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IP rules deemed ‘work in progress’ for fashion sector

A fashion industry expert suggests the EU’s proposed IP rules to protect industrial design will be an essential aid to the EU fashion manufacturing industry, however more work is needed to apply and develop it.

Recruiting tech-minded workforce proves tough for fashion sector

The global fashion industry’s rapid technological advancements and evolving demands require garment workers with specialised digital skillsets.

China’s grand plan for Central Asia apparel industry

The China-Central Asian Summit that took place in China’s Xi’an last month could help cement links between China’s apparel industry and central Asian textile suppliers, forging backward linkages and new markets. Jens Kastner and Liz Newmark report.

Can the EU garment sector survive the energy crisis challenge

EU energy prices are six times higher than competitor garment manufacturing hubs in the US, China and Asia. Experts discuss whether or not European garment companies will survive.

Apparel industry faces higher costs, penalties from new product safety rules

European Union (EU) apparel manufacturers prepare to carry out more checks on clothing safety under a new EU rules proposal to protect consumers from potentially dangerous products.

Why European minimum wage rule impacts apparel sourcing decisions

A political agreement could see a European Union directive guiding member states on setting minimum wages to boost pay in lower salary sectors, such as apparel manufacturing.

Funding, legislation key to keeping EU textile sector afloat

The EU Commission’s planned ‘Textile Transition Fund’ could be key to achieving a sustainable clothing and textile industry in Europe.

Which countries are supporting Russia’s clothing supply chains?

Russia’s clothing supply chains are suffering due to the sanctions imposed following its government’s invasion of Ukraine, however the sector’s close links to a number of key sourcing countries are likely to reduce the impact.