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Ten breakthrough apparel innovations at CES 2020

By Hannah Abdulla 08 Jan 2020

just-style has rounded up ten innovations in the apparel and footwear sectors that will be presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week.

Ten breakthrough apparel innovations at CES 2020

just-style has rounded up ten innovations in the apparel and footwear sectors that will be presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week.

The world’s biggest tech conference, CES 2020, opens in Las Vegas today (8 January), with global brands showcasing everything from robotics to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and wearable tech innovations. The show runs until 10 January.

Several entries from the sector have also made it to CES 2020’s Innovation Awards Honoree List – recognised for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

Wahu is an Honoree List entrant. It’s said to be the first active sole able to adapt its morphology to changes both in the external environment, like terrain, temperature or humidity, and in the dynamic state of the user. The sole has the right balance between the hi-tech functionality, provided by the latest technology, and the style, provided by the unique Italian design.

  • Find Wahu at LVCC, South Hall 2 – 26030

Another Honoree-lister, created by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), iStimUweaR incorporates flexible, washable, and conductive fabric printed electrodes to create comfortable garments that can provide electrical stimulation and massage functions to promote the wearer’s health. Its thin and light control device provides wireless remote control from an easy-to-use app. Users have no need to attach any adhesive electrodes to their skin. iStimUweaR supports multiple micro-electrical stimulation and enables 24 massage modes for muscle improvement and pain relief. It also records all data and is able to evaluate the stimulation performance and analyse the usage status for personal healthcare management.

  • Find it at LVCC, South Hall 2 – 25650  and Sands, Hall G – 51441

Skiin Connected Health & Wellness System
Also on the Honoree list is the Skiin Connected Health & Wellness System by Myant Inc. It allows the continuous monitoring of health and wellness measures (such as heart rate, stress, temperature, activity, sleep stage, and more), advice on how to improve, and the ability to share this information with family, friends and healthcare providers through clothing. The system includes a variety of clothing options that can track health including underwear, a bra, a polo shirt, and a sleep mask. These garments connect to the Skiin App, analyse your data and provide you with advice about lifestyle changes that can improve your wellbeing. 

  • Find it at Sands, Halls A-D – 43925

e-skin Sleep & Lounge
The e-skin Sleep & Lounge by Xenoma is another of the mentioned honorees. Again playing in the health and wellbeing space, the apparel is designed for monitoring the health of elderly people. It analyses the wearer’s sleep condition and automatically adjusts the room environment based on their sleep conditions, while also enabling everyday monitoring of their behaviour and fall detection.

  • Find it at Sands, Halls A-D – 44531

Other innovations at the show include Perfitt Inc’s footwear shopping aid, which enables zero-concern shoe purchases on e-commerce by providing a personalised perfect size recommendation. Perfitt’s easy-to-use mobile app and foot scanning devices, and a massive database of inner shoe shape, are powered by AI, deep learning and image processing technology.

  • Find it at Sands, Hall G – 51223

Another shopping aid comes from Watiz, a French startup, specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Visual Recognition. It has developed an app that lets shoppers snap any piece of clothing and instantly find the same or closest item in its catalogue of millions of items: the Shazam for Fashion.

  • Find it at Sands, Hall G – 50059

Developed by TacSense, FootWARE, claims to be the world’s first-ever health-tracking smart shoe that is able to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, emotion, stress level, and moving pattern. With seamless integration of TacSense’s flexible and ultra-sensitive FITS sensor, FootWARE aims to offer a complete wearable solution to closely monitor people’s health conditions as well as their daily activities. FootWARE allows the data to be tracked and stored for primary physicians.

  • Find it at Sands, Hall G – 50521 

Sigma-Fit is a tech company specialising in the technology of sports consumer products and sportswear. It develops clothing made up of nanotechnology to be liquid and stain repellent and to regulate body temperature.

  • Find it at Sands, Hall G – 53023 

Organic Robotics
This is a spin-off company from the Cornell University Organic Robotics Lab. It has developed expandable, smart material that can sense its own shape and measure pressure on its surface. ORC has a patented, optically-based deformation sensor that can bend and twist with the human form for motion capture and pressure sensing. By using fibre-optic technology, ORC has advanced the sensibility, elasticity and washability of its very responsive fabric making it ideal for smart-garments that can improve athletic performance and convey body awareness in a virtual environment.

  • Find it at Sands, Hall G – 50866 

Asics Corp Smart Shoe and Evoride
Japanese sportswear giant, Asics Corp, is presenting its first smart shoe prototype in partnership with Japanese start-up and sensor technology pioneers No New Folk Studio (NNF), ahead of an official launch later this year. To demonstrate how these smart shoes, data tracking and real-time analysis will help runners, a working prototype will be presented at the Asics Energy Research Lab for CES attendees. This prototype sees NNF’s latest Orphe Track sensor embedded in Asics’ Evoride running shoes, and through tracking a range of inputs – including kick strength and stability among others – gives runners real-time feedback and actionable insights that will help make them a better runner.

Evoride is the company’s lightest, most affordable energy-saving running shoe to date, and is built around Asics’ Guidesole technology, which is engineered to minimise movement in the lower leg to help runners save energy and run more efficiently. The Evoride will be available in stores globally from 7 February 2020.

  • Find it at 44328 in the A-D Sands Expo space