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3D Digital Service Platform for the Garment Industry

Style3D offers 3D digital services for the fashion sector.


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Powered by cutting-edge simulation technology, Style3D is a 3D digital service platform for the garment industry. It has developed a novel digital fashion infrastructure featuring industry-leading 3D design software and collaborative platforms.

Founded in 2015 in Hangzhou, China, by Linctex, Style3D works for fashion brands, manufacturers and fabric mills – all whilst aiding sustainability by cutting down the use of fabric and wastage in the garment design.

Revolutionising digital garment processes for the fashion industry

Style3D is a pioneering, science-driven powerhouse, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of digital innovation in the global fashion industry. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionising the way digital garments are created, displayed, and collaborated upon, Style3D stands at the forefront of the industry’s transformative journey. Harnessing the unparalleled synergy of cutting-edge 3D technology and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Style3D’s groundbreaking tools empower fashion professionals to unleash their creative potential like never before.

From conceptualisation to realisation, Style3D’s ‘AI+3D+AI’ technology integration strategy is set to revolutionise the fashion design and development process, enhancing connectivity and collaboration efficiency across the entire industry chain, accelerating the ‘Concept-to-Consumer’ transformation and leading the fashion industry into a new era of intelligence and efficiency.

White Papers

  • Style3D + AIGC

    Our key solution is to use a graphics engine as a 3D bridge between 2D pattern and 2D imagery. AIGC has already proven its effectiveness in 2D.

  • Style3D Cloud

    Get assets from many sources to DAM, integrate DAM into your current workflow, and customise asset types and categories.

  • Style3D Studio

    Features include 3D Fashion Design software, realistic 3D clothing simulation and rendering, a rich library, and a Style3D pre-set effect, among others.

Press Releases

Room 707, Fortress Tower
250 King’s Road, Northpoint