Alpine Group said Paradise Textiles’ deal with Nanollose marks the next step in the companies’ partnership to develop and commercialise high quality natural fibres, with a reduced reliance on tree-felling.

Under the non-binding term sheet for the joint venture agreement, Paradise will work closely with Nanollose, undertaking research and development (R&D) to manufacture yarns and fabrics from cutting-edge Nullarbor fibres. They will also supply samples to bolster customer engagement, working closely with Nanollose to promote the Nullarbor brand and its fibres and fabrics to prospective clients.

Ashok Mahtani, co-chairman of Alpine Group, said: “We are proud to announce the successful pilot production of next-generation fabrics utilising Nullarbor pulp. This achievement signifies Paradise Textiles’ ongoing commitment to innovation in fabric development and collaborative partnerships. Nullarbor fibre’s unique properties and production process will enable us to offer our customers high-performance, sustainable textile solutions. We are confident that this partnership will drive significant advancements in the textile industry and help towards achieving our goal of making fashion fit for the future.”

Nanollose executive chairman Dr Wayne Best added: “I’m delighted to see this collaboration begin to formalise in a way that establishes a framework for both companies to achieve a commercial outcome. The relationship has been growing organically for some time and we’ve been delighted with the enthusiasm Paradise Textiles has displayed for our technology and fibres. Their expertise, commitment to sustainability and innovation, and customer base is a natural fit for our Nullarbor fibre technology. It’s proven to be a strong working relationship to-date and I look forward to the joint pursuit of our commercial goals through this strategic Joint Venture agreement.”