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Sri Lanka apparel industry shares concerns over forex crisis

The Joint Apparel Association Forum of Sri Lanka has shared its concerns over the current forex (foreign exchange) crisis that has led to inflation reaching record levels, and it is asking for dialogue and stakeholder collaboration, as well as legislative reform for a more sustainable trajectory for its apparel industry.

Textile growers monetise regenerative farming with new digital hub

It has been made more simple than ever for textile growers to generate income from regenerative farming thanks to Regenagri and Cool Farm Alliance’s new digital hub.

UK must do more to fix fast fashion failings

A new report suggests the UK Government needs to get to grips with the environmental damage and human rights abuses within the fast fashion sector to avoid problems worsening.

What does end of Covid-19 restrictions in England mean for textiles and apparel?

The UK Government has announced plans to end Covid-19 restrictions in England, including social distancing rules and wearing masks from 19 July.