Bangladesh needs local eco-system of circularity - Just Style
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Bangladesh needs local eco-system of circularity

24 Nov 2021

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan made the remarks while speaking at a virtual session on circularity and moving away from the take-make-waste economy in Bangladesh.

“It is very important for us to develop a customised local eco-system of circularity, tapping local manufacturers and recyclers. We also need to develop the capacity of manufacturers, recyclers and waste handlers to domestically close the loop,” he said during the session, entitled ‘Moving from take – make – waste economy to circular solutions’ held yesterday (23 November).

“We are also looking forward to post-consumer waste recycling and we need strong collaboration from apparel brands to do so.

“We need more direct support from the donors and development partners in the area of circular economy. We believe together we will be able to develop the capacity of the apparel industry of Bangladesh in circularity.”

A new report from the Global Fashion Agenda earlier this week claims the textile recycling opportunity offers the potential to drive up to 80% circularity in the fashion value chain, whilst also creating jobs and value for investors.