TrackMyDown was launched in 2015 by Allied Feather & Down alongside the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). The partnership will provide an increased level of environmental impact transparency and education to users of the TMD platform.

“We knew that RDS certification would bring a new level of confidence to purchasers of down products concerned with animal welfare,” said Matthew Betcher, creative director with Allied. “By listening to our TMD users, it became obvious to include additional information on environmental impacts and steps that can be taken to offset them. As leading advocates in the fight for climate policy change, POW is the perfect partner in this effort.”

Even though down has been shown to have 85-97% ‘less’ impact than synthetic alternatives, there still is an impact and this is important to communicate and help customers make informed decisions while giving them the tools to take action, says Allied.

The partnership with POW allows TMD users to “make a real difference” in facilitating climate policy change at the federal level, Allied says, as opposed to “feel-good programmes” such as carbon offsets or tree planting campaigns that don’t address the root of the problem.

The company adds that anyone purchasing a down jacket insulated with Allied down will now be “better informed and equipped to take action in the fight against climate change”.

Over 200 outdoor, fashion and bedding brands currently employ the TrackMyDown programme. The platform currently attracts over 15,000 users per month, generating a high degree of visibility for climate impacts.

Allied Feather & Down has partnered with climate action organisation Protect Our Winters (POW) to build a better understanding of all nuances and transparency around the materials used in clothing through its TrackMyDown tool.