The TunnelStar is recommended for blouses, skirts, dresses, coats, trousers, sweaters, children’s wear, day and nightwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts and outerwear, and because it is modular it can be easily adapted to different production requirements.

The new generation of Variant tunnel finishers from Veit has recently been enhanced with a new lower conveyor and interchangeable knitwear forms for finishing T-shirts, polo and sweat shirts. Veit says that the process will not distort the appearance of the cloth or the garment, and that a productivity of 1500 pieces per hour can be achieved.

With its new version of the upsteam table, the 7505, the company offers an “innovative new finishing product” to the knitwear industry. The working surface allows large pieces to be ironed, with equal steam distribution and suction over the entire surface. The ironing surface is always dry due to its temperature-controlled heating.

The Veit 8380 Multiform was designed for high quality garments, and its interchangeable forms and accessories make this a flexible and economic finishing system. Blazers, blouses, skirts, and coats are finished to a consistently high standard across the 24 adjustable programs, and a new hem tensioning device and steam filtering system means that knitwear can be finished without stretching or distortion. On the other hand, if controlled stretching is required, this can be carried out via hydropneumatic vertical tensioning. Quick loading comes from the moveable form and sensor-controlled hem perception.

The Pony automatic steam/air formers are ideal for finishing jackets, coats, raincoats and ladies’ dresses. Two models are available: the MGC self-contained version (with electric and automatic built-in boiler) and the MG which is ready for connection to central steam supply. With a built-in 1.5 HP fan and pneumatic clamps for sleeves, the MGGV is particularly suitable for jeans jackets, sport jackets, and smocks.

Specifically designed for shirts, MG-398 features a suction counter-paddle to fix the shirt centerline, pneumatic regulation of the bag size, manually adjustable height, and side stretching devices with pneumatic clamps. It can finish between 30 and 60 shirts an hour depending on the selected cycles. Coupled with the Pony CP/PC collar and cuffs press, these two units provide a complete shirt system.

Pony Shirt Press 398

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