Amazon India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Silk Mark Organization of India (SMOI), which will see the platform launch an exclusive Silk Mark Store with Silk Mark labelled products through multiple sellers associated with the organisation – a move that will have a “significant impact” on the lives of numerous weavers and craftsmen associated with more than 4,200 Silk Mark Authorised Users across the country.

Silk Mark certification is an initiative of the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Silk Mark was instituted with the triple objectives of consumer protection against spurious silk, providing support to various silk industry stakeholders and generic promotion Indian Silks. The Silk Mark Label is the world’s first and only label for assuring the authenticity of pure silk, the organisation says.

Silk Mark certified products come with the Silk Mark Label. These are affixed only on pure silk products by the authorised users of Silk Mark. Each label has a hologram and a unique number printed on it which helps the consumer trace the product back to the authorised user. 

Silk Mark authorised users and numerous weavers and craftsmen associated with them will be part of Amazon Karigar, a programme that enables weavers, artisans and micro-entrepreneurs to come online and access a wider market base through Amazon. Sellers’ part of SMOI will be able to avail additional benefits by selling their products on the Amazon India marketplace including discounted referral fees, support with shipping and delivery of products, imaging and marketing support, technical training and business and sales support. This association will also enable an expansion of the customer base for these weavers and sellers, bringing in greater recognition for their work and providing more employment opportunities.

Pranav Bhasin, head of MSME empowerment and seller experience at Amazon India said: “Artisans and weavers are a key part of our community and are in need of support to reach customers. At Amazon, our vision is to empower and encourage the growth of artisans and weavers in our mission to bring all forms of Indian crafts online and expand the selection for customers. We are focused on enabling small and medium sellers to embrace online selling and expand their business. The launch of Silk Mark labeled products through our association will enable thousands of weavers across India to sell online and reach millions of Amazon customers.”

Sri Rajit Ranjan Okhandiar, IFS, vice-chairperson, Silk Mark Organisation of India and CEO and member secretary, Central Silk Board, Indian Ministry of Textiles, added the Silk Mark Store is in line with the Go Digital mandate of the government and will help over 4,200 Silk Mark authorised users spread across India reach millions of Amazon customers.

“Silk Mark Label is the only assurance of purity of silk and the Silk Mark Store will have a wide range of 100% assured pure silk products. Through this association, the Silk Mark Authorised Users can expand their trade and provide direct and indirect employment to many silk farmers, weavers and craftsmen working for them. In addition to this, it will also help ensure access to 100% pure Silk Mark Labeled products to millions of customers across the country.”