The new dyes have been introduced under Archroma’s Nylosan S range, with the Swiss firm noting dark shades represent about 80% of the outdoor and sportswear textile market, which is also under pressure to offer more sustainable articles.

The new Nylosan Navy S-3R and Black S-3N, specially developed by Archroma for polyamides and blends, are said to display the same colour constancy as the dyes used in many leading colour standards, and are REACH registered, Bluesign approved and ZDHC level 3 compliant.

As most sportswear manufacturers and brands know, creating durable dark colours on nylon is a complex process that uses large amounts of water and energy, Archroma says.

The firm, therefore, designed the new Consciously Deep system to allow a highly efficient scour dyeing process reduced from six to two baths.  

This is said to result in reducing the process time by up to 36%, water consumption by up to 64%, energy by up to 46%, and CO2 emissions by up to 41% compared to conventional benchmark process.

“Innovation is a key enabler of the Archroma Way to a sustainable world,” explains Mark Dohmen, head of competence centre synthetics. “With the Consciously Deep system based on the new Nylosan S navy and black colours we combine all three: safer ingredients free of metal and halogen, a more efficient process with less water, energy, and greenhouse gas, and enhanced value with a more desirable and durable article.”

Last month, Archroma launched a new vegan textile softener with one-third plant-based active content.