Product authentication business Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) has been awarded an additional US patent on its FiberTyping cotton genotyping technology.

The firm says the new patent, which will be issued in the next few months, strengthens its cotton genotyping and traceability patent portfolio by protecting its proprietary methods of cotton species identification in a manufactured article via the extraction and analysis of target sequences found in the chloroplast DNA of the article.

In addition, the allowed claims cover chloroplast DNA target sequence analysis via all known sequence-specific DNA analysis techniques, including qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) and hybridisation probe technologies, says the firm.

The move also means the firm has now been granted 4 US patents on its FiberTyping technology, which cover the identification of a cotton species in a manufactured article via both target sequence and length polymorphism analysis of chloroplast DNA.

The company’s FiberTyping technology and SigNature T molecular tags are used to corroborate cotton content label claims by providing forensic level identity and traceability proof.