George, the clothing division of UK supermarket group Asda, is to begin selling pre-worn garments across its stores in the UK.

The retailer is partnering with vintage fashion firm ‘Preloved Vintage Wholesale’ on the concept, which will enable customers to buy vintage, retro and second-hand branded pieces.

Following a successful trial in Asda’s sustainability store in Leeds, George is now launching the initiative in a further 50 of its stores, including in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Brighton.

The move is part of the retailer’s ‘George for Good’ commitment to drive down textile waste and encourage customers to use less and recycle more.

“We know that sustainable fashion is something that’s really important to our customers and colleagues,” says Mel Wilson, global professional lead, sustainable sourcing and quality. “They’re passionate about us encouraging everyone in the UK to think about the issues of waste and how we can make fashion and textiles more circular, so that we really can reduce the number of garments that go into landfill.”

Steve Lynam, managing director or Preloved Vintage Kilo, adds: “The more people that buy into the circular economy and shop vintage and retro the bigger impact we will have on climate change. As a business we have saved over 800 tonnes of clothing going to landfill and with the growth of our partnership that is set to increase dramatically.”

George recently launched a ‘Take Back’ scheme that encourages customers to take their unwanted garments to store, rewarding them with a 10% off George voucher.