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Full Package Branding and RFID Labelling Partner

Checkpoint Apparel Labeling Solutions is a labeling manufacturing company for the apparel industry.



Checkpoint Apparel Labeling Solutions (ALS) is not just a global labeling manufacturer for apparel retailers, brand owners, and garment makers – we’re a trusted partner. With production sites worldwide in strategically key locations close to needlepoint, we support clients throughout the whole process, from the creative concept stage to the finished garment.

With decades of industry experience and unwavering dedication, we ensure the creation of high-quality branded labels that seamlessly align with your brand identity. At Checkpoint ALS, we continually strive for the best in technology, product innovation, a team of experts, and streamlined processes.

RFID labels designed and manufactured in-house for the apparel industry

Your partnership with Checkpoint ALS goes beyond just fantastic-looking labels, though. With one of the widest portfolios of RFID labels and inlays, all designed and manufactured in-house by our team of experts, we have the expertise and solutions to meet any challenges head-on.

A small selection of the RFID labels available from Checkpoint, all designed and manufactured in house by our team of experts.
Branded labels to suit every aesthetic. Partner with the experts in luxury brand labels for the premium fashion retailer.
Discover branded apparel labels the harmonize with your garments in every way down to the finest of details.
Discover the possibilities behind your branding by talking to the labelling experts. Unlock the potential in your branded labels.
Embedded RFID labels are the future of retail. Enabling retailers to take advantage of frictionless checkouts, BOPIS and omnichannel retail with the power of data.
Expertly branded labels designed to fit your brand effortlessly. Manufactured in state of the art facilities close to needle point.
Garment branding doesn't need to be boring, it needs to shout your brand values to your customers. Discover the highest quality labels, manufactured and delivered where you need them.
Pocket tags or RFID integrated care labels enable brands to embed RFID seamlessly and take their retail operations to the next level.
RFID inlays designed and manufactured in house. Excellent performance in even the smallest and discreet form factors, delivered how you need them.
The hangtag is the single most interacted with item on your garments pre purchase. Make them stand out from the crowd.

Unlike other RFID providers, we control the production of every aspect of the clients’ intelligent labeling options except the chip. This control allows us to have the highest quality control standards, as well as ensure we’re developing the right inlays and labels to tackle the myriad of challenges in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and retail.

Successful RFID deployment options for retailers

Fashion brands and retailers face ever-changing challenges to meet consumer demands and expectations. The fast-paced fashion landscape requires a strategic approach to overcome obstacles and unlock growth opportunities. Our RFID labeling expertise can help you overcome these challenges and meet your goals.

RFID labels provide real-time information about client products. Whether you’re looking to improve your inventory accuracy, gather information about your supply chain, update your loss prevention strategy, or move to frictionless omnichannel shopping, RFID is the tool to facilitate these changes and propel your business with the power of data, with accuracy up to 99%.

All of this is supported with our ItemOptix for Retail software platform and a host of hardware options, from readers and tunnels to self-checkouts and security gates. Checkpoint is one of the few vertically integrated solution providers, meaning we manufacture and develop all three areas needed for a successful RFID deployment: labels, hardware, and software.

Labels to elevate apparel brands

You’ve spent so long designing and producing clients’ garments that it’s easy to overlook the most interacted with element pre-purchase: labels. Often the last thing to be designed and thought of, however, the right branding and labeling can elevate your clothing and help your customers form a lasting relationship with your brand.

We’ve been helping brands label their apparel for decades. We’ve got the equipment, resources, and know-how to help you achieve any aspiration. Tell us what you need and the goals you’re trying to achieve, and let us do the rest.

Sustainable fashion labels

Sustainability is paramount to us at Checkpoint, as we know it is for our customers and their consumers. We want to remain realistic and conscious of the information we tell our customers when they work with us. Sustainability is a process, not a destination.

As a manufacturer, we aim to constantly delight our customers and help them achieve their targets, goals, and ambitions. Working closely with our customers on a daily basis allows us to understand these challenges more closely and create new opportunities to help make a difference.

It comes down to more than just product, however. Using Checkpoint’s ground-breaking platforms and tools to develop your labels, we can dramatically reduce the number of samples created and shipped during the artwork and approval processes.

Using our online art approval platform, CheckProof, brands and creatives can validate, approve, and comment on samples to reduce the amount created and shipped, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of the creative process while also reducing friction and delays.

Sustainable design

A phrase that I’m sure you’ve heard often – or at least you would if you have spent much time around Checkpoint. To ensure that we start every project on the right foot and with the proper considerations for sustainability in mind, we created our Planit process.

Planit looks at everything from materials to production locations and production techniques so that every label we produce for you is considered and designed with the planet in mind.

Easy day-to-day branding and retail

You come up with the big ideas, and we’ll help you make them happen. Checkpoint ALS is equipped to support you at every step of the way, with multiple product types and innovative ways to make day-to-day branding and retail a breeze.

Our global production sites, all located close to needlepoint in major manufacturing hubs, contain a wealth of local expertise, ready to work on your designs and turn them into reality.

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