2023 will help Tunisian workers deal with rising costs, (inflation was 6.6% in December), while keeping the sector competitive in international markets.

EXCLUSIVE COMMENTS: Moroccan clothing industry eyes near-sourcing business

The Moroccan Textile and Clothing Industry Association (AMITH) is pushing ahead with a new strategic programme to develop backward linkages for its clothing industry to attract more business as European and US brands consider near-sourcing their products.