Sewing and embroidery thread major American & Efird (A&E) has hailed improvements in global water recycling and reuse, along with a reduction in carbon footprint, outlined in its ninth annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

Notable sustainability highlights include a 41% reduction in global water consumption (litres per kg of thread) since 2006, and more than 2bn litres of wastewater recycled and reused since 2013. 

A&E also continues to focus on energy conservation and has reduced its global carbon footprint (CO2e in kg per kg of thread) by 13% since 2006. The firm also highlighted an 11% reduction in global power consumption (kwh per kg of thread) since 2006.

In addition, 45% of A&E's global energy portfolio for steam production consisted of renewable fuels in 2018.

While, the firm has maintained its zero-waste-to-landfill status at 16 global manufacturing operations and support facilities in 2018, with five other operations more than 90% of byproducts and created waste. The company's global goal is to achieve this sustainability designation in every manufacturing operation worldwide.

"A&E has a long heritage, built on the manufacturing and distribution of quality, premium thread products and responsible manufacturing," said A&E president, Chris Alt. "We are excited to share with you the accomplishments achieved and challenges faced over the last 12 months in this important area for our company. We remain committed to holding ourselves accountable to our customers and stakeholders as we conduct our business in a transparent and ethical fashion."