Body data platform 3DLook has developed a new technology that it says provides the most comprehensive set of unique body data points to fashion brands and retailers.

The 3D Body Scanning Lab will assist R&D and data science teams in collecting unique body measurement and shape data of over one million data points per scan, which includes measurements, textures and positions. This data will be used to conduct highly specialised research on each specific body part and train their neural networks and ML algorithms for maximum accuracy.

The Lab will help create custom body measurement solutions that generate accurate size and fit recommendations of apparel, and allow 3DLook to focus on new segments, like the intimates sector or swimwear.

The technology utilises infrared depth sensors to make a precise digital copy of the human body and extracts 100-plus data points, which are then used to train the neural networks and improve the algorithm behind 3DLook’s body measurement solutions to minimise discrepancy while contactlessly measuring customers.

The company says the 3D Body Scanning Lab has potential to revolutionise the lingerie market, which is expected to hit US$325.36bn by 2025, according to Allied Market research.

“This is a huge step in empowering apparel companies in different verticals with size and fit recommendations,” says Alex Arapov, co-founder and CPO, 3DLook. “For example, 3D Body Scanning Lab allows us to improve our technology for subsequent implementation of such solutions as bra size recommendations to end-consumers. All we need is two snaps on any smartphone and any background. The Scanning Lab allows us to ‘see through clothes’ and optimize the algorithm: our suite of solutions processes the photos of a fully dressed customer to assess the pressure of bras on a body, and then adjusts fit recommendations accordingly.”

Last month, 3DLook rolled out a body shape analytics tool, designed to help apparel companies tackle the problem of poor fit.