Hilos allows brands to launch their own 3D printed footwear lines made on-demand, only after a customer buys, and taken back at end of life for product circularity, eliminating overproduction and waste.

The startup was named a winner at the recent  SXSW Pitch competition at which it took home the awards for World Innovative Technologies and Best in Show.

Held from 11-20 March in Texas, SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals, and is best known for its celebrating the convergence of tech, film, music, education, and culture.  

“We’re honoured to simply be on the same stage as these driven and impactful founders,” said Elias Stahl, co-founder and CEO of Hilos. “The awards themselves evidence the deep well of passion and support that there is today for building a more sustainable, circular economy. This is an incredible reflection on the opportunity to build a better world.”

Alongside itss own concept lines, Hilos has launched a 3D-printed footwear line for Austin brand Helm and claims to be working with some of the fastest-growing fashion labels in the industry.

Earlier this month, the company released what it claims is the first environmental evaluation of 3D printed footwear. By working with a team at Yale University and its supply chain partners, BASF Forward AM, HP, and AMT, Hilos was able to benchmark the Helm by Hilos product line against legacy supply chains. The case study found that Hilos technology cut carbon emissions by 48% and water usage by 99%.

The Portland-based startup also recently won this past year’s Global Footwear Award, an A’Design award, and the Glossy award for Best Breakthrough Startup.

“Our message at SXSW was a simple one: how we make things matters. There’s a recognition now that the status quo isn’t sustainable anymore; it’s incredible to see how much excitement there is to change the way we make,” said Gaia Giladi, co-founder and chief creative at Hilos. “People always said 3D-printed shoes were just another five years away, but not anymore. This year you’re going to start seeing our technology powering new lines across your favourite brands.”